Soul Pain

Author: Helen K. Black
ISBN: 9780895033048
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Soul Pain from the Author: Helen K. Black. Black (Thomas Jefferson U., Philadelphia) spoke to 40 men and women ages 70 and over about their experiences of suffering. The gerontological literature has equated suffering with depression, grief, pain, and sadness, but the elderly themselves distinguished suffering from these other experiences, seeing it as both a part of the human condition and

Soul Pain

Author: Jennifer Tann
Publisher: Hymns Ancient and Modern Ltd
ISBN: 1848252773
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Soul Pain from the Author: Jennifer Tann. Priests in their pastoral ministry encounter heart-breaking incidents occurring before what is regarded as a normal life-span: a child with cancer, a road accident, a seriously ill young mother, a bright student struck down. While this may be some preparation, when priests and ministers personally experience serious or terminal illness, they have the additional burden of being in a public role; of needing to manage outward behaviours and inner feelings. They live out the difficult questions which others bring to them, and to which there are no easy answers. Soul Pain (a term coined by Dame Cicely Saunders) is a moving, articulate and profound series of reflections on the shock, fear, anger, desolation, acceptance that serious illness brings, the choices to be faced and the meaning of healing in such contexts. Theologically rich and with a depth of wisdom learned at great cost, this book is full of illuminating insights for all who minister to those with life-threatening conditions and those who watch and wait. Essential reading for all in pastoral ministry.

Mortally Wounded

Author: Michael Kearney
ISBN: 9781882670796
Size: 76.26 MB
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Mortally Wounded from the Author: Michael Kearney. As he recounts the different ways of dying he has witnessed as a hospice doctor, Michael Kearney demonstrates the importance of restoring--or finding--a psychological wholeness within. Quotations from the writings of thinkers from Francis Bacon to Teilhard de Chardin, and wisdom gleaned from a variety of cultures and religions, deepen the power of Dr. Kearney's message. Photos.

Therapy For The Soul S Pain

Author: Sham Bevel
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 146532514X
Size: 57.91 MB
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Therapy For The Soul S Pain from the Author: Sham Bevel. All parts of the human body suffer from pain. Medical researchers and specialists have designed methods to address those pains. If your body aches, then physical or occupational therapy is performed on the necessary areas. If your mind is distressed or challenged, psychotherapy is assigned, and executed until improvement is evident. If your language or communication abilities are impaired, then speech therapy is rendered. What about the Soul? The Soul also experiences pain, aches, and impairment. Poetry creates “Therapy for the Soul’s Pain”. Therapy for the Soul’s Pain is divided into four components, as all other therapeutic processes. It is divided into; Evaluation, Diagnosis, Treatment, and the Cure. Evaluation involves identifying the pain. What is the pain or issue? The pain is revealed as life’s battles. Those are obstacles which we consistently face on a daily basis. Life’s battles are unavoidable, but approachable. Diagnosis identifies the causes of pain. The pain is caused by relationships. Relationships we experience with family members, co-workers, friends, lovers and ourselves. Treatment aspires to alleviate the soreness from mental and physical burdens of the soul. Treatment is achieved through motivational inspiration. Motivational inspiration lifts the soul to a safe place, above all animosity and opposition. The final element of the process is the cure. The cure is to permanently rid the soul of any pain and build up immunity from any future occurrence. The cure is self-acceptance. Accepting yourself for who you are and who you desire to be, can equip your soul with the most phenomenal strength. Therapy for the Soul’s Pain uses poetry to successfully guide you through a successful process of healing. Life will always be full of inescapable challenges. The goal is to not only mend, but also to develop a healthy and strong pain free soul. “Therapy for the Soul’s Pain” is also medically necessary.

Soul Pain

Author: Roger L. Frye
ISBN: 9780983486909
Size: 41.58 MB
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Soul Pain from the Author: Roger L. Frye. Frye goes into great detail of how to recognize the valueless lie in one's life and how to overcome it. No one who reads this book should remain in a valueless state or under the control of this lie. The book will serve as a road map to freedom from being used and kept in the dark as the reader learns how such a lie works.

Sacred Pain

Author: Ariel Glucklich
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199839492
Size: 41.86 MB
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Sacred Pain from the Author: Ariel Glucklich. Why would anyone seek out the very experience the rest of us most wish to avoid? Why would religious worshipers flog or crucify themselves, sleep on spikes, hang suspended by their flesh, or walk for miles through scorching deserts with bare and bloodied feet? In this insightful new book, Ariel Glucklich argues that the experience of ritual pain, far from being a form of a madness or superstition, contains a hidden rationality and can bring about a profound transformation of the consciousness and identity of the spiritual seeker. Steering a course between purely cultural and purely biological explanations, Glucklich approaches sacred pain from the perspective of the practitioner to fully examine the psychological and spiritual effects of self-hurting. He discusses the scientific understanding of pain, drawing on research in fields such as neuropsychology and neurology. He also ranges over a broad spectrum of historical and cultural contexts, showing the many ways mystics, saints, pilgrims, mourners, shamans, Taoists, Muslims, Hindus, Native Americans, and indeed members of virtually every religion have used pain to achieve a greater identification with God. He examines how pain has served as a punishment for sin, a cure for disease, a weapon against the body and its desires, or a means by which the ego may be transcended and spiritual sickness healed. "When pain transgresses the limits," the Muslim mystic Mizra Asadullah Ghalib is quoted as saying, "it becomes medicine." Based on extensive research and written with both empathy and critical insight, Sacred Pain explores the uncharted inner terrain of self-hurting and reveals how meaningful suffering has been used to heal the human spirit.

Love And The Soul

Author: Robert Sardello
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
ISBN: 1583944214
Size: 68.82 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Love And The Soul from the Author: Robert Sardello. With economies in peril, war in the Middle East, genocides, global warming, and a host of other grim phenomena, the world has never seemed so besieged. The solution, says Robert Sardello, lies with the individual. In this timely, thoughtful book, he explains how the soul can engage with the outer world to produce radical change. Because we think of the world as a vast mechanism and behave as mechanical objects in it, the results are devastation and dysfunction. The key is to learn to identify with the plight of the Earth by developing a true sense of individual imagination and conscious awareness of inner purpose and beauty in conjunction with the soul of the world. Sardello shows how to achieve this awareness and bring what is inside out into the world, inspiring balance and stability. Using the Grail legend and the myth of Sophia—known as the Soul of the World—as well as writings by Jung, James Hillman, and Rudolf Steiner, Love and the Soul helps readers imagine a revitalized Earth by exploring the significance of grieving, the transformative power of radical receptivity, the creative power of dreaming, and a new basis for community. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Words Of Gold Deep From My Soul Words Of Pain Thoughts Of Rain

Author: Melquiades Ortiz
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1452017603
Size: 65.24 MB
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Words Of Gold Deep From My Soul Words Of Pain Thoughts Of Rain from the Author: Melquiades Ortiz. This book is written in the hopes of reaching other victims of traumatic events, whether they might be combat Veterans, first responders, or just average citizens, that are living and re-living acts of violence or painful, stressful moments in their lives.

Integrity Courage And Soul

Author: Alvin W. Holst
Publisher: FriesenPress
ISBN: 1770971947
Size: 59.19 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Integrity Courage And Soul from the Author: Alvin W. Holst. Aristotle is quoted as saying "A man could not claim to know a subject unless he was capable of transmitting his knowledge to others, and he regarded teaching as the proper manifestation of knowledge." A person is a reflection of his or her learning experiences with others since birth. Many feel trapped in a world where they have no control but feel others control them. Feeling trapped and not in control is at the base of all negative life experiences that is continually reinforced in every new generation, often in a more severe form. Recognition and acceptance of this negative acculturation is the first step of rebuilding one's life to live positively and successfully in a negative world. A life where others apply negative control tactics in rearing and educating others makes things worse over time. Positive life skills can be learned where helping others to be free of another's control and in charge of their own destiny can be learned at any age. Your life will change when you can imagine a world where "bullying" is replaced by helping others to be independent as you have become.