Epa 600 2

Author: United States. Environmental Protection Agency. Office of Research and Development
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Epa 600 2 from the Author: United States. Environmental Protection Agency. Office of Research and Development.


Author: De Wayde King
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1493007416
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Tanked from the Author: De Wayde King. Co-owners of Las Vegas’s Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) and stars of the Animal Planet hit show Tanked, rowdy brothers-in-law Wayde King and Brett Ryamer build some of the most enormous, awe-inspiring aquariums for top celebrities, luxury hotels and casinos, Fortune 500 businesses, and millionaire homeowners across the country, taking on tanks ranging from 50 gallons to 50,000. Jackass producer Jeffery Tremaine commissioned a two-ton salt-water tank for his man cave--and hijinks of course ensued. The guys kept their gloves on when the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship ordered the ultimate “Aquagon” for UFC headquarters. Then Wayde and Brett tried to beat the clock when Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade asked them to create a pop-up tank featuring his new Sting Ray sneaker at the unveiling party during NBA All-Star weekend. In the newest episodes, the guys bring their clients’ wildest visions to life with: a Cleopatra sarcophagus tank with fish from the Red Sea for an archeology-themed room at a boutique hotel; a retro rocket-ship aquarium for the headquarters of Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shop with candy-colored fish and fizzing soda bottles; a giant lava lamp tank that changes colors, glows in the dark, and features jellyfish; a smokin’ hot aquarium to honor Fairleigh Dickson University’s Devils with a lifelike fire element; and a slot-machine tank for a wedding chapel in Las Vegas. Tanked: The Book features detailed, in-depth profiles of ATM’s top builds, the inside story of how they climbed to the top of the shark-infested world of custom aquariums, fascinating profiles of the cast, never-before-told behind-the-scenes stories direct from the set, celebrity testimonials, and fun sidebars like “fish facts” and “tank tips” so everyone can get tanked at home.

Keynotes In Energy Related Catalysis

Author: S. Kaliaguine
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0080960693
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Keynotes In Energy Related Catalysis from the Author: S. Kaliaguine. Catalysis by solid acids, which includes (modified) zeolites, is of special relevance to energy applications. Acid catalysis is highly important in modern petroleum refining operations - large-scale processes such as fluid catalytic cracking, catalytic reforming, alkylation and olefin oligomerization rely on the transformation of hydrocarbons by acid catalysts. (Modified) zeolites are therefore essential for the improvement of existing processes and for technical innovations in the conversion of crude. There can be little doubt that zeolite-based catalysts will play a major role in the future management of fossil fuels and biomass, and this book is intended to contribute to tomorrow's achievements in this area. Each chapter presents the personal views of an expert, or a small group of experts, on the current state of the art, and on the trends in his/their field likely to lead to important developments. The presentation of these various keynotes in one volume will provide inspiration to the reader interested in the development of zeolite-based catalysts for energy applications, and in particular will suggest to the new-comer in the field of catalyst design, methods to develop his own original orientations.

The Slangman Guide To Dirty English

Author: David Burke
ISBN: 9781891888236
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The Slangman Guide To Dirty English from the Author: David Burke. Nonnative speakers will enjoy learning swear words, insults, and nasty euphemisms for body parts in this humorous and academic guide to the more colorful side of the English language. Words and phrases are presented in entertaining illustrated dialogues that provide the meaning of each word and supply a context in which it might be used. A thermometer graphic is provided for each section to note how 'hot,' or offensive, the language included in it is. In addition to the full dictionary of terms offered, the dialogue, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, and speaking exercises give readers a solid understanding of when, how, and when not to use dirty slang. Quizzes, puzzles, and word games round out this fun way to learn how to swear like a native American.

Construction Technology 2 Industrial And Commercial Building

Author: Mike Riley
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 1137376007
Size: 40.61 MB
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Construction Technology 2 Industrial And Commercial Building from the Author: Mike Riley. A new edition of this popular undergraduate textbook for the study of industrial and commercial building. This third edition is thoroughly revised including new material on sustainable construction, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and sustainable building services.

American Slang

Author: Joseph Melillo
Publisher: Mottobene Inc
ISBN: 1594040176
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American Slang from the Author: Joseph Melillo. This compilation of American slang contains more than 5,000 common slang terms with easy-to-understand definitions and sample sentences. The book's unique classification of slang terms under key words makes it easy to search for and discover any term. By organizing terms this way, slang terms that share a common key word can be classified together for easy reference. For example, under the key word "Chip," the following terms are alphabetically listed: bargaining chip, blue chip, cash in one's chips, chip in, chip off the old block, chip on one's shoulder, in the chips, let the chips fall where they may, and when the chips are down. Slang terms with more than one key word are also cross-referenced, and sample sentences lend meaning to the slang terms by showing their applications in writing and in conversation.

Breaking Point

Author: Kevin W. Connell
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1475826044
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Breaking Point from the Author: Kevin W. Connell. In recent decades, the crisis of college affordability has emerged as one of the defining challenges of our era. Since 1978, college tuition and fees have soared by 1,120 percent, growing at three times the rate of housing prices and four times the rate of the increase in the hourly wage. The inevitable consequence has resulted in a national student debt that surpassed $1.3 trillion in 2015, crushing the average household under $35,000 in student debt. Breaking Point explains flaws in the structure of higher education that have caused college prices to soar over our lifetime, including “prestige maximization,” a perpetual “amenities war,” and a predatory lending industry that has not only fostered but encouraged the explosion of college costs. To counter this trend, Kevin Connell proposes several bold solutions that are intended to induce colleges and lenders alike to redefine the structure, price, and ultimate purpose of higher education in America.