Stewards Of The House

Author: Bill Brubaker
Publisher: Popular Press
ISBN: 9780879726119
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Stewards Of The House from the Author: Bill Brubaker. Jonathan Latimer (1906-1983) wrote nine detective novels. He also wrote or co-wrote 20 film scripts, including such noir classics as the second version of Dasheill Hammett's The Glass Key, Kenneth Fearing's The Big Clock, and Cornell Woolrich's The Night Has a Thousand Eyes. Moving to television writing, he scripted 45 original stories and adapted 50 Eric Stanley Gardner novels for the Perry Mason series.

Stewards Of The Mysteries Of God

Author: Patrick D. Miller
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1620325519
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Stewards Of The Mysteries Of God from the Author: Patrick D. Miller. One of our best known biblical interpreters offers essays and sermons meant to assist preachers in their interpretation and explication of biblical texts. Often neglected in preaching, the Old Testament is a particular focus of attention, but only in the context of the wholeness of Scripture.Questions addressed in this volume include the following: How does one approach and preach the Old Testament at Easter? What are the contemporary issues or dimensions in preaching the Ten Commandments? And how does the preacher hold the Old Testament and the New Testament in proclaiming God's word to the church?In this collection, attention is given to preaching about the ministry and on particular occasions, such as funerals, baccalaureates, ordination, and in Advent and Christmas as well as before Holy Communion.

House Divided

Author: Gary B. Boyd
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1524647721
Size: 59.73 MB
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House Divided from the Author: Gary B. Boyd. Brett Stamos loved his job, he loved his country, but most all, he loved his wife. When he allowed his curiosity to override his good sense, he lost all three. Brett found out that written history does not always match up with real history. Unwittingly, he uncovered that a monumental hoax had been perpetrated on the American people. He discovered original history books that debunked six decades of misinformation that kept President Makluas government in power. Slated for termination on charges of sedition, Bretts sure death is averted when he is rescued by people that he once disavowed as invaders and trespassers. The simple Forester becomes the face of an underground Liberty Movement whose mission is to return the United States to its former glory as a beacon of freedom in a dangerous world.

Stewards Of The Land

Author: Brenda L. Marder
Publisher: Mercer University Press
ISBN: 9780865548497
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Stewards Of The Land from the Author: Brenda L. Marder.

Stewards Of Grace

Author: Rollin G. Grams
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1608995526
Size: 67.43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Stewards Of Grace from the Author: Rollin G. Grams. Stewards of Grace tells several stories in one. It is a story of two faithful stewards of God's grace called to serve the poor, despised, and marginalized in apartheid South Africa. It is a story that captures how cross-cultural missions from the west at the end of the colonial era led to a thriving church in the southern hemisphere. It is a story of God's power to redeem and transform the lost, heal the sick, and build the church of Jesus Christ. It is a story of the positives and negatives of Pentecostal missions in its third generation in the mid-twentieth century. And it is a story of radical Christian discipleship. Written first for those who would like to know the story of the first of six decades of ministry for Eugene and Phyllis Grams, this book also reflects on mission theology and practice. The very personal story is full of painful struggles and amazing miracles, human opposition and divine triumph, and examples of how God's plan works through and despite human weaknesses for the praise of his glory and grace. Reflection on ministry, missions, theology, and the Christian life are based on Scripture, history, and the Grams' personal experiences. The biographical narrative explores such things as the call to Christian service, evangelism, church planting, justice, compassion, cross-cultural ministry, partnerships, and spiritual power. The result is both a riveting biography and a narrative theology of mission practice to challenge and encourage every believer.

Stewards Of The Gospel

Author: Ronald E. Vallet
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 0802866166
Size: 39.37 MB
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Stewards Of The Gospel from the Author: Ronald E. Vallet. The word stewardship comes across as stale and mildly distasteful to many in the church today as a term limited in its scope to euphemistic conversations about financial giving. Yet, as Ronald Vallet points out, when the apostle Paul refers to "stewards of the mysteries of God" (1 Cor. 4:1), he's talking about something much deeper and richer than fund-raising. In Stewards of the Gospel Vallet recovers a more adequate understanding of Christian stewardship in light of both the New Testament and the realities facing today's church as it deals with challenges to justice, to the environment, and even to faith itself. He then applies his reinvigorated concept of stewardship in practical ways to congregations, to their pastors and leaders, and to the seminaries and denominational structures that mold and support those leaders. Enhancing Vallet's broad, gospel-oriented vision of stewardship are thoughtful responses from six seasoned theological educators: Daniel Aleshire, David L. Bartlett, Bruce C. Birch, Terry Parsons, Eugene F. Roop, and L. E. "Ted" Siverns.