Sister Souls

Author: Amber R. Godey
Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson
ISBN: 1611470331
Size: 12.49 MB
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Sister Souls from the Author: Amber R. Godey. This book focuses on the autobiographical poetry of early twentieth century author Antonia Pozzi and her lifelong friend and fellow poet, Vittorio Sereni. Antonia Pozzi, an author whose popularity in Italy has increased dramatically in the past few years, was a young girl during the First World War. She was born into a wealthy and influential family, and, after the rise of Fascism, her father was a prominent state official. In 1938 Pozzi committed suicide at the age of twenty-six. Her major collection of poems, Parole, was published posthumously. Pozzi’s best friend, "brother" and most devoted confidant, Vittorio Sereni, is a more recognizable figure in Italian literary history. Born in 1913, a year after Pozzi, he served in the Italian Army during World War II, and was held in an allied prison camp in Algeria during the last years of the war. While Sereni is by far the better-known author, his response to the war experience and, particularly, to imprisonment recalls Pozzi’s work on a number of levels. In the “diaries” of both authors, autobiography functions as a means of constantly reasserting the self as a unique and separate individual against the totalizing forces of Fascist propaganda.

Shared Journey

Author: Rochelle Holt
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Shared Journey from the Author: Rochelle Holt.

Healing With Angels

Author: Margalit Eilon
Publisher: Contento De Semrik
ISBN: 9657450586
Size: 51.63 MB
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Healing With Angels from the Author: Margalit Eilon. Healing With Angels covers many aspects of holistic healing, such as how to handle evil eye curses, how to release spiritual blocks, mind reading and telepathy, past life regression and much more. Contained in this remarkable book are powerful energies. In reading, studying and completing the exercises within, the reader can experience a meaningful energetic transformation and can accelerate his or her spiritual development. Angel's Healing was authored by Margalit Eilon, a wife and mother with over twenty years of experience in education, who underwent a tremendous, magical life change. In a course of events that were entirely unexpected yet amazingly natural, Margalit became a medium and holistic healer. For over ten years, high spiritual guides, angels and holy men have revealed themselves to her, and she has embraced this spiritual wisdom as a tool to help people cope with life's challenges, including illness and pain.

The Childhood Diaries

Author: Eliza White Buffalo
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1491875925
Size: 52.21 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Childhood Diaries from the Author: Eliza White Buffalo. Come home to the place of your soul in Grace... The Two Roads Trilogy brings acceptance and understanding of the collective human story of suffering and redemption. This third and final part, The Childhood Diaries, continues the compelling account of Rose’s personal journey out of fear and into Love. Walk with her on the path of full forgiveness, and lift your heart into the light of Heaven... How are we created? Where did we come from? And what exactly is the purpose of life and reincarnation? Find the answers to your question of why and begin to understand how all roads, suffering and non-suffering, ultimately lead to Grace. May the rose of your heart blossom and thrive in the heavenly light and love of Oneness.

Souls Of My Sisters

Author: Dawn Marie Daniels
Publisher: Dafina Books
ISBN: 9781575666532
Size: 47.20 MB
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Souls Of My Sisters from the Author: Dawn Marie Daniels. African-American women of all walks of life and from across the country share their feelings, concerns, situations, and advice in an anthology that presents their experiences as they speak out on such topics as money, success, and love. Reissue.

Souls United

Author: Ann Merivale
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN: 073871528X
Size: 58.23 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Souls United from the Author: Ann Merivale. "Every one of us longs for the pure joy and sense of completeness found in reuniting with our other half. But how do you find and recognize your twin soul?"--Cover, p. [4].

Soul Sisters

Author: Pythia Peay
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101497327
Size: 66.31 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Soul Sisters from the Author: Pythia Peay. A unique workbook to help women cultivate their full potential through the lives and lessons of the heroines of world spiritual traditions. Filled with exercises, anecdotes, quotes, and inspiration, Pythia Peay's Soul Sisters is designed to help women foster the traits that can be found in the great spiritual traditions of the world, and that are most needed in contemporary life. Each chapter shows how to cultivate the five "divine qualities": Courage, Faith, Beauty, Love, and Magic. Soul Sisters offers an abundance of examples of different female figures from the spiritual past and present who have embodied these characteristics in a distinctly feminine way. Through the road they have walked, readers can learn to discover their own individual heart-path to these strengths. Both an immensely practical workbook and an education in spiritual ideas, Soul Sisters is a companion for a lifetime.

Plotinus On The Appearance Of Time And The World Of Sense

Author: Deepa Majumdar
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317079698
Size: 23.70 MB
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Plotinus On The Appearance Of Time And The World Of Sense from the Author: Deepa Majumdar. Plotinus (c.205-70) was a Neoplatonist philosopher, his work posthumously published by Porphyry and divided into six books, nine tractates each, called the Enneads. In this book Majumdar makes a valuable addition to the literature on his work, especially Ennead III.7(45)11-13 - in particular explaining Plotinus' cosmology using the genus-species model of soul, coordinating the literature on the appearance of time and the cosmos with that on the larger issue of Plotinian "emanation" and examining the role of tolma and the restless nature of soul in this conjoint appearance. This book investigates Plotinian "emanation," its laws of poiesis (contemplative making ) and the roles of nature, matter, logos, (rational formative principle) and contemplation and highlights the subtler details of Plotinus' cosmology by disentangling conceptual issues about the nature of soul and self ("we") and their impact on the process of generation of time and the cosmos.

Twin Souls

Author: D. Maurie Pressman
Publisher: Inkwell Productions
ISBN: 0974970174
Size: 10.61 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Twin Souls from the Author: D. Maurie Pressman. TWIN SOULS is the story of the greatest love the world has ever known. The idea that none of us is truly alone, that everyone has a complimentary order of the opposite sex, has been a prevailing belief throughout the ages. From Plato's story of the Hermaphrodite who was split in two, eternally fated to search ceaselessly for its other half, to Schopenhauer's theories of soul attraction, the notion of twin souls has always been central in any metaphysical speculation on the evolution of humankind.

Universal Aspects Of The Kabbalah Judaism

Author: Leo Schaya
Publisher: World Wisdom, Inc
ISBN: 1936597330
Size: 30.71 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Universal Aspects Of The Kabbalah Judaism from the Author: Leo Schaya. Leo Schaya (1916-1986) was a brilliant author and editor whose only book to appear in English was the much-acclaimed The Universal Meaning of the Kabbalah, which is often cited in books on Jewish mysticism. This new book, Universal Aspects of the Kabbalah and Judaism, is a collection of writings by Schaya, including some previously unpublished material, that highlight the particular way in which Judaism expresses universal truths and concepts. Schaya explains in great depth and beauty how the God of Israel manifests His goodness, power, and mercy in multiple levels of creative emanations, which are the main focus of the Kabbalah. Even more, however, Schaya looks through Judaism’s particular forms and demonstrates that at its core Judaism reveals the same mysterious universal source from which all of the great religious traditions of the world draw their spiritual sustenance and energy.