The Sinking Of Rms Tayleur

Author: Gill Hoffs
Publisher: Pen and Sword
ISBN: 147383189X
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The Sinking Of Rms Tayleur from the Author: Gill Hoffs. The moment they fell into the water the waves caught them and dashed them violently against the rocks, and the survivors on shore could perceive the unfortunate creatures...struggling amidst the waves, and one by one sinking under them.' (Hereford Times, 28 January 1854) ??The wrecking of the RMS Tayleur made headlines nearly 60 years before the Titanic. Both were run by the White Star Line, both were heralded as the most splendid ships of their time – and both sank in tragic circumstances on their maiden voyages. ??On 19 January 1854 the Tayleur, a large merchant vessel, left Liverpool for Australia; packed with hopeful emigrants, her hold stuffed with cargo. On the 160th anniversary of the disaster, Gill Hoffs reveals new theories behind the disaster and tells the stories of the passengers and crew on the ill-fated vessel: ??Captain John Noble, record breaking hero of the Gold Rush era. ??Ship surgeon Robert Hannay Cunningham and his young family, on their way to a new life among the prospectors of Tent City. ??Samuel Carby, ex-convict, returning to the gold fields with his new wife – and a fortune sewn into her corsets. ??But the ship's revolutionary iron hull prevented its compasses from working. Lost in the Irish Sea, a storm swept the Tayleur and the 650 people aboard towards a cliff, studded with rocks 'black as death'. What happened next shocked the world.??As featured in the Daily Mail, Yorkshire Post, Manchester Evening News, Hereford Times, Liverpool Echo, The Press & Journal, Dundee Courier, Fife Herald, Discover Your History, Your Family Tree, the Warrington Guardian and on BBC Radio Manchester, BBC Radio Merseyside, RTE Radio, Radio Warrington, Kingdom FM.

The Lost Story Of The William And Mary

Author: Gill Hoffs
Publisher: Pen and Sword
ISBN: 1473858240
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The Lost Story Of The William And Mary from the Author: Gill Hoffs. The emigrant ship William and Mary departed from Liverpool with 208 British, Irish, and Dutch emigrants in early 1853. Captained by young American Timothy Stinson, the vessel was sailing for New Orleans when the ship wrecked in the Bahamas in mysterious circumstances. Stinson and the majority of his crew sneaked away in lifeboats – murdering two of the emigrants with a hatchet as they did so – and reported the ship sunk with all on board lost. But the passengers kept the ship afloat and two days later were rescued by heroic wreckers as the ship went down. Now, over 160 years on, the tale of the two murdered in Bahamian waters and the hundreds who escaped thanks to kindly wreckers can finally be told. Stinson is no longer getting away with murder.

Bound For Australia

Author: Edward J. Bourke
ISBN: 9780952302735
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Bound For Australia from the Author: Edward J. Bourke.

A Visitor S Guide To Victorian England

Author: Michelle Higgs
Publisher: Pen and Sword
ISBN: 1781592837
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A Visitor S Guide To Victorian England from the Author: Michelle Higgs. Step into the past and experience the sights, sounds and smells of Victorian England, from clothing to cuisine, toilet arrangements to transport _ and everything in between!??HAVE YOU EVER IMAGINED what it would be like to visit the Victorian era? How would you find the best seat on an omnibus, deal with unwanted insects and vermin, get in and out of a vehicle while wearing a crinoline, and avoid catching an infectious disease? Michelle Higgs answers all these questions, and reveals the minutiae of Victorian daily life. Drawing on a wide range of sources, this book blends accurate historical details with compelling stories to bring the period to life. A must-read for seasoned social history fans, costume drama lovers, history students and anyone with an interest in the nineteenth century.??Discover the hidden details of history, from how to fend off pickpockets to the correct way to fasten a corset.??As featured in the Express & Star and Black Country Bugle.

The Real Sherlock Holmes

Author: Angela Buckley
Publisher: Pen and Sword
ISBN: 1781592691
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The Real Sherlock Holmes from the Author: Angela Buckley. On 6 December 1886, Arthur Foster leaves the Queen's Theatre, Manchester with a pocket full of gold and a lady bedecked with diamonds on his arm. He hails a hansom cab unaware that a detective has been trailing him as he crisscrossed the streets of the city. As the cab pulls away, the detective slips inside and arrests the infamous 'Birmingham Forger.' ??The detective is Jerome Caminada, legendary policeman and real-life Victorian super-sleuth. A master of disguise with a keen eye for detail and ingenious methods of detection, Caminada is at the top of his game, tracking notorious criminals through the seedy streets of Manchester's underworld. Relentless in his pursuit, he stalks pickpockets and poisoners, unscrupulous con artists and cold blooded murderers. ??His groundbreaking detective work leads to the unravelling of classic crime cases such as the Hackney Carriage Murder in 1889, secret government missions and a deadly confrontation with his arch-rival, a ruthless and violent thief. Caminada's compelling story bears all the hallmarks of Arthur Conan Doyle and establishes this indefatigable investigator as one of the most formidable detectives of the Victorian era and The Real Sherlock Holmes.??As seen in The Sunday Telegraph, The Sunday Express, The Times, La Stampa and Lancashire Life.??Also featured in Discover Your History Magazine.

The Last Atlantic Liners

Author: William H. Miller
Publisher: Amberley Pub Plc
ISBN: 9781848686977
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The Last Atlantic Liners from the Author: William H. Miller. The golden age of liners in photographs and artwork

The Cruelty Man

Author: Sarah-Anne Buckley
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 071908766X
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The Cruelty Man from the Author: Sarah-Anne Buckley. Recent debates surrounding children in State care, parental rights, and abuse in Ireland's industrial schools, concern issues that are rooted in the historical record. By examining the social problems addressed by philanthropists and child protection workers from the nineteenth century, we can begin to understand more about the treatment of children and the family today. In Ireland, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) was the principle organisation involved in investigating families and protecting children. The 'cruelty men', as NSPCC inspectors were known, acted as child protection workers and 'children's police'. This book looks at their history as well as the history of Ireland's industrial schools, poverty in Irish families, changing ideas around childhood and parenthood and the lives of children in Ireland from 1838 to 1970. It is a history filled with stories of real families, families often at the mercy of the State, the Catholic Church and voluntary organisations. It is a must-read for all with an interest in the Irish family and Irish childhood past and present.

A Visitor S Guide To Jane Austen S England

Author: Sue Wilkes
ISBN: 9781781592649
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A Visitor S Guide To Jane Austen S England from the Author: Sue Wilkes. Immerse yourself in the vanished world inhabited by Austen's contemporaries. Packed with detail, and anecdotes, this is an intimate exploration of how the middle and upper classes lived from 1775, the year of Austen's birth, to the coronation of George IV in 1820. Sue Wilkes skillfully conjures up all aspects of daily life within the period, drawing on contemporary diaries, illustrations, letters, novels, travel literature and archives. Were all unmarried affluent men really 'in want of a wife'? Where would a young lady seek adventures? Would 'taking the waters' at Bath and other spas kill or cure you? Was Lizzy Bennet bitten by bed-bugs while traveling? What would you wear to a country ball, or a dance at Almack's? Would Mr Darcy have worn a corset? What hidden horrors lurked in elegant Regency houses? Put on your dancing gloves and embrace a lost era of corsets and courtship!

Shipwrecks In The Irish Se

Author: Source Wikipedia
Publisher: Books LLC, Wiki Series
ISBN: 9781156604137
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Shipwrecks In The Irish Se from the Author: Source Wikipedia. Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 26. Chapters: MS Riverdance, HMS Foudroyant, MV Princess Victoria, The Sinking of the Rochdale and the Prince of Wales, HMS Cochrane, Blackpool shipwrecks, RMS Tayleur, Solway Harvester, MV Sea Empress, Resurgam, Southport shipwrecks, HMS Racehorse, Ocean Monarch, Kingstown Lifeboat Disaster, HMS Vanguard, Ellan Vannin, Mexico, Southport and St Anne's lifeboats disaster, Abana, SS Castilian, HMS H47, Hanover, PS Lelia, MV Kowloon Bridge, Tullaghmurray Lass, SS Samtampa, Pelican, Sirene, SS Izaro, SS Malakand. Excerpt: The Riverdance was a RORO ferry formerly in service with Seatruck Ferries on the Irish Sea. Riverdance was hit by a wave on the 31 January 2008 which caused her cargo to shift and she was eventually beached at Blackpool, very close to the border with Cleveleys. Attempts to refloat her failed, and she was scrapped on site during 2008. Her normal route was Heysham - Warrenpoint. She has a sister ship, the Moondance, which is currently in service with Seatruck. She was a cargo vessel, but she sometimes carried passengers, under UK maritime law she was able to carry up to 12 passengers. Built as the Mashala in 1977, renamed Halla in 1987, Tikal in 1988 and then Schiaffino in 1989, she operated at first in the Mediterranean and then the Caribbean. In 1993 she was operating in the Irish Sea, and renamed Sally Eurobridge. In 1994 she was operating in the North Sea under the name Eurobridge, returning to Sally Eurobridge when the charter ended. In 1995-96 she was on charter to Norfolk Lines under the name Eurobridge again, then chartered to Seatruck and renamed Riverdance, being bought outright in 1997. Riverdance beached at BlackpoolOn 31 January 2008 at 19:30 the MS Riverdance was "broadsided" by a wave, causing the cargo to shift. At 19:45 the captain issued a Mayday call. The ship was listing at 60 degrees. At 20:00 the...