The Smell Of Battle The Taste Of Siege

Author: Mark M. Smith
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0199759987
Size: 12.49 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Smell Of Battle The Taste Of Siege from the Author: Mark M. Smith. Historical accounts of major events have almost always relied upon what those who were there witnessed. Nowhere is this truer than in the nerve-shattering chaos of warfare, where sight seems to confer objective truth and acts as the basis of reconstruction. In The Smell of Battle, the Taste of Siege, historian Mark M. Smith considers how all five senses, including sight, shaped the experience of the Civil War and thus its memory, exploring its full sensory impact on everyone from the soldiers on the field to the civilians waiting at home. From the eardrum-shattering barrage of shells announcing the outbreak of war at Fort Sumter; to the stench produced by the corpses lying in the mid-summer sun at Gettysburg; to the siege of Vicksburg, once a center of Southern culinary aesthetics and starved into submission, Smith recreates how Civil War was felt and lived. Relying on first-hand accounts, Smith focuses on specific senses, one for each event, offering a wholly new perspective. At Bull Run, the similarities between the colors of the Union and Confederate uniforms created concern over what later would be called "friendly fire" and helped decide the outcome of the first major battle, simply because no one was quite sure they could believe their eyes. He evokes what it might have felt like to be in the HL Hunley submarine, in which eight men worked cheek by jowl in near-total darkness in a space 48 inches high, 42 inches wide. Often argued to be the first "total war," the Civil War overwhelmed the senses because of its unprecedented nature and scope, rendering sight less reliable and, Smith shows, forcefully engaging the nonvisual senses. Sherman's March was little less than a full-blown assault on Southern sense and sensibility, leaving nothing untouched an no one unaffected. Unique, compelling, and fascinating, The Smell of Battle, The Taste of Siege, offers readers way to experience the Civil War with fresh eyes.

Food Drink And The Written Word In Britain 1820 1945

Author: Mary Addyman
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 135172715X
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Food Drink And The Written Word In Britain 1820 1945 from the Author: Mary Addyman. This volume explores the intersection between culinary history and literature across a period of profound social and cultural change. Split into four parts, essays focus on the relationships between eating and childhood reading in the Victorian era, the role of hunger in depicting social instability and reform, the cultivation of taste through advertising and the formation of cultural legacies through imaginative and emotional experiences of food and drink. Contributors show that studying consumption is necessary for a full understanding of class, gender, national identity and the body. The works of writers such as Elizabeth Gaskell, Edward Lear, Isabella Beeton and Bram Stoker are considered alongside advice manuals, Home Front narratives and advertising to provide an innovative work that will be of interest to scholars of social, cultural and medical history as well as literary studies.

Russian History Through The Senses

Author: Matthew P. Romaniello
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1474263143
Size: 72.92 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Russian History Through The Senses from the Author: Matthew P. Romaniello. Bringing together an impressive cast of well-respected scholars in the field of modern Russian studies, Russian History through the Senses investigates life in Russia from 1700 to the present day via the senses. It examines past experiences of taste, touch, smell, sight and sound to capture a vivid impression of what it was to have lived in the Russian world, so uniquely placed as it is between East and West, during the last three hundred years. The book discusses the significance of sensory history in relation to modern Russia and covers a range of exciting case studies, rich with primary source material, that provide a stimulating way of understanding modern Russia at a visceral level. Russian History through the Senses is a novel text that is of great value to scholars and students interested in modern Russian studies.

Sources And Methods In Indigenous Studies

Author: Chris Andersen
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1315528843
Size: 42.31 MB
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Sources And Methods In Indigenous Studies from the Author: Chris Andersen. Sources and Methods in Indigenous Studies is a synthesis of changes and innovations in methodologies in Indigenous Studies, focusing on sources over a broad chronological and geographical range. Written by a group of highly respected Indigenous Studies scholars from across an array of disciplines, this collection offers insight into the methodological approaches contributors take to research, and how these methods have developed in recent years. The book has a two-part structure that looks, firstly, at the theoretical and disciplinary movement of Indigenous Studies within history, literature, anthropology, and the social sciences. Chapters in this section reveal that, while engaging with other disciplines, Indigenous Studies has forged its own intellectual path by borrowing and innovating from other fields. In part two, the book examines the many different areas with which sources for indigenous history have been engaged, including the importance of family, gender, feminism, and sexuality, as well as various elements of expressive culture such as material culture, literature, and museums. Together, the chapters offer readers an overview of the dynamic state of the field in Indigenous Studies. This book shines a spotlight on the ways in which scholarship is transforming Indigenous Studies in methodologically innovative and exciting ways, and will be essential reading for students and scholars in the field.

The Routledge History Of Nineteenth Century America

Author: Jonathan Daniel Wells
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131766549X
Size: 43.61 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Routledge History Of Nineteenth Century America from the Author: Jonathan Daniel Wells. The Routledge History of Nineteenth-Century America provides an important overview of the main themes within the study of the long nineteenth century. The book explores major currents of research over the past few decades to give an up-to-date synthesis of nineteenth-century history. It shows how the century defined much of our modern world, focusing on themes including: immigration, slavery and racism, women's rights, literature and culture, and urbanization. This collection reflects the state of the field and will be essential reading for all those interested in the development of the modern United States.

Americans Remember Their Civil War

Author: Barbara A. Gannon
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 0313049009
Size: 47.12 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Americans Remember Their Civil War from the Author: Barbara A. Gannon. This book provides readers with an overview of how Americans have commemorated and remembered the Civil War. • Presents events related to the commemoration of public memory of the Civil War chronologically, from 1865 to the present • Illustrated with photographs of monuments, individuals, and events related to commemoration activities, as well as selected political cartoons related to Civil War memory from popular publications • Bibliography includes both primary and secondary sources on the subject of Civil War memory

Author: Чак Поланік
Publisher: Family Leisure Club
ISBN: 6171212644
Size: 35.65 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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from the Author: Чак Поланік. Блискуча екранізація! Найскандальніша книжка 90-х! Роман, у якому вустами Чака Поланіка заговорило «покоління ікс», що вже втратило всі ілюзії та сподівання. Суспільство схоже на конвеєр, де люди з порожніми очима виконують механічну роботу, щоб продукувати їжу, одяг, меблі, автомобілі… Усі ті речі, без яких неможливе життя сучасної людини. Які, власне, і замінили їй сенс життя… Особистість замість геніальних ідей здатна тепер давати лише сировину для виробництва мила… Та, втративши все, можна здобути свободу… Цей роман не лише розхитує основи. Він підриває їх, як терорист підриває вибухівкою хмарочос. Він буде бити в обличчя фактами, які важко спростувати. А вам залишиться лише, як боксеру-невдасі, пропускати удар за ударом. Без надії на хепі-енд, але з надією, що на місці знищеної цивілізації відродиться щось більш людяне. Що хтось пожаліє китів, яких вбивають заради коштовних парфумів. Що рак і безсоння не будуть вбивати. Що можна буде посміятися над смертю. Побачити її страшну красу. І зрозуміти сенс життя.

Author: Роальд Дал
Publisher: Видавництво Івана Малковича «А-БА-БА-ГА-ЛА-МА-ГА»
ISBN: 9667047474
Size: 44.98 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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from the Author: Роальд Дал. «Чарлі і шоколадна фабрика» — найпопулярніша книга Роальда Дала, якого часто називають «літературним батьком» Джоан Ролінґ — авторки «Гаррі Поттера». ...Жив собі бідний хлопчик, якому раз на рік — на його день народження, дарували єдиний дарунок — маленький шоколадний батончик. Але хлопчик мав добре серце, і тому з ним трапляється неймовірна пригода, яка не залишить байдужими ні дітей, ні дорослих. Можливо, це найзворушливіша повість нашого часу. «А-БА-БА-ГА-ЛА-МА-ГА» стверджує, що «Чарлі й шоколадна фабрика» — одна з тих справжніх і захоплюючих книжок, які необхідно прочитати кожній дитині...

Author: Льюїс К.С.
Publisher: Family Leisure Club
ISBN: 9661468737
Size: 42.75 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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from the Author: Льюїс К.С.. Владу в Нарнії захопили самозванці — облизян Круть і віслюк у левовій шкурі. Король Тіріан збирає відданих друзів на вирішальну битву. Єдині, хто може йому допомогти, це Юстас та Джил. Разом їм доведеться протистояти армії остроханців.

Crown Of Stars

Author: Kate Elliott
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0748121005
Size: 78.68 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Crown Of Stars from the Author: Kate Elliott. King Henry's kingdom has been ravaged by internecine warfare, in a conflict that has been both long and bloody. Furthermore, the spell holding the exiled Ashioi from the world has failed, and the land, ravaged by the fury of their return, is only now showing signs of recovery. Sanglant is struggling to legitimise his leadership as the returned Ashioi are planning war, and Stronghand has begun a march of conquest into the heart of Sanglant's realm. Adelheid and Antonia have made an unholy alliance, and Sabella and Duke Conrad are moving to seize Sanglant's crown. Cultures, religions, and races are clashing in what will be the ultimate struggle for control of this strange new world.