But The Greatest Of These Is Love

Author: Debbie Barrow Michael
Publisher: Inspiring Voices
ISBN: 9781462402533
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But The Greatest Of These Is Love from the Author: Debbie Barrow Michael. On a March evening in 2000, an unexpected and unsettling thought came out of nowhere, disrupting Debbie Michael's comfortable life--adoption! It was neither her idea nor her desire to adopt; she was already the mother of three. Instinctively, she knew God was speaking to her, but she did not want to listen if His message required action as life-changing as adopting an orphan. Dread lingered in the aftermath of the disturbing suggestion, and a debilitating fog of uncertainty settled over her life. A journey of a thousand miles (or five thousand, in this case) might begin with a single step, but Debbie was not eager to take that first step. Though God was relentless, she remained adamant. She was determined to ignore the nudging. But God would not be ignored! God pried Debbie out of her comfortable existence and opened a door to a life she didn't know existed. But the Greatest of These is Love is about much more than adoption. It is a story about the powerful and astonishing ways God uses ordinary people to accomplish His divine intention that we love one another.

And The Greatest Of These Is Love

Author: Helen Steiner Rice
ISBN: 9780091794125
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And The Greatest Of These Is Love from the Author: Helen Steiner Rice. The one thing most needed by everyone is real, caring love. And the Source of all love is God, who is Love. His love is available for all of us, but we need to learn to love each other. We are all lonely but we are never alone, for God is our Father and we are His Own. My verses come to me from the thoughts and feelings of people who wrote to me, or from conversations I have. Helen Steiner Rice, from her Preface.

The Greatest Of These Is Love

Author: Jan Cline
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
ISBN: 1628363738
Size: 49.78 MB
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The Greatest Of These Is Love from the Author: Jan Cline. Here is a delightful women’s devotional inspired by the great love chapter of the Bible—1 Corinthians 13. Thoughtful readings will speak to your heart, and lovely prayers, memorable quotations, and scripture passages add to the rich spiritual depth of the book. Set in a charming 4-color design with a bonus removable bookmark, The Greatest of These Is Love is inspiring and encouraging for women of all ages. It’s the perfect book to give as a gift or for personal use.

The Greatest Of These Is Love

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The Greatest Of These Is Love from the Author: . 30 different versions of I Corinthians 13, meant to be read one per day. Texts are taken from a variety of Bible translations.

The Greatest Of These

Author: Dorothy M. Foss
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1465345558
Size: 18.33 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Greatest Of These from the Author: Dorothy M. Foss. And now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; and the greatest of these is love. 1st Corinthians 13:13. @ Jenny fs content life in Laurel Hill is shattered, and the family moves to Duluth. She knows little of what caused this misery as her husband Jonathan refuses to share his problems. He fs forced to leave his family with no money or his help. Our country is in the pain of a Great Depression, and Jenny can ft find work where she is. She arranges to move to Milwaukee where work is more abundant but first must find care for Maggie, David and Holly in Duluth. No family alone can keep them all, so they are left in three different homes. Life lessons must be learned by Jenny and Maggie who both yearn for the family to be reunited. But is that possible?

The Greatest Of These Is Love

Author: Vint Martinez
Publisher: Holy Fire Publishing
ISBN: 160383477X
Size: 63.60 MB
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The Greatest Of These Is Love from the Author: Vint Martinez. There are magnificent stories of the human experience in the city, stories of tragedy and stories of triumph. This story has both and is just one of many I wrote from a prison cell during three terms and 27 years in the California Prison System. Blessed by The Lord with a new purpose in life I will be rewriting all the stories I wrote in the prisons of Soledad, Folsom, San Quentin, and many others, bringing these stories up to publishing level. My calling in The Lord is to write for Jesus and I will be doing just that until He takes me home. In the genre of Christian Fiction, this first book from the city I will introduce you to Johnny-Boy and Victoria. While writing this book I laughed, cried, and praised The Lord, I'm sure you will do the same reading it.

The Greatest Of These Is Love

Author: Paul Kelly
Publisher: Andrews UK Limited
ISBN: 1781660727
Size: 15.42 MB
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The Greatest Of These Is Love from the Author: Paul Kelly. Joachim Flynn was born in Glasgow to Irish parents in the year 1926. He was a Catholic and went to a Catholic school with other Catholic boys, but Joachim always felt that there was something about him that wasn't just quite right. He didn't think like the other boys and the Parish Priest tried to convince him that he had a vocation to the priesthood and that was the reason why he felt as he did, but Joachim had no inclinations for the priesthood or for the married state. The other Catholic boys grew up and fell in love, mostly with Catholic girls, but some went their own way and disregarded the teachings of the church into which they were born and married elsewhere, if they married at all. Joachim grew up too and he also fell in love, but he fell in love with God and the Shadow of God followed Joachim throughout the whole of his life with a special vocation . . . greater than the priesthood ... greater than the married state. He was born in the imitation of Christ, where like Christ he gave his life for another. 'For no greater love hath any man ... than that he lay down his life for his friend.'