Talis A Teachers Guide To Talis 2013 Teaching And Learning International Survey

Author: OECD
Publisher: OECD Publishing
ISBN: 9264216073
Size: 80.46 MB
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Talis A Teachers Guide To Talis 2013 Teaching And Learning International Survey from the Author: OECD. This publication not only presents the main results of TALIS 2013, it also offers insights and advice to teachers and school leaders on how they can improve teaching and learning in their schools.

Talis New Insights From Talis 2013 Teaching And Learning In Primary And Upper Secondary Education

Author: OECD
Publisher: OECD Publishing
ISBN: 9264226311
Size: 80.29 MB
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Talis New Insights From Talis 2013 Teaching And Learning In Primary And Upper Secondary Education from the Author: OECD. This report offers a broader view of teachers and school principals across all levels of compulsory education, and all the similarities and differences in the issues they are facing.

International Summit On The Teaching Profession Schools For 21st Century Learners Strong Leaders Confident Teachers Innovative Approaches

Author: Schleicher Andreas
Publisher: OECD Publishing
ISBN: 9264231196
Size: 45.87 MB
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International Summit On The Teaching Profession Schools For 21st Century Learners Strong Leaders Confident Teachers Innovative Approaches from the Author: Schleicher Andreas. This report summarises evidence from the OECD TALIS and PISA surveys that underpins the three themes of the 2015 International Summit on the Teaching Profession: school leadership, teachers’ self-efficacy and innovation.

Linked Data

Author: Tom Heath
Publisher: Morgan & Claypool Publishers
ISBN: 1608454304
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Linked Data from the Author: Tom Heath. The World Wide Web has enabled the creation of a global information space comprising linked documents. As the Web becomes ever more enmeshed with our daily lives, there is a growing desire for direct access to raw data not currently available on the Web or bound up in hypertext documents. Linked Data provides a publishing paradigm in which not only documents, but also data, can be a first class citizen of the Web, thereby enabling the extension of the Web with a global data space based on open standards - the Web of Data. In this Synthesis lecture we provide readers with a detailed technical introduction to Linked Data. We begin by outlining the basic principles of Linked Data, including coverage of relevant aspects of Web architecture. The remainder of the text is based around two main themes - the publication and consumption of Linked Data. Drawing on a practical Linked Data scenario, we provide guidance and best practices on: architectural approaches to publishing Linked Data; choosing URIs and vocabularies to identify and describe resources; deciding what data to return in a description of a resource on the Web; methods and frameworks for automated linking of data sets; and testing and debugging approaches for Linked Data deployments. We give an overview of existing Linked Data applications and then examine the architectures that are used to consume Linked Data from the Web, alongside existing tools and frameworks that enable these. Readers can expect to gain a rich technical understanding of Linked Data fundamentals, as the basis for application development, research or further study. Table of Contents: List of Figures / Introduction / Principles of Linked Data / The Web of Data / Linked Data Design Considerations / Recipes for Publishing Linked Data / Consuming Linked Data / Summary and Outlook

Black Boogiemen

Author: Tallis Piaget
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781462895359
Size: 12.19 MB
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Black Boogiemen from the Author: Tallis Piaget. This book follows Dr. Trenton Branch, a scientist whose extremely meager upbringing came from his grandmother and the cruel inner city streets. He grows to become a world renowned biochemist, living in one of the wealthiest suburbs in the country. One miserable day while visiting his old neighborhood a calamity occurs; this incites the rage of a rabid pit bull within Dr. Branch. He then unites a group of men, waging war against the inner city in an attempt to excise all of its demons. Sparking what some called the “Civil War of 2020” this controversial story touches on all of the untold secrets of black America, while providing a fast paced, page turning tale of violence and knowledge. With graphic imagery and heart pounding action this book is sure to leave the reader wanting more. Chalked with witty banter and an introspective look into the soul, Black Boogiemen is a tale of humanity’s ongoing struggle between love and hate, right and wrong. How far are you willing to go to bring peace to your city, to your country, to your world? This book will have you crossing the lines.

Evaluating Measurement Invariance Of Talis 2013 Complex Scales

Author: Deana Desa
Size: 14.71 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Evaluating Measurement Invariance Of Talis 2013 Complex Scales from the Author: Deana Desa. This paper evaluates measurement invariance of complex scales from a social survey using both a continuous approach and a categorical approach to help inform future decisions in choosing the most appropriate methods to perform the validation of complex scales. In particular, continuous and categorical approaches are compared for constructing and validating 11 complex scales across 23 countries participating in the first round of the OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS). Two invariance testing approaches were compared - 1) continuous multiple-group confirmatory factor analysis; 2) categorical multiple-group confirmatory factor analysis. Latent variable modelling was employed to account for the complex structure of the relationships between many items in each scale. The performance of the models is reported and illustrated based on the evaluation of the level of measurement invariance. All of the scales established configural and metric levels of invariance from both approaches, and three scales established scalar invariance from the categorical approach, allowing for a meaningful mean score comparison across countries. Limitations of the models compared in this study and future considerations for construction and validation of scaling complex scales are discussed.

The Swan Riders

Author: Erin Bow
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1481442740
Size: 51.73 MB
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The Swan Riders from the Author: Erin Bow. Greta Stuart has become an AI. New transmitters have silvered her fingerprints. New receptors have transformed her vision. And the whole of her memory has become one book in a vast library of instant knowledge. She's ready to rule the world. But the new technology is also killing her: Greta is only sixteen years old, and her new enhancements are burning through her mortal body at an alarming rate. Of course the leader of the AIs, an ancient and compelling artificial intelligence named Talis, has a plan.

The Forbidden A Novel

Author: F. R. Tallis
Publisher: Pegasus Books
ISBN: 1605985929
Size: 13.94 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Forbidden A Novel from the Author: F. R. Tallis. The Alienist meets The Exorcist in Tallis’ new novel of psychological suspense, as an ambitious young doctor explores the dangerous border between science and the supernatural. 1873: When the ambitious Doctor Paul Clément takes a job on the island of Saint Sébastien, he has dreams of finding cures for tropical diseases. After witnessing the ritualistic murder of a young boy who was allegedly already dead, he is warned never to speak of what he has seen. Back in fin de siecle Paris, Paul’s attentions turn to studying the nervous system and resuscitation through electricity. Paul is told of patients who have apparently died, been brought back to life, and, while they lay between life and death, witnessed what they believed to be Heaven itself. Using forbidden knowledge he swore never to use, he attempts to experience what everyone else has seen, but something goes horribly wrong. When Paul returns to the land of the living, can it be possible that he brings something else back with him, an unspeakable evil so powerful it can never be banished?

Visual Masking

Author: Talis Bachmann
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 0128003839
Size: 31.22 MB
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Visual Masking from the Author: Talis Bachmann. Visual masking is a technique used in cognitive research to understand pre-conscious processes (priming, for example), consciousness, visual limits, and perception issues associated with psychopathology. This book is a short format review of research using visual masking: how it has been used, and what these experiments have discovered.Topics covered include concepts, varieties, and theories of masking; masking and microgenetic mechanisms and stagesof visual processing; psychopharmacological and genetic factors in masking, and more. Provides succinct information about the widely dispersed masking studies and points out some new trends in masking research Reviews transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) as an alternative to the traditional psychophysical masking methods Comments on the methodological pitfalls hidden in the practice of masking, helping to improve the quality of future research where masking is used as a tool Informs readers about recent developments in theoretical attempts to understand masking