Small World Big Market

Author: Budd Hebert
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 0739187236
Size: 26.36 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Small World Big Market from the Author: Budd Hebert. Small World, Big Market: Global Business provides an overview of the development of international business with special emphasis on oil production, an essential part of economic development. The book focuses on major trade patterns, including the Silk Road that connected China with Europe beginning at the turn of the millennium; the Chinese Tribute Trade that connected China to Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Mideast beginning in the thirteenth century; the spice trade between Southeast Asia and India by the early fifteenth century; and European-dominated world trade. This volume examines gold and silver trade from the Americas to Europe in the sixteenth century, and also covers the development of the Americas, together with existing African slave trade throughout Eurasia, giving rise to the expansion of African slave. Budd Hebert also discusses common principles and personal character tools for bringing together diverse cultures to facilitate international business. Small World, Big Market culminates by highlighting selected trends that impact international business.

Cambridge English For Human Resources Student S Book With Audio Cds 2

Author: George Sandford
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 052118469X
Size: 34.89 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Cambridge English For Human Resources Student S Book With Audio Cds 2 from the Author: George Sandford. Summary: "Cambridge English for Human Resources covers a wide range of topics of concern to human resources and personnel development, from understanding the essentials of resourcing and outsourcing through to strategic HR. The ten standalone units allowlearners to focus on the areas of HR and Personnel Development most important to them. As well as teaching the specialist vocabulary and theory of HR, the course also develops job-specific skills such as coaching, designing and implementing appraisal systems, managing conflict and others."--Cambridge website, viewed 1st Sept, 2011.

Complex Networks

Author: Guido Caldarelli
Publisher: EOLSS Publications
ISBN: 1848263228
Size: 11.45 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Complex Networks from the Author: Guido Caldarelli. The field of complex network exploded since the 1990s, the number of publications in a variety of different areas has grown exponentially and practically, and every discipline started to recognize the presence of these mathematical structures in its area of research. Actually almost any system from the nowadays traditional example of the Internet to complex patterns of metabolic reactions can be analyzed through the graph theory. In its simplest and non rigorous definition a graph is a mathematical object consisting of a set of elements (vertices) and a series of links between these vertices (edges). This is of course a very general description, and as any mathematical abstraction, the idea is to discard many of the particular properties of the phenomenon studied. Nevertheless, this modeling is remarkably accurate for a variety of situations. Vertices can be persons related by friendship or acquaintances relations. Vertices can be proteins connected with one another if they interact in the cell. Networks have always existed in Nature of course, but it is fair to say that given the present technological explosion, they became more and more important. Starting from the Internet the web of connections between computers we started to link and share our documents through web applications and we start to get connected with a number of persons larger than usual. It is this revolution in our daily habit that made natural thinking of networks in science and research. Once this has been realized it became natural to see the cell as a network of molecular events from chemical reactions to gene expressions. The point is to establish if this new perspective can help researchers in finding new results and by understanding the development of these phenomena and possibly control their evolution. We believe that this is the case and in the following we shall provide the evidence of that. Together with applications there are of course true scientific questions attached to network theory. Consider the various ways in which the edges are distributed among the vertices: even by keeping the number of edges and vertices constant we have many different patterns possible. Interestingly some features used to describe these shapes are not related to the particular example considered, but instead they are universal. That is to say they can be found in almost any network around. In this book, we introduce the subject of complex networks and we present the structure of the associated topics that range from social science to biology and finance. We start by considering the mathematical foundations of networks and we then move to an overview of the various applications

Knowledge Mobilization And Educational Research

Author: Tara Fenwick
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136729348
Size: 71.46 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Knowledge Mobilization And Educational Research from the Author: Tara Fenwick. This volume is unique in bringing together these wide-ranging issues of knowledge mobilization in education. The volume editors critically analyse these complex issues and also describe various efforts of knowledge mobilization and their effects. While the contributors themselves speak from diverse material, occupational and theoretical locations.

Emergent Pedagogy In England

Author: Bushra Connors
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317482395
Size: 58.38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Emergent Pedagogy In England from the Author: Bushra Connors. This book aims to show how a meta-theory of critical realism can be applied to research about pedagogy in the changing landscape of higher education in England. It introduces some of the key ideas of critical realism, and its potential to clarify complex issues that arise in research. This book draws on a critical realist study of structure/agency interactions in three contrasting higher education institutions. Seven case studies of lecturers, over the three universities, are considered to explore the interplay of global, national and institutional structures and processes in their everyday working lives and the extent of their agency in these settings. Conceptual approaches to pedagogy are developed through an application of critical realism to the nature of knowledge, human agency and structure-agency interactions against the changing landscape in higher education at global, national and institutional levels. The book offers a way out of the current malaise in educational research which appears to be stuck between empiricist reductionism and hermeneutic interpretive positions. Highlighting the importance of ontological analyses, this book explores a realist approach to learning, pedagogy and knowledge in English higher education and will be of interest to students, scholars and practitioners working in education, critical realism and philosophy more generally.

Creating The Market University

Author: Elizabeth Popp Berman
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 0691147086
Size: 69.88 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Creating The Market University from the Author: Elizabeth Popp Berman. "Academic science in the U.S. once self-consciously avoided the market. But today it is seen as an economic engine that keeps the nation globally competitive. Creating the Market University compares the origins of biotech entrepreneurship, university patenting, and university-industry research centers to show how government decisions shaped by a new argument--that innovation drives the economy-transformed academic science"-- Provided by publisher.

Small Companies Big Profits

Author: Rodney Hobson
Publisher: Harriman House Limited
ISBN: 1905641788
Size: 40.94 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Small Companies Big Profits from the Author: Rodney Hobson. Small is beautiful - if you have an eye for an opportunity. While most big fund managers and private investors seek the apparent safety of the largest stocks, the best investment ideas can be found among nearly 2,000 smaller companies whose shares are quoted on the London Stock Exchange. The book is packed full of case studies demonstrating the successes, failures and potential of small companies. Each succinctly presents the lessons to be learnt from their experience. All investors looking to widen their portfolios will welcome this highly informative book covering an area of the stock market that is too often neglected by pundits, investors and the press.

Small Customers Big Market

Author: Malcolm Harper
Publisher: Intermediate Technology
ISBN: 9781853396083
Size: 12.68 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Small Customers Big Market from the Author: Malcolm Harper. Contributed articles on microfinance through banks and other sources of various case studies.

Big Government High Debt And Fiscal Adjustment In Small States

Author: Rui Ota
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
ISBN: 1451913540
Size: 61.73 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Big Government High Debt And Fiscal Adjustment In Small States from the Author: Rui Ota. Using a new fiscal dataset for small states, this paper analyzes the link between country size, government size, debt, and economic performance. It finds that on average small states have larger governments and higher public debt. Although there are intrinsic factors that explain why governments are bigger in small states, those with smaller governments and lower public debt tend to grow faster and are less vulnerable. Large fiscal adjustments, primarily through expenditure restraint, can underpin growth, although sometimes other elements can also impact. Since better governance is associated with lower debt, fiscal adjustment should be supported by governance improvements.

Foundations Of Marketing

Author: William Pride
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 128542977X
Size: 46.79 MB
Format: PDF
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Foundations Of Marketing from the Author: William Pride. Popular with readers from all backgrounds and interest levels, FOUNDATIONS OF MARKETING, 6th Edition introduces you to the essentials and latest trends in marketing with strong visuals and stimulating, timely discussions. Meaningful coverage of current marketing strategies and concepts includes social media, entrepreneurship, sustainability, globalization, customer relationship management, supply chain management, and e-commerce models. Emerging topics, such as social and environmental responsibility, entrepreneurship, and marketing during transitional times depict the changing nature of business, keeping you in touch with and prepared for a competitive world. Illustrating the issues with captivating photos, screenshots, advertisements, and examples from real life, FOUNDATIONS OF MARKETING, 6th Edition also offers a variety of modern learning supplements, such as podcasts, videos, and an interactive marketing plan, to help you develop the practical decision-making skills you need for professional success. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.