Symbolic Forms As The Metaphysical Groundwork Of The Organon Of The Cultural Sciences

Author: Israel Bar-Yehuda Idalovichi
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443869635
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Symbolic Forms As The Metaphysical Groundwork Of The Organon Of The Cultural Sciences from the Author: Israel Bar-Yehuda Idalovichi. This ambitious work reclassifies and restructures the history of ideas and the philosophy of culture through a wide-ranging and novel use of the idea of the organon. It does so by radically revising standard interpretations and theories of all branches of philosophy, and by providing an intellectual and philosophical foundation for the new organon of the cultural sciences. Furthermore, the seeded idea that saw its growth in the form of this book is the unshakable conviction that the only way by which a new apparatus of philosophy, an organon, could be created is by harking back to the vast sources of imagination, inspiration and mimēsis. This entire study is based on the notion that metaphysics, insofar as it is concerned with the world in its entirety and with human being’s existence and thought, should provide the foundation for the organon of cultural sciences, based on symbolic forms. Given that the colossal amount of information and knowledge of philosophy, arts, humanities, logic, mathematics, social sciences and natural sciences cannot be comprised, analyzed and comprehended per se, it is the organon’s objective to extract the main principles, ideas, postulates, theorems and theories of the cultural sciences, and, subsequently, to shape and restructure them as symbolic forms. Since all these principles are grounded on Becoming—which is not a stable or fixed entity such as Being, substance or thing—the symbolic forms preserve and change, elevate and further the organon of the cultural sciences, via a critical-dialectical process.

Die Dialektik Des Utraquismus

Author: Israel Idalovichi
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Die Dialektik Des Utraquismus from the Author: Israel Idalovichi. Der neuen philosophischen und wissenschaftlichen Weltanschauung liegt die Welt zu Grunde, deren Wirklichkeit nur als Aufgabe zu betrachten ist. Die Wirklichkeit als Aufgabe enthält eine umfangreiche Mannigfaltigkeit und Vielheit und kann nie von der Erkenntnis beherrscht werden. Die Dialektik ist das Organon der Philosophie, und die Theorie der Dialektik ist die Formenlehre der Philosophie. Die Grundelemente des Organons sind die Denkform und das Denkfremde, das immer einen irrationalen unerreichbaren Teil enthält, der nie von der Denkform eingeholt werden kann. Diese beiden «Formen» bauen zusammen den Satz des Utraquismus auf, der bestimmt, daß die Denkform und das Denkfremde nie real trennbare Momente werden können. Der Utraquismus ermöglicht es, von der ersten Grundstruktur des Denkens aus eine dialektische Philosophie zu entwickeln, denn seine Struktur enthält eine Zweiheit, die nach Einheit strebt. Diese Prinzipien des philosophischen Denkens Jonas Cohns werden in seinem «Theorie der Dialektik» vorgestellt und zu einem systematischen Höhepunkt entwickelt.


Author: Max Nordau
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110257068
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Entartung from the Author: Max Nordau. In a new edition, Karin Tebben presents Nordau’s best-known work “Degeneration” (“Entartung,” 1892/93), which focuses on the modern pathologies of artistic modernism. Together with Nietzsche, Nordau is one of the most influential thought leaders of a tradition that, as it developed further, had a problematic influence not only on the National Socialist organizers of the book burnings and of the “Entartete Kunst” (Degenerate Art) exhibition of 1937, but also on the Bolshevist persecution of the artistic modern or on Georg Lukács’ polemic against the avant-garde modern.

Hegels Dialektik

Author: Hans Georg Gadamer
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Hegels Dialektik from the Author: Hans Georg Gadamer.

Politischer Moralismus

Author: Hermann LĂĽbbe
ISBN: 9783886802449
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Politischer Moralismus from the Author: Hermann LĂĽbbe.