Collected Papers Vol Ii

Author: Florentin Smarandache
Publisher: Infinite Study
ISBN: 193123342X
Size: 67.13 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 7160
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Collected Papers Vol Ii from the Author: Florentin Smarandache.

The Math Encyclopedia Of Smarandache Type Notions

Author: Marius Coman
Publisher: Infinite Study
ISBN: 1599732521
Size: 14.82 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Math Encyclopedia Of Smarandache Type Notions from the Author: Marius Coman. About the works of Florentin Smarandache have been written a lot of books (he himself wrote dozens of books and articles regarding math, physics, literature, philosophy). Being a globally recognized personality in both mathematics (there are countless functions and concepts that bear his name) and literature, it is natural that the volume of writings about his research is huge. What we try to do with this encyclopedia is to gather together as much as we can both from Smarandache’s mathematical work and the works of many mathematicians around the world inspired by the Smarandache notions. We structured this book using numbered Definitions, Theorems, Conjectures, Notes and Comments, in order to facilitate an easier reading but also to facilitate references to a specific paragraph. We divided the Bibliography in two parts, Writings by Florentin Smarandache (indexed by the name of books and articles) and Writings on Smarandache notions (indexed by the name of authors). We treated, in this book, about 130 Smarandache type sequences, about 50 Smarandache type functions and many solved or open problems of number theory. We also have, at the end of this book, a proposal for a new Smarandache type notion, id est the concept of “a set of Smarandache-Coman divisors of order k of a composite positive integer n with m prime factors”, notion that seems to have promising applications, at a first glance at least in the study of absolute and relative Fermat pseudoprimes, Carmichael numbers and Poulet numbers. This encyclopedia is both for researchers that will have on hand a tool that will help them “navigate” in the universe of Smarandache type notions and for young math enthusiasts: many of them will be attached by this wonderful branch of mathematics, number theory, reading the works of Florentin Smarandache.

Smarandache Notions Vol 10

Author: editors V. Seleacu, I. Balacenoiu
Publisher: Infinite Study
ISBN: 1879585685
Size: 60.94 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 7119
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Smarandache Notions Vol 10 from the Author: editors V. Seleacu, I. Balacenoiu.

Smarandache Notions Vol 7

Author: C. Dumitrescu
Publisher: Infinite Study
ISBN: 1879585715
Size: 34.80 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 2796
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Smarandache Notions Vol 7 from the Author: C. Dumitrescu.

Scientia Magna Vol 2 No 1 2006

Author: Zhang Wenpeng
Publisher: Infinite Study
ISBN: 159973009X
Size: 12.94 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Scientia Magna Vol 2 No 1 2006 from the Author: Zhang Wenpeng. Collection of papers from various scientists dealing with Smarandache Notions in science. Papers on holomorphic study of the Smarandache concept in loops, some arithmetical properties of primitive numbers of power p, Smarandache quasigroups, the mean value of the Smarandache simple divisor function, and other similar topics. Contributors: Z. Xu, Y. Shao, X. Zhao, X. Pan, T. Kim, C. Adiga, J. Han, Q. Yang, and many others.

Mathematical Combinatorics Vol 3 2011

Author: Linfan Mao
Publisher: Infinite Study
ISBN: 1599731649
Size: 27.74 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 5451
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Mathematical Combinatorics Vol 3 2011 from the Author: Linfan Mao. Papers on Incidence Algebras and Labelings of Graph Structures, Pseudo-Smarandache Functions of First and Second Kind, On Dynamical Chaotic Weyl Representations of the Vacuum C Metric and Their Retractions, The Geometry of Hypersurfaces of a Certain Connection in a Quasi-Sasakian Manifold, and other topics. Contributors: S.K. Vaidya, Lekha Bijukumar, M.A. Perumal, S. Navaneethakrishnan, A. Nagarajan, B. Basavanagoud, Sunilkumar M. Hosamani, R. Manoharan, R. Vasuki, R. Manisekaran, and others.