Author: Річард Докінз
Publisher: Family Leisure Club
ISBN: 6171229997
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from the Author: Річард Докінз.

The Circus

Author: Olivia Levez
Publisher: Oneworld Publications
ISBN: 1786070952
Size: 65.24 MB
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The Circus from the Author: Olivia Levez. Why would a girl who has everything want to run away and never be found? Willow has staged runaways ever since she was a little girl. She has everything a young person should want: a rich daddy, clothes, money, a pony and a place at a prestigious boarding school. In reality, she has everything except the thing she really wants: a father who cares enough to find her. Aged sixteen, on the eve of her father’s wedding, she ruins the bride’s dress and escapes through a window, determined never to return. Her missing mother was a circus performer, and Willow wants to follow in her footsteps. But the performers she meets don’t want her. When her last bit of money is stolen by Suze, another runaway girl she thought she could trust, Willow becomes really homeless. Then Suze comes tumbling back into her life and a desperate Willow has to decide whether to trust her all over again . . . So begins their frightening, exhilarating odyssey though hunger, performance, desperation and dreams. Will they both survive and will Willow make it to the circus of her imagining? Olivia Levez takes you into the very heart of a girl who wants so hard to be lost, but saves herself through a powerful friendship and the awakening of a need for home.

Whatever Happened To Vicky Hope S Back Up Man

Author: Laura Kemp
Publisher: Head of Zeus Ltd
ISBN: 1784977004
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Whatever Happened To Vicky Hope S Back Up Man from the Author: Laura Kemp. 'Gorgeous! Funny, clever, romantic and real, it's brilliant' RACHAEL LUCAS. 'Read this book while on holiday - and loved it! I would highly recommend!' RACHEL ABBOTT. 'Fun but with real heart, this is the perfect way to start 2017' FABULOUS MAGAZINE. A tender, funny and haunting coming-of-age novel which asks if the past can ever be part of your future. Twenty-one and insecure, Vicky Hope comes up with a plan on the eve of travelling the world with her high-flying friend, Kat Lloyd: if she isn't married by the time she's thirty, she'll marry her geeky best mate Mikey Murphy. Fast-forward eight-and-a-bit years, Vicky, now Vee wakes up on her thirtieth birthday in Brighton, expecting a proposal of marriage from her arty boyfriend Jez. Instead he tells her their relationship is over and she has no choice but to return to her parents' home. Devastated and alone in her childhood bedroom, she decides she has nothing to lose and tracks down her two old mates. With shock, she discovers Mikey, now Murphy, is a successful app designer driven by his tragic upbringing. Kat, or Kate, never made it – but she hides a devastating secret, which threatens the happiness of all three. What people are saying about WHAT HAPPENED TO VICKY HOPE'S BACK UP MAN?: 'A delightful story of lasting friendship & first love' 'I enjoyed every page' 'A read full of love, laughter and tears. The kind of book that lingers in the mind' 'Get a cuppa, get on the sofa, and settle down to a good old entertaining story!'

Author: Марк Твен
Publisher: Family Leisure Club
ISBN: 6171224332
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from the Author: Марк Твен.

Author: Маркус Зузак
Publisher: Family Leisure Club
ISBN: 6171203424
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from the Author: Маркус Зузак.


Author: Patrick Hanks
Publisher: OXFORD University Press
Size: 21.31 MB
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Dii from the Author: Patrick Hanks. The New Oxford Thesaurus of English is a completely new and unique top-of-the-range thesaurus. It is the result of intensive research and exploitation of Oxfords unique bank of linguistic databases. It provides comprehensive coverage of English as it is used today, including World English, and rare, unusual, and colloquial senses. The A-Z format, elegant open design, with new elements starting on a new line, and the most useful alternative words given first, make this thesaurus particularly accessible. Help on how to use senses correctly is given through practical example phrases and the cross-referencing system takes the user to other useful entries. Opposite and related words, and combining forms are clearly marked to distinguish them from the rest of the entry. In-text notes give invaluable advice on the use of awkward and confusable synonyms, and boxed noun lists provide a wealth of information on a wide variety of subjects, from actors and actresses to types of whisky.

Poetry Review

Author: Stephen Phillips
Size: 28.12 MB
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Poetry Review from the Author: Stephen Phillips.