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Irasm from the Author: .

Magister Ludi

Author: Hermann Hesse
Size: 79.25 MB
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Magister Ludi from the Author: Hermann Hesse.

Hours In The Garden And Other Poems

Author: Hermann Hesse
Publisher: New York : Farrar, Straus, Giroux
ISBN: 9780374514235
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Hours In The Garden And Other Poems from the Author: Hermann Hesse. Written during the same period as The Glass Bead Game, these poems reflect the book's mysticism and help to illuminate Hesse's physical and metaphysical search for a "sublime alchemy" that would go beyond all images

The Annotated Mona Lisa

Author: Carol Strickland
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 9780740768729
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The Annotated Mona Lisa from the Author: Carol Strickland. Presents the history of art from prehistoric times to the present day, describes major artists and movements, and details the influence of art on society through the ages.

Kim Kardashian S Marriage

Author: Sam Riviere
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 0571321445
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Kim Kardashian S Marriage from the Author: Sam Riviere. The 72 poems in Kim Kardashian's Marriage mark out equally sharpened lines of public and private engagement. Kim Kardashian's 2011 marriage lasted for 72 days, and was seen by some as illustrative of celebrity life as a performance, as spectacle. Whatever the truth of this (and Kardashian's own statements refute it), Sam Riviere has used the furor as a point of ignition, deploying terms from Kardashian's make-up regimen to explore surfaces and self-consciousness, presentation and obfuscation. His pursuit is toward a form of zero-privacy akin, perhaps, to Kardashian's own life, that eschews a dependence upon confessional modes of writing to explore what kind of meaning lies in impersonal methods of creation. The poems have been produced by harvesting and manipulating the results of search engines to create a poetry of part-collage, part-improvisation. The effect is as refractive as it is reflective, and disturbs the slant on biography through a bricolage of recycled and cross-referenced language, until we are left with a pixellation of the first person.

The Persistence Of Sentiment

Author: Mitchell Morris
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520955056
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The Persistence Of Sentiment from the Author: Mitchell Morris. How can we account for the persistent appeal of glossy commercial pop music? Why do certain performers have such emotional power, even though their music is considered vulgar or second rate? In The Persistence of Sentiment, Mitchell Morris gives a critical account of a group of American popular music performers who have dedicated fan bases and considerable commercial success despite the critical disdain they have endured. Morris examines the specific musical features of some exemplary pop songs and draws attention to the social contexts that contributed to their popularity as well as their dismissal. These artists were all members of more or less disadvantaged social categories: members of racial or sexual minorities, victims of class and gender prejudices, advocates of populations excluded from the mainstream. The complicated commercial world of pop music in the 1970s allowed the greater promulgation of musical styles and idioms that spoke to and for exactly those stigmatized audiences. In more recent years, beginning with the "Seventies Revival" of the early 1990s, additional perspectives and layers of interpretation have allowed not only a deeper understanding of these songs' function than when they were first popular, but also an appreciation of how their significance has shifted for American listeners in the succeeding three decades.