To Sleep With The Angels

Author: John Kuenster
Publisher: Ivan R. Dee
ISBN: 1615780211
Size: 78.14 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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To Sleep With The Angels from the Author: John Kuenster. The story of one of the deadliest fires in American history that took the lives of ninety-two children and three nuns at a Catholic elementary school in Chicago. An absorbing account...a tale of terror. —New York Times Book Review

To Sleep With The Angels

Author: H. Elizabeth Collins
Publisher: Illumination Arts Pub. Co.
ISBN: 9780935699166
Size: 61.95 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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To Sleep With The Angels from the Author: H. Elizabeth Collins. A young child is guided and protected through the night by a special angel.

Sleep With Angels

Author: Lorene Humpal
Publisher: Titletown Pub
ISBN: 9780991069934
Size: 20.75 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Sleep With Angels from the Author: Lorene Humpal. "Longing to return to beer halls and boys, a teenager gives birth to a daughter during the Great Depression, but shows the ultimate lack of maternal instinct when her baby goes missing. Though she claims that a nurse abducted the newborn, the infant and the anonymous nurse are never seen again. In Minneapolis, Lorene Hermanson is raised on discipline and Christian morality. But as a young married woman, Lorene's life collides with that of the missing baby when she learns her mother's secret: thirty years earlier, her mother saved Lorene from teenagers and a wealthy family who were determined to drown the baby. Heartbroken to learn her own birth story, Lorene struggles with the reality. The true story of one woman's most improbable start and her anguish of learning that life isn't what it appears to be, Sleep With Angels is a lifelong journey about the true beauty of maternal love, holding onto faith, and the precious gift of life. It is a rare cross between true crime and inspiration"--Publisher information.

Sleep With The Angels

Author: Linda Mysliwy
Publisher: Rutledge Books
ISBN: 9781582442020
Size: 21.30 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Sleep With The Angels from the Author: Linda Mysliwy. Sleep With The Angels is the gritty story of a survivor-and the inspirational account of a woman who overcame great adversity to become an advocate and champion for others. In this bravely candid, sensitively told narrative, Linda Olund reveals how she managed to free herself from an abusive marriage and prevailed against sexual discrimination in the workplace. She came through her experiences a stronger and wiser human being, and when she befriended a co-worker who was struggling with similar personal and professional battles, Linda reached out and used her hard-won knowledge to make a difference in another woman's life. This is the stirring portrait of an extraordinary friendship that celebrates the indomitable spirit and generosity of women.

Sleep With The Angels

Author: Mary Fisher
Publisher: Moyer Bell Limited
Size: 34.69 MB
Format: PDF
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Sleep With The Angels from the Author: Mary Fisher. The founder of the Family AIDS Network describes her own battle with an HIV-positive diagnosis, her strategies for dealing with the disease, and the need for family support and the elimination of prejudice

Pku Mom

Author: Carole ANNE MURPHY
ISBN: 1435743792
Size: 47.83 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Sleeping With The Angels

Author: Roger R. Sigmon
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1490892206
Size: 72.70 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Sleeping With The Angels from the Author: Roger R. Sigmon. We all face difficult times. Being a Christian does not mean we are immune from tragedies and physical and emotional pain. Even so, the way we react to any of these circumstances can forge our future and the future of others as well. Sleeping with the Angels is the story of one woman’s struggles through difficult times and illness that left a lifelong lesson to family and friends. Author Roger Sigmon tells the story of his mother’s final weeks and how she impacted those around her by showing them how to live. Life has often been called a journey, not a destination. Sleeping with the Angels shows how that journey’s trials and challenges, as well as its happy times, can be opportunities for learning and teaching. Sometimes, at the end of the journey of life, death comes not as an enemy, but as a friend to release a diseased mind or body from its prison.

Running With Angels

Author: Marilette Barbara van Heerden
Publisher: BalboaPress
ISBN: 9781452553559
Size: 65.35 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Running With Angels from the Author: Marilette Barbara van Heerden. This book is about life, love, Angelic guidance and about taking care of your body - inside and out. Marilette was at one time anorexic and bulimic; the Angels started to communicate with her when she was very sick... she hopes you enjoy her simple outlook on life. Enjoy and always SMILE!

Sleep With The Angels

Author: Mary Stamper
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781544108308
Size: 30.98 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Sleep With The Angels from the Author: Mary Stamper. Three nine year old card playing hillbilly girls were stolen, violently beaten and raped, two were shot. Incest was reality in mountain families. Brothers, uncles and cousins brutally raped female family members. Four children were stolen at birth, one by my parents, my uncle raped me he is possible father. One baby stolen by a biker gang he's albino. Two while I was in a coma for nine months. I left school and home in fourth grade I never saw my brothers or sister again. Most of my life was spent on highways and streets getting raped with many knives and guns pulled to my head or throat. My dad was a Pentecost Oneness Preacher he went into the New Mexico court house to blow his head off. My oldest sister was dismembered in a semi wreck with a little boy in her arms. I hitchhiked across the states for many years. Rode with many biker gangs in many states. Several pregnancies I lived in the snow under a picnic table. I married a war hero with a prosthetic arm he beat me with. I bought houses and property I had to abandon run from the violence leaving me homeless to this day. I married a gun toting wannabe Clint Eastwood who splattered my blood over all walls of our home hunted me like an animal. Always running from violence I married three violent men the abuse lasted 14 years each. While in a coma for nine months my mother in law found me she stole my two babies. I spent many years hitchhiking in the snow searching for my kids. Drug dealing was always a means to survive. Hundreds of felonies ranging from Arson to terrorist acts hundreds of DUIs blessed with a Governor's pardon. I had many breaks downs and heart attacks I survived. I also survived a 16,000 pound building falling on me crushing my body. I now have a huge list of injuries and disabilities. I survived worse case in history MRSA. My last daughter became an armed bank robber with Jesse James. I paid my debt to society lived a productive life spent most of my life on highways prison or jails. I trained managers & cooks 38 years maintained second jobs as a cook or construction or landscaper. Have 4 years college majored in Secretarial Science. Managed to maintain jobs & write through all the homelessness & violence. My dream is to fish forever have a home & find all my children & grandchildren. I'll settle for a home and fishing.

How To Work With Angels In Your Life

Author: Kevin Basconi
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
ISBN: 076848488X
Size: 29.98 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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How To Work With Angels In Your Life from the Author: Kevin Basconi. Are angels knocking at your door? Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have entertained angels without knowing it (Hebrews 13:2 NIV). You may be asking, Are angels real? If they are, can I experience their supernatural ministry… today? Author Kevin Basconi shares ten years worth of real-life, modern-day supernatural encounters that show you the important role angels play in your everyday life. Unlike other theological teaching books or bible studies about angels, Kevin presents a fast-paced, vividly written journey spanning six continents and multiple nations as he revisits amazing angelic encounters and visitations of Jesus that both he and dozens of others have experienced. Your life will be transformed as you learn how: Angels work to answer your prayers and meet your daily needs. To activate your ability to see and discover techniques to work with angels. Angels are involved in miracles, healings, and the approaching global outpouring of God’s Spirit. Jesus modeled angelic ministry and continues to employ angels today. How to Work with Angels In Your Life is Book 2 in the Angels in the Realms of Heaven series. Work with the angels in your life and get ready for God to empower you to accomplish the extraordinary!