Sql Server 2014 Development Essentials

Author: Basit A. Masood-Al-Farooq
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1782172564
Size: 75.86 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 3045
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Sql Server 2014 Development Essentials from the Author: Basit A. Masood-Al-Farooq. This book is an easy-to-follow, comprehensive guide that is full of hands-on examples, which you can follow to successfully design, build, and deploy mission-critical database applications with SQL Server 2014. If you are a database developer, architect, or administrator who wants to learn how to design, implement, and deliver a successful database solution with SQL Server 2014, then this book is for you. Existing users of Microsoft SQL Server will also benefit from this book as they will learn what's new in the latest version.

Powershell For Sql Server Essentials

Author: Donabel Santos
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1784397105
Size: 19.34 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 5458
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Powershell For Sql Server Essentials from the Author: Donabel Santos. This book is written for SQL Server administrators and developers who want to leverage PowerShell to work with SQL Server. Some background with scripting will be helpful but not necessary.

Introducing Microsoft Sql Server 2014

Author: Ross Mistry
Publisher: Microsoft Press
ISBN: 0133966178
Size: 51.85 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 1415
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Introducing Microsoft Sql Server 2014 from the Author: Ross Mistry. NOTE: This title is also available as a free eBook on the Microsoft Download Center. It is offered for sale in print format as a convenience. Get a head start evaluating SQL Server 2014 - guided by two experts who have worked with the technology from the earliest beta. Based on Community Technology Preview 2 (CTP2) software, this guide introduces new features and capabilities, with practical insights on how SQL Server 2014 can meet the needs of your business. Get the early, high-level overview you need to begin preparing your deployment now. Coverage includes: SQL Server 2014 Editions and engine enhancements Mission-critical performance enhancements Hybrid cloud enhancements Self-service Business Intelligence enhancements in Microsoft Excel Enterprise information management enhancements Big Data solutions

Microsoft Sql Server 2014 Business Intelligence Development Beginner S Guide

Author: Reza Rad
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1849688893
Size: 47.16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 3833
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Microsoft Sql Server 2014 Business Intelligence Development Beginner S Guide from the Author: Reza Rad. Written in an easy-to-follow, example-driven format, there are plenty of stepbystep instructions to help get you started! The book has a friendly approach, with the opportunity to learn by experimenting. If you are a BI and Data Warehouse developer new to Microsoft Business Intelligence, and looking to get a good understanding of the different components of Microsoft SQL Server for Business Intelligence, this book is for you. It’s assumed that you will have some experience in databases systems and T-SQL. This book is will give you a good upshot view of each component and scenarios featuring the use of that component in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence systems.

Mastering Saltstack

Author: Joseph Hall
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1785288385
Size: 32.99 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 1036
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Mastering Saltstack from the Author: Joseph Hall. Take charge of SaltStack to automate and configure enterprise-grade environments About This Book Automate tasks effectively, so that your infrastructure can run itself Take advantage of cloud-based services that can expand the capabilities of your own data centers Tackle real-world problems that appear in everyday situations In Detail SaltStack is known as a popular configuration management system, but that barely scratches the surface. It is, in fact, a powerful automation suite, which is designed not only to help you manage your servers, but to help them manage themselves. SaltStack is used worldwide by organizations ranging from just a few servers, to tens of thousands of nodes across data centers in multiple continents. This award-winning software is fast becoming the standard for systems management in the cloud world. This book will take you through the advanced features of SaltStack, bringing forward capabilities that will help you excel in the management of your servers. You will be taken through the the mind of the modern systems engineer, and discover how they use Salt to manage their infrastructures, and why those design decisions are so important. The inner workings of Salt will be explored, so that as you advance your knowledge of Salt, you will be able to swim with the current, rather than against it. Various subsystems of Salt are explained in detail, including Salt SSH, Salt Cloud, and external pillars, filesystems, and job caches. You will be taken through an in-depth discussion of how to effectively scale Salt to manage thousands of machines, and how to troubleshoot issues when things don't go exactly the way you expect them to. You will also be taken through an overview of RAET, Salt's new transport protocol, and given an insight into how this technology improves Salt, and the possibilities that it brings with it. What You Will Learn Learn how the pros are managing their infrastructures, and what techniques they use to keep everything running smoothly with Salt Understand what makes Salt tick, and how that affects the way you use it Take a look at familiar features in a new light, so that you have a better handle on how to approach tasks Use Salt SSH to manage servers that don't fit Salt's traditional use cases Besides automating your configuration, you will be able to automate your servers, and make them behave more intelligently Make better use of cloud-based services, including compute clouds such as EC2, Azure and Openstack Learn about the new RAET protocol, and how it changes the way automation works Who This Book Is For This book is ideal for professionals who have been managing groups of servers, and want to learn how to add functionality and expand their tool set. This book will also explain some of the more advanced features of Salt, and explore how to use them to bring additional power to the fundamentals that the professionals have already been using. Style and approach This book speaks informally, sometimes almost conversationally, to the user. Topics are covered in detail, using examples that should be comfortable to most users.

App Inventor 2 Essentials

Author: Felicia Kamriani
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1785286048
Size: 74.37 MB
Format: PDF
View: 4583
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App Inventor 2 Essentials from the Author: Felicia Kamriani. A step-by-step introductory guide to mobile app development with App Inventor 2 About This Book Get an introduction to the functionalities of App Inventor 2 and use it to unleash your creativity Learn to navigate the App Inventor platform, develop basic coding skills and become familiar with a blocks based programming language Build your very first mobile app and feel proud of your accomplishment Follow tutorials to expand your app development skills Who This Book Is For App Inventor 2 Essentials is for anyone who wants to learn to make mobile apps for Android devices – no prior coding experience is necessary. What You Will Learn Perform technical setup and navigate the App Inventor platform Utilize the interactive development environment by pairing a mobile device with a computer using Wi-Fi or USB Build three apps: a game, an event app and a raffle app Create the user interface of the app in the Designer and program the code in the Blocks Editor Integrate basic computer science principles along with more complex elements such fusion tables and lists Test and troubleshoot your applications Publish your apps on Google Play Store to reach a wide audience Unleash your creativity for further app development In Detail App Inventor 2 will take you on a journey of mobile app development. We begin by introducing you to the functionalities of App Inventor and giving you an idea about the types of apps you can develop using it. We walk you through the technical set up so you can take advantage of the interactive development environment (live testing). You will get hands-on, practical experience building three different apps using tutorials. Along the way, you will learn computer science principles as well as tips to help you prepare for the creative process of building an app from scratch. By the end of the journey, you will learn how to package an app and deploy it to app markets. App Inventor 2 Essentials prepares you to amass a resource of skills, knowledge and experience to become a mobile app developer Style and approach Every topic in this book is explained in step-by-step and easy-to-follow fashion, accompanied with screenshots of the interface that will make it easier for you to understand the processes.

Training Kit Exam 70 461 Querying Microsoft Sql Server 2012

Author: Itzik Ben-Gan
Publisher: Microsoft Press
ISBN: 0735667284
Size: 15.16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 3201
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Training Kit Exam 70 461 Querying Microsoft Sql Server 2012 from the Author: Itzik Ben-Gan. Ace your preparation for Microsoft® Certification Exam 70-461 with this 2-in-1 Training Kit from Microsoft Press®. Work at your own pace through a series of lessons and practical exercises, and then assess your skills with practice tests on CD—featuring multiple, customizable testing options. Maximize your performance on the exam by learning how to: Create database objects Work with data Modify data Troubleshoot and optimize queries You also get an exam discount voucher—making this book an exceptional value and a great career investment.

Beginning Sql Server 2008 For Developers

Author: Robin Dewson
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1430205849
Size: 52.19 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 3322
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Beginning Sql Server 2008 For Developers from the Author: Robin Dewson. Beginning SQL Server 2008 for Developers is the starting-point in the Apress roadmap of titles for developers who wish to base their projects upon Microsoft's flagship database management system. The book takes developers from the point of installing SQL Server 2008, through the process of storing, retrieving, and securing data, to the point of being able to serve up business reports using SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services. The author has been hooked on programming ever since he bought his first computer, a Sinclair ZX80, in 1980. He maintains visibility in the field through his website and his other books.

Sql Server 2016 Developer S Guide

Author: Dejan Sarka
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1786460742
Size: 46.22 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 3077
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Sql Server 2016 Developer S Guide from the Author: Dejan Sarka. Get the most out of the rich development capabilities of SQL Server 2016 to build efficient database applications for your organization About This Book Utilize the new enhancements in Transact-SQL and security features in SQL Server 2016 to build efficient database applications Work with temporal tables to get information about data stored in the table at any point in time A detailed guide to SQL Server 2016, introducing you to multiple new features and enhancements to improve your overall development experience Who This Book Is For This book is for database developers and solution architects who plan to use the new SQL Server 2016 features for developing efficient database applications. It is also ideal for experienced SQL Server developers who want to switch to SQL Server 2016 for its rich development capabilities. Some understanding of the basic database concepts and Transact-SQL language is assumed. What You Will Learn Explore the new development features introduced in SQL Server 2016 Identify opportunities for In-Memory OLTP technology, significantly enhanced in SQL Server 2016 Use columnstore indexes to get significant storage and performance improvements Extend database design solutions using temporal tables Exchange JSON data between applications and SQL Server in a more efficient way Migrate historical data transparently and securely to Microsoft Azure by using Stretch Database Use the new security features to encrypt or to have more granular control over access to rows in a table Simplify performance troubleshooting with Query Store Discover the potential of R's integration with SQL Server In Detail Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is considered the biggest leap in the data platform history of the Microsoft, in the ongoing era of Big Data and data science. Compared to its predecessors, SQL Server 2016 offers developers a unique opportunity to leverage the advanced features and build applications that are robust, scalable, and easy to administer. This book introduces you to new features of SQL Server 2016 which will open a completely new set of possibilities for you as a developer. It prepares you for the more advanced topics by starting with a quick introduction to SQL Server 2016's new features and a recapitulation of the possibilities you may have already explored with previous versions of SQL Server. The next part introduces you to small delights in the Transact-SQL language and then switches to a completely new technology inside SQL Server - JSON support. We also take a look at the Stretch database, security enhancements, and temporal tables. The last chapters concentrate on implementing advanced topics, including Query Store, columnstore indexes, and In-Memory OLTP. You will finally be introduced to R and how to use the R language with Transact-SQL for data exploration and analysis. By the end of this book, you will have the required information to design efficient, high-performance database applications without any hassle. Style and approach This book is a detailed guide to mastering the development features offered by SQL Server 2016, with a unique learn-as-you-do approach. All the concepts are explained in a very easy-to-understand manner and are supplemented with examples to ensure that you—the developer—are able to take that next step in building more powerful, robust applications for your organization with ease.