Sniper Ii

Author: Mark V. Lonsdale
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Sniper Ii from the Author: Mark V. Lonsdale.

X King

Author: Tim Ali
Publisher: Page Publishing Inc
ISBN: 1684093031
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X King from the Author: Tim Ali. X-King is about an insane scientist using time travel to kill key figures in history — former soldier Terek must go back in time to protect Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X from assassination. Terek, a US ranger who lost his brother Tim in Afghanistan is medically discharged from the US Army after he was injured fighting against the Taliban. Back in the world as a civilian, unsure what to do next. A TV commercial provides the answer and Terek signs up as a security guard for "The Agency", a mysterious building housing scientists working on advanced technology for the government. There, Dr. Lee, the insane scientist has discovered something amazing — a way to go back into time. And his soldiers have assassinated, among others, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. After finding out the details about the agency being the assassins, Terek is sickened — and resolves to undo the damage they have caused. He steals a time watch and goes back to the 1960s — first to Harlem, where he convinces a disbelieving Malcolm X to wear an advanced bulletproof suit. It saves his life. A similar situation greets him in Memphis at the Lorraine Motel...and MLK's life is saved as well. Dr. Lee is not happy that these leaders are alive again. Security video implicates Terek. He is arrested and is given an opportunity to redeem himself — go back in time and eliminate a young Barack Obama. Terek refuses, and it looks like he's done for...but he manages to escape from confinement, steal a watch, and go back in time to get Malcolm X and Dr King together to form an alliance with the nation of Islam and Black Panthers. Terek and the two families, along with their associates, prepare for the coming war. Jesse Jackson calls on the Black Panthers to guard the house. The next day, further reinforcements come from throughout history — from Muhammad Ali to Bruce Lee! All fight the well-armed and numerous soldiers from the Agency in a furious and deadly battle. Casualties mount on both sides. When the fight is over between the past against the future a very much alive MLK and Malcolm X are on hand to help Barack Obama celebrate his inauguration. This book is dedicated to my amazing big brother, Ranger Terek Ali and my wonderful parents who will always hold a special place in the organ that pumps my blood. R I P, Mom and Dad, Majidah Ali and Hamid Ali.

The New Orleans Sniper

Author: Frances Chaput Waksler
Publisher: University Press of America
ISBN: 0761853901
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The New Orleans Sniper from the Author: Frances Chaput Waksler. On January 7, 1973, shots were fired from Howard Johnson's Motel in New Orleans, LA. Six were killed, ten wounded. After the first sniper was killed, the search continued for others. A thorough police investigation, however, concluded that there had been only one —- whose body was found on the motel roof. How did the idea of multiple snipers emerge? How was it decided that there had been only one after all? More generally, how does anyone come to a decision about the existence or nonexistence of another person? In prose both analytic and engaging, Waksler traces the course of this event and the claims and counterclaims made in the search to explain it. Please visit Frances Chaput Waksler's website for additional information regarding her biography, publications, and more:

Black Bullet Vol 2 Light Novel

Author: Shiden Kanzaki
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0316344966
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Black Bullet Vol 2 Light Novel from the Author: Shiden Kanzaki. The World Has Already Ended. Following Rentaro Satomi's defeat of the Stage Five Gastrea, Tokyo Area returns to uneasy normalcy. When the ambitious leader of Osaka Area, Sougen Saitake, demands a visit with Lady Seitenshi, she needs a new bodyguard--and who should she pick but the city's new hero, Rentaro. However, dark forces are conspiring against Lady Seitenshi, and their origin is closer to home than anyone dares to imagine. Rentaro and Enju will have to confront a new kind of threat in order to protect the tenuous peace they've won--but how do you fight an enemy you can't even see?

Your Ipad 2 At Work

Author: Jason R. Rich
Publisher: Que Publishing
ISBN: 0789749378
Size: 69.73 MB
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Your Ipad 2 At Work from the Author: Jason R. Rich. Provides information on the features of the iPad 2 with step-by-step instructions covering such topics as connecting to a wi-fi and 3G network, downloading apps, creating documents and spreadsheets, building and displaying presentations, using email, andwatching movies.

Eastern Front Sniper

Author: Roland Kaltenegger
ISBN: 1784382191
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Eastern Front Sniper from the Author: Roland Kaltenegger. Eastern Front Sniper is a long overdue and comprehensive biography of one of World War II’s most accomplished snipers. Mathäus Hetzenauer, the son of a Tyrolean peasant family, was born in December 1924\. He was drafted into the Mountain Reserve Battalian 140 at the age of 18 but discharged five month’s later. He received a new draft notice in January 1943 for a post in the Styrian Truppenübungsplatz Seetal Alps where he met some of the best German snipers and learned his art. Hetzenauer went on to fight in Romania, Eastern Hungary and in Slovakia. As recognition for his more than 300 confirmed kills he was awarded on the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross on April 17, 1945. After nearly five years of Soviet captivity Mathäus Hetzenauer returned to Austria on January 10, 1950\. He lived in the Tyrol's Brixen Valley until his death on 3 October of 2004.

American Sniper

Author: Chris Kyle
Publisher: Riva Verlag
ISBN: 3864138027
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American Sniper from the Author: Chris Kyle. Chris Kyle diente von 1999 bis 2009 bei den US Navy SEALs und verzeichnete in jener Zeit die höchste Zahl an tödlichen Treffern in der amerikanischen Militärgeschichte. 160 gezielte Liquidationen schreibt ihm das Pentagon offiziell zu. Seine Kameraden nannten ihn "Die Legende", seine Feinde "Teufel" ... In dieser eindringlichen Autobiografie erzählt der geborene Texaner, der 2013 erschossen wurde, die Geschichte seiner außergewöhnlichen Karriere. Nach dem 11. September 2001 wurde er im Kampf gegen den Terror an die Front geschickt und fand seine Berufung als Scharfschütze. Hart und ehrlich spricht Kyle über die Schattenseiten des Krieges und das brutale Handwerk des Tötens. Seine Frau Taya schildert in bewegenden Einschüben, wie der Krieg sich nicht nur auf ihre Ehe und ihre Kinder auswirkte, sondern auch auf ihren Mann. American Sniper ist das Psychogramm eines Scharfschützen und ein fesselnder Augenzeugenbericht aus dem Krieg, den nur ein Mann erzählen kann.


Author: Martin Pegler
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1849089922
Size: 34.73 MB
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Sniper from the Author: Martin Pegler. Following the success of Out of Nowhere: A History of the Military Sniper, sniper expert Martin Pegler gives us an in-depth study of the emergence of American rifleman, sharpshooter and sniper, examining the evolution of the rifle in America from the earliest firearms of the 15th century to the highly accurate sniping rifles of the 21st century. Pegler analyses the technological development of the rifle, sighting systems and ammunition and uses contemporary accounts to describe how the use of the rifle during the Revolutionary War, Civil War and the conflicts of the 20th and 21st centuries have impacted on US military history. This detailed account concludes with a study of the American sniper in modern warfare, including Afghanistan and the ongoing conflict in Iraq, providing an overview of the march of weapons technology, as well as an unusual insight into the lives and the motives of the men who used them.

American Berkshire Record

Author: American Berkshire Association
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American Berkshire Record from the Author: American Berkshire Association.

Encyclopedia Of Identity

Author: Ronald L. Jackson II
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1452261733
Size: 59.34 MB
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Encyclopedia Of Identity from the Author: Ronald L. Jackson II. For a free 30-day online trial to this title, visit The two volumes of this encyclopedia seek to explore myriad ways in which we define ourselves in our daily lives. Comprising 300 entries, the Encyclopedia of Identity offers readers an opportunity to understand identity as a socially constructed phenomenon - a dynamic process both public and private, shaped by past experiences and present circumstances, and evolving over time. Offering a broad, comprehensive overview of the definitions, politics, manifestations, concepts, and ideas related to identity, the entries include short biographies of major thinkers and leaders, as well as discussions of events, personalities, and concepts. The Encyclopedia of Identity is designed for readers to grasp the nature and breadth of identity as a psychological, social, anthropological, and popular idea. Key ThemesArtClassDeveloping IdentitiesGender, Sex, and SexualityIdentities in ConflictLanguage and DiscourseLiving EthicallyMedia and Popular CultureNationality Protecting IdentityRace, Culture, and EthnicityRelating Across CulturesReligionRepresentations of IdentityTheories of Identity