Sports In America From Colonial Times To The Twenty First Century

Author: Steven A. Riess
Publisher: Sharpe Reference
ISBN: 9780765617064
Size: 16.49 MB
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Sports In America From Colonial Times To The Twenty First Century from the Author: Steven A. Riess. "A sweeping perspective of sports in the United States from the colonial era to the present day, this work explores the subject from a variety of perspectives--society, business, economics, law, politics, psychology, and others. Unlike traditional sports encyclopedias, Sports in America is not an almanac of teams, athletes and statistics. Instead, the focus is on history, explaining the process by which sports and its institutions have developed over the centuries, especially in the context of major social developments such as industrialization, urbanization, and immigration. The first section of the encyclopedia includes a series of chronological essays analyzing the historical development of American sports over the past four centuries. Following this, nearly 400 A-Z entries focus on the relationship between sports and society, culture, economics, and public affairs. Topics include psychological issues affecting athletic performance and spectatorship; race and ethnicity; law and ethics; professionalism versus amateurism; nationalism, regionalism, and urbanization; and artistic expression. The encyclopedia also includes biographical entries on major contributors to sports in America: athletes and owners, promoters and union leaders, journalists and broadcasters, and innovators of other kinds, as well as entries on individual sports--major and minor--from air racing and archery to wrestling and yachting."--

Sports In America From Colonial Times To The Twenty First Century An Encyclopedia

Author: Steven A. Riess
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317459466
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Sports In America From Colonial Times To The Twenty First Century An Encyclopedia from the Author: Steven A. Riess. Provides practical help for the day-to-day concerns that keep managers awake at night. This book aims to fill the gap between the legal and policy issues that are the mainstay of human resources and supervision courses and the real-world needs of managers as they attempt to cope with the human side of their jobs.

A Short History Of The U S Working Class

Author: Paul Le Blanc
Publisher: Haymarket Books
ISBN: 1608466698
Size: 60.86 MB
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A Short History Of The U S Working Class from the Author: Paul Le Blanc. In a blend of economic, social, and political history, P Le Blanc shows how important labor issues have been, and continue to be, in the forging of our nation's history. Within a broad analytical framework, he highlights issues of class, gender, race, and ethnicity, and includes the views of key figures of United States labor. Paul Le Blanc is a professor of history at La Roche College, has written on and participated in the United States labor, radical, and civil rights movements, and is author of such books as Marx, Lenin and the Revolutionary Experience, and Lenin and the Revolutionary Party.

Ways Of War

Author: Matthew S. Muehlbauer
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136756043
Size: 68.41 MB
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Ways Of War from the Author: Matthew S. Muehlbauer. From the first interactions between European and native peoples, to the recent peace-keeping efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq, military issues have always played an important role in American history. Ways of War comprehensively explains the place of the military within the wider context of the history of the United States, showing its centrality to American culture and politics. The chapters provide a complete survey of the American military's growth and development while answering such questions as: How did the American military structure develop? How does it operate? And how have historical military events helped the country to grow and develop? Features Include: Chronological and comprehensive coverage of North American conflicts since the seventeenth century and international wars undertaken by the United States since 1783 Over 100 maps and images, chapter timelines identifying key dates and events, and text boxes throughout providing biographical information and first person accounts A companion website featuring an extensive testbank of discussion, essay and multiple choice questions for instructors as well as student study resources including an interactive timeline, chapter summaries, annotated further reading, annotated weblinks, additional book content, flashcards and an extensive glossary of key terms. Extensively illustrated and written by experienced instructors, Ways of War is essential reading for all students of American Military History.

Colonial Entanglement

Author: Jean Dennison
Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press
ISBN: 0807835803
Size: 68.81 MB
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Colonial Entanglement from the Author: Jean Dennison. Colonial Entanglement

The Routledge History Of American Sport

Author: Linda J. Borish
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317662490
Size: 26.94 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Routledge History Of American Sport from the Author: Linda J. Borish. The Routledge History of American Sport provides the first comprehensive overview of historical research in American sport from the early Colonial period to the present day. Considering sport through innovative themes and topics such as the business of sport, material culture and sport, the political uses of sport, and gender and sport, this text offers an interdisciplinary analysis of American leisure. Rather than moving chronologically through American history or considering the historical origins of each sport, these topics are dealt with organically within thematic chapters, emphasizing the influence of sport on American society. The volume is divided into eight thematic sections that include detailed original essays on particular facets of each theme. Focusing on how sport has influenced the history of women, minorities, politics, the media, and culture, these thematic chapters survey the major areas of debate and discussion. The volume offers a comprehensive view of the history of sport in America, pushing the field to consider new themes and approaches as well. Including a roster of contributors renowned in their fields of expertise, this ground-breaking collection is essential reading for all those interested in the history of American sport.

American Christians And Islam

Author: Thomas S. Kidd
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9780691133492
Size: 49.65 MB
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American Christians And Islam from the Author: Thomas S. Kidd. Pointing to many evangelicals' unwillingness to acknowledge Islam's theological commonalities with Christianity and their continued portrayal of Islam as an "evil" and false religion, Kidd explains why Christians themselves are ironically to blame for the failure of evangelism in the Muslim world."

Encyclopedia Of African American History 1619 1895

Author: Paul Finkelman
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0195167775
Size: 54.96 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Encyclopedia Of African American History 1619 1895 from the Author: Paul Finkelman. Explores how all aspects of American culture, history, and national identity have been profoundly influenced by the experience of African Americans and documents African American history from the arrival of the first slave ship to the death of Frederick Douglass.

America S Religions

Author: Peter W. Williams
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 025209770X
Size: 67.55 MB
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America S Religions from the Author: Peter W. Williams. A classroom perennial and comprehensive guide, America's Religions lays out the background, beliefs, practices, and leaders of the nation's religious movements and denominations. The fourth edition, thoroughly revised and updated by Peter W. Williams, draws on the latest scholarship. In addition to reconsidering the history of America's mainline faiths, it delves into contemporary issues like religion's impact on politics and commerce; the increasingly high profile of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam; Mormonism's entry into the mainstream; and battles over gay marriage and ordination.

Discovering Black America

Author: Linda Tarrant-Reid
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
ISBN: 9780810970984
Size: 46.85 MB
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Discovering Black America from the Author: Linda Tarrant-Reid. This title offers an unprecedented account of more than 400 years of African-American history set against a background of American and global events. The book includes first-person narratives drawn from diaries, written oral accounts, autobiographies, and interviews. Illustrations.