Sociology And The Demystification Of The Modern World Rle Social Theory

Author: John Rex
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317650751
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Sociology And The Demystification Of The Modern World Rle Social Theory from the Author: John Rex. Professor Rex’s controversial book concerns not only those who are professional sociologists but all thinking people who live in the modern world. One of the objects of sociology is to give ‘power to the people’, to make a contribution to the understanding of political problems. Rex writes from a deep conviction that sociology is a subject whose insights should be made available to the great mass of the people, so that they may liberate themselves from the mystification of social reality that is continually and routinely presented to them through the media, by those who exercise power and by those who have influence. The book is dedicated to St Augustine and Franz Fanon, both of whom, Rex points out, were conscious of living in an age which was embarking on a new barbarism, but had the courage to use their intellects to help understand the possibility of a better future. Rex continues in this tradition, and his main preoccupations are reflected in the present book. It includes a discussion of the problem of social knowledge, an analysis of the basic problems of theory building, and, with the aid of concepts derived from Max Weber, an attempt to understand the major problems of the first, second and third worlds. The author also looks at social structures and moral perspectives, and discusses the vocation of a sociologist in a collapsing civilisation. The book is certain to stimulate debate, both in sociological and political fields and more generally, and is also a serious contribution to the discussion of the methodology and purposes of sociology.

Social Theory And Modern Sociology

Author: Anthony Giddens
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 9780804713566
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Social Theory And Modern Sociology from the Author: Anthony Giddens. In this book Anthony Giddens addresses a range of issues concerning current developments in social theory, relating them to the prospects for sociology in the closing decades of the twentieth-century.

Civil Society Rle Social Theory

Author: Keith Tester
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131765210X
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Civil Society Rle Social Theory from the Author: Keith Tester. This major study discusses some of the meanings and preconditions of freedom, responsibility and social order. The author argues that these are problems of modernity. The imagination of civil society created a milieu which was at once the location and defence of social self-sufficiency in the world. The book identifies the origins of civil society in the work of Locke, Hobbes, Rousseau and the often forgotten philosophers of the Scottish Enlightnement. It shows how the assumptions of civil society, and the state of nature, fed into the sociological and philosophical discourses which emerged in the nineteenth century. The book does not ask ‘What is civil society?’; instead it asks ‘Why is civil society?’ The author concludes that through civil society, the protagonists and heirs of European modernity struggled to make their world meaningful and safe. Civil society involved the establishment of boundaries between the community of the social and the terrifying milieu of Nature.

Contemporary Social And Sociological Theory

Author: Kenneth Allan
Publisher: Pine Forge Press
ISBN: 1412913624
Size: 10.17 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Contemporary Social And Sociological Theory from the Author: Kenneth Allan. An upper division undergraduate social theory textbook that introduces the student to the multitude of different theorists. Their contributions to contemporary social and sociological theory are presented around nine distinct theoretical ideas. Written in an accessible and engaging style to help students grasp theories and their relevance and application to modern life.

Anthony Giddens And Modern Social Theory

Author: Kenneth Tucker
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9780803975514
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Anthony Giddens And Modern Social Theory from the Author: Kenneth Tucker. Anthony Giddens is widely recognized as one of the most important sociologists of the post-war period. This is the first full-length work to examine Giddens' social theory. It guides the reader through Giddens' early attempt to overcome the duality of structure and agency. He saw this duality as a major failing of social theories of modernity. His attempt to resolve the problem can be regarded as the key to the development of his brandmark `structuration theory'. The book is the most complete and thorough assessment of Giddens' work currently available. It incorporates insights from many different perspectives into his theory of structuration, his work on the formation of cultural identities and the fate of the nation-state. This fa

Social Theory Of Modern Societies

Author: David Held
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521278553
Size: 15.99 MB
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Social Theory Of Modern Societies from the Author: David Held. During the past decade, Anthony Giddens has published a series of substantial volumes that have defined a distinctive and original theoretical approach. The twin focal points of his research are the "theory of structuration" and the analysis of "modernity." Giddens' writing on these and related themes are widely recognized as among the most important contributions to theoretical debate in the social sciences. This is the first book to provide a systematic and critical assessment of Giddens' work. It includes eleven critical essays specially commissioned from contributors who are well known in their own fields. In a concluding essay, Giddens responds to the criticisms raised by these and other authors, and clarifies and elaborates on his current views.

The Handbook Of Sociolinguistics

Author: Florian Coulmas
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
ISBN: 9780631211938
Size: 46.97 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Handbook Of Sociolinguistics from the Author: Florian Coulmas. In 28 newly- commissioned chapters, distinguished contributors provide an up-to-date overview of sociolinguistics.

Collecting And Interpreting Qualitative Materials

Author: Norman K. Denzin
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9780761926870
Size: 11.17 MB
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Collecting And Interpreting Qualitative Materials from the Author: Norman K. Denzin. The second edition of the paperback series of the Handbook of Qualitative Research is virtually all new. Over half of the authors from the first edition have been replaced by new contributors - there are 33 new chapter authors or co-authors. There are six totally new chapter topics, including contributions on: queer theory, performance ethnography, testimonios, focus groups in feminist research, applied ethnography, and anthropological poetics. All returning authors have substantially revised their original contributions, in many cases producing a totally new and different chapter. This third volume, Collecting and Interpreting Qualitative Materials, considers the tasks of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting empirical materials, and comprises the Handbook's Parts Four (`Methods of Collecting and Analyzing Empirical Materials') and Five (`The Art of Interpretation, Evaluation, and Presentation'). Collecting and Interpreting Qualitative Materials introduces the researcher to basic methods of gathering, analyzing and interpreting qualitative empirical materials. Part One moves from interviewing to observing, to the use of artifacts, documents and records from the past; to visual, and autoethnographic methods. It then takes up analysis methods, including computer-assisted methodologies, as well as strategies for analyzing talk, and text. Esther Madriz reads focus groups through critical feminist inquiry, and Erve Chambers discusses applied ethnography.

A History Of Reading In The West

Author: Guglielmo Cavallo
Publisher: Univ of Massachusetts Press
ISBN: 9781558494114
Size: 57.21 MB
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A History Of Reading In The West from the Author: Guglielmo Cavallo. Books and other texts have not always been read in the way that we read them today. The modern practice of reading--privately, silently, with the eyes alone--is only one way of reading, which for many centuries existed alongside other forms. In the ancient world, in the Middle Ages, and as late as the seventeenth century, many texts were written for the voice. They were addressed to the ear as much as the eye, and they used forms that were oriented toward the demands of oral performance. This is one of the themes explored in this landmark volume. Written by a distinguished group of international contributors, it analyzes the transformations of reading methods and materials over the ages, showing that revolutions of reading have generally preceded revolutions of the book. The authors examine not only the technical innovations that changed physical aspects of books and other texts, but also the evolving forms of reading and the growth and transformation of the reading public. The volume will be invaluable to students of cultural history and to all those who want a fresh perspective on the history of books and their uses.

Race After The Internet

Author: Lisa Nakamura
ISBN: 9780415802352
Size: 34.22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Race After The Internet from the Author: Lisa Nakamura. "Digital media technologies like the Internet create and host the social networks, virtual worlds, online communities, and media texts where it was once thought that we would all be the same, anonymous users with infinite powers. Instead, the essays in Race After the Internet show us that the Internet and other computer-based technologies are complex topographies of power and privilege, made up of walled gardens, new (plat)forms of economic and technological exclusion, and both new and old styles of race as code, interaction, and image. Investigating how racialization and racism are changing in web 2.0 digital media culture, Race After the Internet contains interdisciplinary essays on the shifting terrain of racial identity and its connections to digital media, including Facebook and MySpace, YouTube and viral video, WiFi infrastructure, the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program, genetic ancestry testing, DNA databases in health and law enforcement, and popular online games like World of Warcraft. Ultimately, the collection broadens the definition of the "digital divide" in order to convey a more nuanced understanding of usage, meaning, participation, and production of digital media technology in light of racial inequality. "--