Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever In Thailand

Author: Hella Wellmer
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642691528
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Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever In Thailand from the Author: Hella Wellmer. On the occasion of a research visit to Thailand in my capacity as a member of the governing board of the South Asia Institute of the University of Heidelberg, I saw for the first time the severe clinical picture of dengue with haemorrhagic symptoms among Thai children. This visit had been made possible by Profes sor Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. Ouay Ketusinh of Bangkok, to whom I wish to express my sincere thanks in this place. In 1972 the German medical literature - the periodical Medizinische Klinik, vol. 87, pp. 152-56, to be precise - had drawn attention to this new phenomenon in the disease panorama of South East Asia, indicating a change in dengue fever from being a relatively benign tropical dis ease to a form having serious clinical and epidemiological ramifications. During the ten years following my first publication the new clinical picture, described as "dengue haemorrhagic fever", has become a standard component in the Thailand's system of notifiable diseases. So too, the World Health Orga nization publishes regular reports in its Weekly Records. On March 30/31, 1981, its Regional Office for South East Asia convened a special conference in New Delhi, thus emphasizing the significance of the diffusion of this new clini cal picture in the states of South East Asia.

The Survival Guide For Teaching In Thailand

Author: Blair Thomson
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 1598589806
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The Survival Guide For Teaching In Thailand from the Author: Blair Thomson. Thailand hovers in many people's minds as an alluring tropical paradise with a warm ever-smiling culture, amazing historical sights and tantalizing environmental get-aways. What better place to visit and work in? There is a huge demand for English teachers at all levels within the country! If you are seriously thinking about, or have decided to teach in Thailand, then this Guide is as essential as your passport. This companion will: help you decide whether teaching in Thailand is really for you or not. give you an overview appreciation for Thai culture, along with some insights into "how and why" things are done the way they are. save you time, money and your sanity when dealing with the fascinating gymnastics of Thai paperwork. provide you with insights, suggestions and directions that only prior experience can offer. while living and working in Thailand, be an excellent resource and friend in times of need. be an anchor when the reasonable sounding "this is how things are done in Thailand" doesn't seem so reasonable anymore. be an illuminator for the many questions you will have as you peer through the window into the world of teaching in Thailand ... a true Survival Guide."

Jasmine Fever

Author: Frank Visakay
Publisher: Monsoon Books
ISBN: 9814358177
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Jasmine Fever from the Author: Frank Visakay. When New York chef Frank Visakay moved to Thailand, he quickly attracted the attention of beautiful Thai women. Or so he thought. In Jasmine Fever, Visakay offers hilarious revelations about his and his friends' relationships with Thai bargirls. As we learn from one of the eponymously named stories, perhaps he is 'looking for love in all the wrong places'.

Diving And Snorkeling Thailand

Author: Tim Rock
Publisher: Lonely Planet
ISBN: 174179188X
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Diving And Snorkeling Thailand from the Author: Tim Rock. Bathed by the waters of two oceans, Thailand's varied diving environments are home to colorful coral reefs and an impressive diversity of marine life. Live-aboard ships explore the offshore islands with their beautiful white-sand beaches and lush vegetation, and go beyond the Thai border to newly pioneered dive sites in Myanmar. A rich culture and well-developed infrastructure make this the most popular diving region in Southeast Asia. In This Guide: Detailed dive information to 76 sites Full-color photos throughout Easy-to-read maps of dive regions Guide to marine life Travel logistics and topside attractions

Infectious Diseases Of Thailand

Author: GIDEON Informatics, Inc.
Publisher: GIDEON Informatics Inc
ISBN: 1498814816
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Infectious Diseases Of Thailand from the Author: GIDEON Informatics, Inc.. Infectious Diseases of Thailand is one in a series of GIDEON ebooks which explore all individual infectious diseases, drugs, vaccines, outbreaks, surveys and pathogens in every country of the world. Data are based on the GIDEON web application ( which relies on standard text books, peer-review journals, Health Ministry reports and ProMED, supplemented by an ongoing search of the medical literature.

Journal Of The Medical Association Of Thailand

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Journal Of The Medical Association Of Thailand from the Author: . The journal of Medical Association of Thailand publishs original and review articles including case report that relate to the study or research on diseases, epidemiology, drug or vaccine that have the influence on clinical course, treatment and prevention of human illness

How To Retire In Thailand And Double Your Income

Author: Godfree Ed D Roberts
ISBN: 1627760822
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How To Retire In Thailand And Double Your Income from the Author: Godfree Ed D Roberts. A comfortable retirement on a fixed income in a warm, safe, friendly country? Where can I retire like that? In Thailand, where the Government's retirement services are designed for people on fixed incomes like Social Security. But can you retire on Social Security alone? Well, rents here run from $80--$280/mo., eating out 3x day costs $8 -- total, and a large bottle of premium beer is $1.70. The warm weather encourages T-shirts and shorts year-round, the people are the friendliest on earth, and the streets are safe, even late at night. In the book you'll learn.. * How to live in comfort and beauty on a fixed income...starting now * Why your income doubles when you get to Thailand (hint: buying power) * How much you'll pay for quality for medical and dental care * How to earn money legally in Thailand the moment you arrive * How to understand Thai culture and fit in * How to use the Thai Government retirement services * How to pay for your entire trip and your accommodation * How to save 50% on your air fare Plus Useful Charts, Step-by-step Checklists, Detailed Budgets that fit Social Security incomes, and Helpful Guides to Preparing and Moving to Thailand. And you'll receive up-to-date maps, useful reviews and smart tips to help you get started. Amazingly comprehensive and extremely helpful. I worked out a detailed budget before I left home. -- Krisztina Perematoni, Berkeley, CA, USA. I wish I'd read 'How to Retire in Thailand' before I started planning my retirement. I would have cashed out much sooner. -- Steve Parkes, Goulburn, Australia Unless your pension's over a40,000 you ought to read this book. It opened our eyes to possibilities we never dreamed of. -- Alpin McDowell, Glasgow, UK. Godfree Roberts earned his doctorate from UMass, Amherst, has lived in five countries and holds citizenship in two. He retired in Thailand for its combination of culture and cost. He founded to help others do the same. Readable, practical, brief: Save years of time and $1000s. Download your copy now. A Simple Program for Social Security Retirees Wanting Fun, Money, Freedom and a Better Life -- by Godfree Roberts, Ed.D. 140 pages.

Thailand Old Hand

Author: Peter Jaggs
Publisher: Booksmango
ISBN: 616245035X
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Thailand Old Hand from the Author: Peter Jaggs. Peter Jaggs has the unerring ability of being able to blunder into a good story wherever he travels in Asia.Whether perusing the bars and brothels of Pattaya and Angeles City, meeting up with an archaic spirit doctor in the wilds of the Isaan countryside, losing his way in the war-time tunnels of Cu-Chi in Vietnam, becoming embroiled in a punch-up with the local tough-guy in a Philippine backstreet or encountering an ethereal ghost on a deserted, moonlit beach in Thailand, he tells the tale with his own peculiar stamp of originality, humor and accuracy.The twenty true short stories in this - the author's eighth book - are as colorful, diverse and sometimes as confusing as the continent of Asia itself. Many will make you laugh, others may make you want to cry and one or two will probably appall you.Whatever your reaction may be to some of the memories of a man who has spent almost three decades making the most of what Asia has to offer, 'Thailand Old Hand' makes for a rattling good suitcase read and is a book you will find hard to put down.***"The author is an Old Thailand Hand; it's apparent he has been around long enough to become insightful" Bangkok Post"Jaggs has become like a master brewer, skillfully distilling a wealth of living experiences into some very funny moments" Pattaya Trader

How To Establish A Successful Business In Thailand

Author: Philip Wylie
Publisher: Philip Wylie
ISBN: 1887521755
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How To Establish A Successful Business In Thailand from the Author: Philip Wylie. Designed for anyone thinking of starting or buying a business in Thailand, this guide is full of information on how to run a business in this Asian country. It includes practical tips by successful foreign business people from such different trades as guest house, bar trade, e-commerce, export, and restaurant.