Silk Dreams Troubled Road

Author: Jonny Bealby
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1446410749
Size: 26.49 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Silk Dreams Troubled Road from the Author: Jonny Bealby. While in Islamabad investigating the possibilities of setting up an adventure travel company, Jonny Bealby met the woman of his dreams. Not only that, but Rachel was the person with whom he could live out his dream -- to travel the Old Silk Road on horseback. On his return to Pakistan that Christmas, however, Jonny was faced with those dreadful words: 'I've met somebody else...' With his heart fixed on this journey and the possibility of a TV deal, Jonny set out to find a Quixotic stranger as his companion. In no time he found Sarah -- attractive, warm and funny -- the perfect candidate for a possible romance. Unfortunately, though, during their search for the Heavenly Horses that would carry them across the Mountains of Heaven, their fledgling friendship was beset by problems of communication, inexperience and the difficulty of adapting to radically different cultures and surroundings. A breathtaking travelogue, and an intriguing and heart-warming illustration of human relationships as they are tested to their limits.

Running With The Moon

Author: Jonny Bealby
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1407098616
Size: 29.87 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Running With The Moon from the Author: Jonny Bealby. Jonny Bealby was devastated when his fiancee Melanie died unexpectedly while they were travelling in Kashmir. Two years later, still heartbroken and utterly disillusioned, he took on the challenge of a lifetime. Setting out with only his motorbike for company, he began a daring and dangerous journey around the African continent in a desperate attempt to unearth some meaning in his life. Bittersweet, bold and beautifully told, Running with the Moon is a tale of true love and loss, of exploration, adventure and courage.

For A Pagan Song

Author: Jonny Bealby
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1446494810
Size: 22.12 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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For A Pagan Song from the Author: Jonny Bealby. For a Pagan Song tells the story of how Jonny Bealby follows in the footsteps of his two heroes from literature, Kipling and Dravot, travelling across remote parts of India and Pakistan and into war-torn Afghanistan. Picturing himself seated by a roaring fire, listening to the song of a pagan chief, Jonny sets out to experience the ancient ways of the tribes of Kafiristan -- and discovers himself along the way.

Author: Nina George
Publisher: Nash Format
ISBN: 6177279287
Size: 19.36 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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from the Author: Nina George. Жан Одинак – власник книжкової баржі «Літературна аптека» – точно знає, як вилікувати почуття, що не вважаються захворюваннями й не діагностуються лікарями. Адже він – читач душ, тож кожному покупцеві добирає книги, які якнайкраще впораються із завданням вилікувати людський смуток, тугу чи зневіру. Єдиний, кого Жан не може зцілити, − це він сам. Душевні терзання від спогадів про Манон, котра покинула месьє Одинака двадцять один рік тому, розбили йому серце і досі тривожать душевні рани. Усе, що вона залишила, − лист, який Жан ніяк не наважується прочитати. Усе змінюється одного літнього дня після зустрічі з Катрін, глибоку печаль якоїмесьє Одинак сподівається вилікувати. Саме цей момент став переломним у житті Жана. Він вирушає в подорож до місця найболючіших спогадів – серця Провансу, аби пережити час страждань і віднайти себе.

Dreams Of The Road

Author: Martin Philip Levinson
Publisher: Birlinn Publishers
Size: 11.50 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Dreams Of The Road from the Author: Martin Philip Levinson. Travelling gypsies have been a distinctive feature of south-west England for hundreds of years. Distinctive 'vardos' (wagons) rattled along the roads of Devon and Somerset, their occupants hawking their goods and skills, speaking in their own languages - Shelta, Gammon, Cant and Anglo-Romani, and constructing a strong oral storytelling culture. Currently, gypsies find themselves at a crossroads. Legislation restricting travel, a shortage of official sites and the loss of their traditional stopping places has led to the threat of centuries-old nomadic patterns. Over the past few decades, increasing numbers of gypsies have been forced to give up the road. The challenge for gypsies today is how to retain a separate culture and lifestyle when the foundations underpinning their distinctive existence have been removed. We Dream of the Road goes some way in preserving this rich culture, collecting together memories, anecdotes, the fears and the hopes of older gypsies living in the South-west of England.

Silk Road On My Mind

Author: James Hung
Publisher: James y Hung
ISBN: 9780692506790
Size: 24.91 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Silk Road On My Mind from the Author: James Hung. In 2000, retinal specialist James Hung made his first trip to Xinjiang, China to donate equipment and work with the people of the poor northwestern province. Over the span of a decade, Dr. Hung developed friendships with many Uyghurs-a Turkic Muslim people who inhabit the area-and explored the vivid history, culture, politics and language of these friendly but troubled people. In addition to his volunteer work, Dr. Hung took the opportunity to visit major stops along the Silk Road, fulfilling a childhood dream to explore the historic trade route. From the mountains, rivers and monuments of the Silk Road to the bustling cities and the clinic at the Adiya Eye Hospital, Silk Road on My Mind is a unique look at the land and people of northwestern China from a perspective that few have experienced.


Author: Richard Monaco
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1480499935
Size: 47.44 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Parsival from the Author: Richard Monaco. Richard Monaco has taken a slice of the Arthurian legend and created a thoroughly modern-minded re-imagining of the classic tale. Colorful medieval settings blend with a hard-edged look at human foibles and a romantic story of love and loss is narrated with a lean, contemporary sensibility to form a new, but still ageless, adventure that anyone can enjoy.