Status Of Single Women In India

Author: N. S. Krishnakumari
Publisher: South Asia Books
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Status Of Single Women In India from the Author: N. S. Krishnakumari. Study conducted in Bangalore City.

Status Single

Author: Sreemoyee Piu Kundu
Publisher: Amaryllis - an imprint of Manjul Publishing House
ISBN: 9381506906
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Status Single from the Author: Sreemoyee Piu Kundu. Marriage. It’s the obvious path for every girl in India. It’s supposed to define us, shape us and give meaning to our life. But does it, really? Figures show that nearly 74.1 million women in India are either divorced, separated, widowed or have never been married. And the number is on the rise. In what promises to be a path-breaking work on female identity, Sreemoyee Piu Kundu, a proud-to-be-single woman herself, spills the beans on what it is like being over 30 and unattached in India, through her own compelling story and the chequered lives and journeys of nearly 3,000 urban single Indian women from all walks of life. Women, whether single by choice or circumstance, are under scathing societal pressure, invasive scrutiny and pervasive criticism. Be it the difficulty in renting an apartment, being character-assassinated by your gynaecologist, or being slut- shamed as having slept your way to the top, even when you’re successful professionally, a single woman’s life choices are the easiest to dissect. From one of the most powerful voices in contemporary Indian writing, comes a passionate narrative of grit and gumption, anger and loneliness and the daily struggle of being single in a country where the highest validation of your gender remains marriage and motherhood. Fiercely honest and painfully vulnerable, Status Single is a book that every woman and man—single or otherwise—must read.

Single Women In Indian Perspective

Author: Neshla
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Single Women In Indian Perspective from the Author: Neshla. Papers presented at Seminar on "Single Women in Indian Perspective", organized by Women's Studies Research Centre, Kurukshetra University during 15-16 Feb. 1992.

Status Of Girl Child And Women In India

Author: Niranjan Pant
Publisher: APH Publishing
ISBN: 9788170247081
Size: 49.42 MB
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Status Of Girl Child And Women In India from the Author: Niranjan Pant. With special reference to Uttar Pradesh.

Women S Issues

Author: Lakshmi Misra
Publisher: Northern Book Centre
ISBN: 9788172110178
Size: 54.66 MB
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Women S Issues from the Author: Lakshmi Misra. Deals with different aspects of Women's issues, viz. women in family and Society, access of girls and women to education, impact of science and technology on women, women and politics, image and role of women in Hindi drama and theatre, women's development role of media, women and work and her identity, role of voluntary organisations on women's development, national women's information centre and the programmes of Government of India for women's development. Since the development and education of women has become a growing concern of the present day society and Government, it is in the fitness of things that women themselves should present their own assessment of the current status of women and point out the maladies.

Widows In India

Author: T. N. Kitchlu
Publisher: APH Publishing
ISBN: 9788170245292
Size: 73.76 MB
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Widows In India from the Author: T. N. Kitchlu. Socioeconomic conditions of widows in India.

Separated And Divorced Women In India

Author: Kirti Singh
Publisher: SAGE Publishing India
ISBN: 8132117492
Size: 20.17 MB
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Separated And Divorced Women In India from the Author: Kirti Singh. Separated and Divorced Women in India examines the economic rights and entitlements of separated/deserted women in law and practice in India, and explores all the laws and policies relating to financial support for a wife or child that come into play once a separation or divorce has taken place. Based on a survey of more than 400 women in four different regions across the country, this seminal work lays bare the miserable financial conditions of separated/deserted women and the lengthy procedural obstacles that these women have to contend with to get any justice. It interrogates the absence of any laws that would give Indian women ownership rights in the property and assets that they have helped to acquire through financial or non-financial contributions in the marital home, and suggests that Community of Property should be made a part of law for all Indian women. This work further challenges the conventional understanding of productive work and advocates recognition of the productive nature of women's household work. Another aspect discussed pertains to the pervasive scourge of dowry and how seldom women recover their dowry and stridhan through the law.

Women Of India

Author: Harshida Pandit
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351869922
Size: 49.39 MB
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Women Of India from the Author: Harshida Pandit. The status and position of Indian women have undergone many changes since the high status they enjoyed in the Vedic era yielded to forced suicide during the dark ages, female infanticide, purdah, child marriages and the denial of property and political rights. This book, first published in 1985, provides a comprehensive annotated bibliography to hose years, and the years that followed of the relentless liberation struggle by women on the socio-political and legal fronts.