Acute Effects On Health Of Smog Episodes

Author: Frank Theakston
Publisher: World Health Organization
Size: 73.60 MB
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Acute Effects On Health Of Smog Episodes from the Author: Frank Theakston. Summary: Summaries in French, German, Russian.

Data Smog

Author: David Shenk
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061844586
Size: 15.49 MB
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Data Smog from the Author: David Shenk. Media scholar ( and Internet Enthusiast ) David Shenk examines the troubling effects of information proliferation on our bodies, our brains, our relationships, and our culture, then offers strikingly down-to-earth insights for coping with the deluge. With a skillful mixture of personal essay, firsthand reportage, and sharp analysis, Shenk illustrates the central paradox of our time: as our world gets more complex, our responses to it become increasingly simplistic. He draws convincing links between data smog and stress distraction, indecision, cultural fragmentation, social vulgarity, and more. But there's hope for a saner, more meaningful future, as Shenk offers a wealth of novel prescriptions—both personal and societal—for dispelling data smog.

Fog Smog And Poisoned Rain

Author: Michael Allaby
Publisher: Infobase Publishing
ISBN: 1438108664
Size: 56.97 MB
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Fog Smog And Poisoned Rain from the Author: Michael Allaby. Explains the causes of fog, smog and acid rain, the difference between natural and man-made pollution, the effect of pollution on life, and measures being taken to reduce pollution.


Author: Stephen E. Blewett
Publisher: Ozone Research
Size: 40.31 MB
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Smog from the Author: Stephen E. Blewett.

Cost Effective Control Of Urban Smog

Author: Conference Proceedings
Publisher: The Minerva Group, Inc.
ISBN: 089499140X
Size: 13.49 MB
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Cost Effective Control Of Urban Smog from the Author: Conference Proceedings. The conference proceedings include such topics as achieving balance between a cleaner environment and economic growth, the urban ozone abatement problem, the status of the modeling of ozone formation and geographic movement in the Midwest, cost effectiveness of remote sensing of vehicle emissions, incentives and the car, health impacts of ozone, emissions offset trading programs, and the regional economic impacts of marketable permit programs.


Author: California Institute of Technology. Environmental Quality Laboratory
Size: 33.57 MB
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Smog from the Author: California Institute of Technology. Environmental Quality Laboratory.

Smog Check

Author: Douglas S. Eisinger
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136527176
Size: 26.38 MB
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Smog Check from the Author: Douglas S. Eisinger. When federal and state governments battle over environmental regulations, whose approach should prevail? Shortly after passage of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments, a controversial U.S. EPA mandate led to an intense conflict between federal regulators and California politicians. The disagreement pitted EPA's required overhaul of auto inspections against California's desire to self-govern its test program - popularly called 'Smog Check.' The conflict nearly upended the Clean Air Act, and triggered dramatic policy shifts throughout the United States. Smog Check presents these struggles in first-hand detail. Eisinger, an EPA official at the time of this conflict, probes deeply into the issues and explores broader questions including: when does it become imperative for agencies to bargain with one another, when should regulatory flexibility and performance-based regulations be favored over command and control approaches, and what should be done when decisions need to be made in the face of scientific disagreement? The book also includes insightful commentary from other EPA participants in the Smog Check controversy. Smog Check's lessons will be relevant to climate change, air pollution control, and numerous other policy challenges.

Environmental Chemistry Eighth Edition

Author: Stanley E. Manahan
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781566706339
Size: 62.43 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Environmental Chemistry Eighth Edition from the Author: Stanley E. Manahan. Environmental Chemistry, Eighth Edition builds on the same organizational structure validated in previous editions tosystematically develop the principles, tools, and techniques of environmental chemistry to provide students and professionals with a clear understanding of the science and its applications. Revised and updated since the publication of the best-selling Seventh Edition, this text continues to emphasize the major concepts essential to the practice of environmental science, technology, and chemistry while introducing the newest innovations to the field. The author provides clear explanations to important concepts such as the anthrosphere, industrial ecosystems, geochemistry, aquatic chemistry, and atmospheric chemistry, including the study of ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons. The subject of industrial chemistry and energy resources is supported by pertinent topics in recycling and hazardous waste. Several chapters review environmental biochemistry and toxicology, and the final chapters describe analytical methods for measuring chemical and biological waste. New features in this edition include: enhanced coverage of chemical fate and transport; industrial ecology, particularly how it is integrated with green chemistry; conservation principles and recent accomplishments in sustainable chemical science and technology; a new chapter addressing terrorism and threats to the environment; and the use of real world examples.

North American Smog

Author: Debora L. VanNijnatten
Publisher: Orono : Canadian-American Center, University of Maine
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North American Smog from the Author: Debora L. VanNijnatten.