Social Theory And Political Practice Rle Social Theory

Author: Brian Fay
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317652290
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Social Theory And Political Practice Rle Social Theory from the Author: Brian Fay. This book examines the question of how our knowledge of social life affects, and ought to affect, our way of living it. In so doing, it critically discusses two epistemological models of social science – the positivist and the interpretive – from the viewpoint of the political theories which, it is argued, are implicit in these models; moreover, it proposes a third model – the critical – which is organised around an explicit account of the relation between social theory and practical life. The book has the special merit of being a good overview of the principal current ideas about the relation between social theory and political practice, as well as an attempt at providing a new and more satisfactory account of this relationship. To accomplish this task, it synthesises work from the analytic philosophy of social science with that of the neo-Marxism of the Frankfurt school.

Modern Italian Social Theory

Author: Richard Bellamy
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0745689027
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Modern Italian Social Theory from the Author: Richard Bellamy. This text provides a clear and systematic introduction to the development of social and political theory in modern Italy. It gives particular attention to relating the main traditions of Italian thought to the history of the country since unification. The work concentrates on six major thinkers, examining how their theoretical ideas influenced their analysis of political behaviour. The thinkers concerned are Pareto, Mosca, Labriola, Croce, Gentile and Gramsci. In discussing the respective theories of each author, the book situates them within the intellectual and social contexts to which they were addressed. The concluding chapter focuses on the recent debates between Bobbio, della Volpe and others about the validity of the Italian road to socialism and its compatibility with the liberal values and institutions of Western democracies.

French Social Theory

Author: Mike Gane
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1412932092
Size: 55.92 MB
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French Social Theory from the Author: Mike Gane. No national tradition of social theory has been more seductive to Anglo-American readers than the French.There has been a long-standing fascination with French ideas and debates. This extraordinarily accomplished book, written by one of Britain's leading commentators on social theory, provides a peerless account of the French tradition.The book: provides a systematic account of French social theory from the aftermath of the French Revolution (St Simon, Bazard and Comte) to the contemporary scene dominated by Kristeva, Deleuze, Bourdieu and Baudrillard; divides French social theory into three logically coherent cycles: 1800-80 (positivist); 1880-1940 (anthropological); 1940-2000 (Marxist); provides a detailed guide to the three phases of postwar French social theory - existential, structural and post-structural; and situates the discussions of individuals and schools in the relevant social and political contexts. The book is a masterpiece of erudition and scholarship but is written throughout in an engaging and informative style. It will be required reading for anyone interested in social theory and sociology.

Social Theory And Nursing

Author: Martin Lipscomb
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1317287894
Size: 41.76 MB
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Social Theory And Nursing from the Author: Martin Lipscomb. Despite noteworthy exceptions, nursing’s literature largely disregards the ways in which social and sociological theory permeates, guides and shapes research, education, and practice. Likewise, social theory’s ability to position nursing within wider structures of healthcare and educational provision is similarly and puzzlingly downplayed. The questions nurses ask and the problems they face cannot however, adequately be addressed without engaging with social and sociological theory and, to progress this engagement, contributors to this book explore how social theories are used by and might apply to nursing and nursing practice. The book draws on a wide range of perspectives – philosophical, theoretical, empirical and political – to offer a robust and wide-ranging critique and analysis. Social Theory and Nursing is essential reading for nursing researchers, academics and educators, as well as scholars and researchers in medical sociology, medicine and allied health.

Unruly Practices

Author: Nancy Fraser
Publisher: U of Minnesota Press
ISBN: 145290099X
Size: 78.44 MB
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Unruly Practices from the Author: Nancy Fraser.

Political Science The Theory And Practice Of Political Science

Author: William J. Crotty
Publisher: Northwestern University Press
ISBN: 9780810109230
Size: 52.53 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Political Science The Theory And Practice Of Political Science from the Author: William J. Crotty. Editor Crotty (political science, Northwestern U.) has selected a range of thinkers from among the rising stars (or at least rising teachers) who can be expected to shape the future of the discipline. Volume 1 addresses The theory and practice of political science, vol.2 Comparative politics, policy, and international relations, vol.3 Political behavior, and vol.4 American institutions. Vols. 1and3 are available individually for $15.95 apiece, vols.2and4 for $18.95 apiece. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

The Politics Of Utopia

Author: Barbara Goodwin
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9783039110803
Size: 30.32 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The Politics Of Utopia from the Author: Barbara Goodwin. This book provides both an introduction to utopianism and a general perspective on radical political thought. Vigorously disputing the widespread conviction that utopianism is a fantasy with no relevance to modern political life and thought, the authors argue that it is a concept whose special virtue lies in its capacity to transcend the limitations of present circumstances, to inspire alternative thinking and to open up new directions for political action. This book develops an approach which relates social causes to political theory and practice. The first part discusses utopianism as a form of political theory with unique characteristics and the ability to transcend the present. The second part considers utopianism as an expression of fundamental social impulses and as an ingredient of modern political movements. The third part offers a defence of utopianism as both theory and practice, and argues for its use to counteract the pragmatism and narrow empiricism which often passes for political -realism- in modern societies. This reissue of a popular and well-received landmark text contains a new preface."

Social Work Practices

Author: Karen Healy
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9780761962724
Size: 67.74 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Social Work Practices from the Author: Karen Healy. Karen Healy profoundly challenges, in the context of the postmodernity of late capitalism, many of the assumptions upon which the critical tradition in social work has been founded. This is a book which interrogates not only the emancipatory metanarratives of left perspectives from her position within the left, but also questions many of the received ideas about her professional power and identity, and about the kinds of social work practices necessary in order to continue to pursue welfare as an emancipatory project under transformed ideological and material circumstances. This is a most significant contribution to the debates which confront social work, worldwide, at the present time.' - Peter Leonard, McGill University, Canada

Social Capitalism In Theory And Practice Prosperity In A Stable World

Author: Robert Corfe
Publisher: Arena books
ISBN: 9780955605550
Size: 21.83 MB
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Social Capitalism In Theory And Practice Prosperity In A Stable World from the Author: Robert Corfe. The reform of the financial-industrial infrastructure cannot be undertaken without considering fully the political culture in which it exists. This book calls upon the business community to take such an initiative.