Shot In The Tower

Author: Leonard Sellers
Publisher: Pen & Sword
Size: 40.75 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Shot In The Tower from the Author: Leonard Sellers. This intriguing book recounts the stories of eleven spies, who were shot in the Tower of London during World War One.

A Sniper In The Tower

Author: Gary M. Lavergne
Publisher: University of North Texas Press
ISBN: 1574410296
Size: 24.75 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A Sniper In The Tower from the Author: Gary M. Lavergne. On August 1, 1966, Charles Joseph Whitman ascended the University of Texas Tower and committed what was then the largest simultaneous mass murder in American history. He gunned down forty-five people inside and around the Tower before he was killed by two Austin police officers. During the previous evening he had killed his wife and mother, bringing the total to sixteen people dead and at least thirty-one wounded. The murders spawned debates over issues which still plague America today: domestic violence, child abuse, drug abuse, military indoctrination, gun control, the insanity defense, and the delicate balance between civil liberties and public safety.

The Dubuque Shot Tower

Author: John Adelmann
Publisher: The History Press
ISBN: 9781609492564
Size: 28.24 MB
Format: PDF
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The Dubuque Shot Tower from the Author: John Adelmann. The George W. Rogers & Co. Shot Tower claims the distinction of being Dubuque's most recognizable and enduring landmark. And while it only operated intermittently from 1856 to 1862, the Shot Tower continues to serve as a reminder of America's vibrant entrepreneurial spirit of the mid-1800s. In order to preserve this local legacy and include it in the larger narrative of our national past, students from Central Alternative High School invested a year in 2005-2006 to conduct research and tell the story. Their resulting effort, combined with essays by community experts, has been edited by John Adelmann into a first-of-its-kind book that presents a fascinating saga of the Shot Tower that has become greater than the sum of its myths and legends.

Comedy Incarnate

Author: No?l Carroll
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 140517188X
Size: 31.85 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Comedy Incarnate from the Author: No?l Carroll. In Comedy Incarnate, Noël Carroll surveys the characteristics of Buster Keaton’s unique visual style, to reveal the distinctive experience of watching Keaton’s films. Bold and provocative thesis written by one of America’s foremost film theorists Takes a unique look at the philosophies behind Keaton’s style Weighs visual elements over narrative form in the analysis of the Keaton’s work Provides a fresh vantage point for analysis of film and comedy itself


Author: Bob Brister
Publisher: Academic Learning Company LLC
ISBN: 9780832918407
Size: 15.75 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Shotgunning from the Author: Bob Brister.

Steam Cinders

Author: Axel Lorenzsonn
Publisher: Wisconsin Historical Society
ISBN: 9780870204708
Size: 68.48 MB
Format: PDF
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Steam Cinders from the Author: Axel Lorenzsonn. Based on the author’s extensive research into the early history of Wisconsin’s rails, Steam and Cinders chronicles the boom and bust of the first railroads in the state, from the charters of the 1830s to the farm mortgages of the 1850s and consolidation of the railroads on the eve of the Civil War. Featuring more than 75 period photographs, historic maps, and drawings, Steam and Cinders preserves the legacy of early Wisconsin railroading for railroad buffs and armchair historians alike.

Arming The Confederacy

Author: Robert C. Whisonant
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319145088
Size: 78.80 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Arming The Confederacy from the Author: Robert C. Whisonant. This is a fresh look at the American Civil War from the standpoint of the natural resources necessary to keep the armies in the field. This story of the links between minerals, topography, and the war in western Virginia now comes to light in a way that enhances our understanding of America’s greatest trial. Five mineral products – niter, lead, salt, iron, and coal – were absolutely essential to wage war in the 1860s. For the armies of the South, those resources were concentrated in the remote Appalachian highlands of southwestern Virginia. From the beginning of the war, the Union knew that the key to victory was the destruction or occupation of the mines, furnaces, and forges located there, as well as the railroad that moved the resources to where they were desperately needed. To achieve this, Federal forces repeatedly advanced into the treacherous mountainous terrain to fight some of the most savage battles of the War.