Shop In The Name Of Love

Author: Deborah Gregory
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1453277633
Size: 74.68 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Shop In The Name Of Love from the Author: Deborah Gregory. Chanel doesn’t want to wait until the Cheetah Girls strike it rich to earn enough to buy all the clothes she adores, so she starts charging on her mom’s credit card.

In The Name Of Love

Author: Patrick Smith
Publisher: Head of Zeus
ISBN: 1781853126
Size: 57.27 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In The Name Of Love from the Author: Patrick Smith. A young woman is brutally murdered on an island near Stockholm – a haunt of wealthy retirees and arty weekenders. Suspicion falls first on a family of Iraqi refugees, initially welcomed into the community but gradually feared and shunned. But then, as the victim's story unfolds, suspicion begins inexorably to fall elsewhere. Lena Sundman was rude, dysfunctional, and very young. Everything a fastidious man like Dan Byrne disliked. Taking refuge on the island after the sudden death of his wife, Dan finds himself strangely drawn to the troubled girl, starting from the moment he reluctantly rescues her in the teeth of a gathering snowstorm. This is a taut, elegantly chilling drama in the tradition of Scandinavian masters from Ibsen to Larsson.

In The Name Of Love The Stand Man

Author: Gerald Tony Edison
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1468505580
Size: 65.27 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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In The Name Of Love The Stand Man from the Author: Gerald Tony Edison. This book is about, one man's journey through life, it about the hurdles that was set before him, like death, evilness at his heals daily, and how he pressed forward, with humbleness with patience and love, in spite of the fact a hedge, was build around him, and he still went through problems, never going around them. And how he obtain strength in the time of need.

In The Name Of Love Love Storm Romance

Author: Sammie Ward
Publisher: Lady Leo Publishing
ISBN: 0982905122
Size: 36.25 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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In The Name Of Love Love Storm Romance from the Author: Sammie Ward. This compelling novel chronicles the love triangle of Dr. Shari Thomas and Derrick Rawlings. After a nasty breakup, Shari has moved on with her life. She has a thriving medical practice, renowned Cardiologist love interest, Kevin Mason, and a young son, Christian that means the world to her. Derrick Rawlings is a successful businessman who is forced to return to town to run the family business, Rawlings Industries, a prominent computer business after his father becomes ill. Shari and Derrick haven't seen each other in more than six years, separated by a lack of trust, but a chance encounter at a fund-raising event brings these two ex-college sweethearts back together again. Derrick discovers they have a son and propose marriage. Shari is still in love with Derrick but not sure if he's proposing because he still loves her or because of their son. Meanwhile, Mia Dallas, an estrange lover of Derrick makes her presence known with a proposal of her own. Secrets that have been buried for more than six years begin to unveil, as lies, and deceit threatens to ruin any chance of Shari and Derrick rekindling their love.

In The Name Of Love

Author: Ann Rule
Publisher: Planet Ann Rule, LLC
ISBN: 1940018528
Size: 15.70 MB
Format: PDF
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In The Name Of Love from the Author: Ann Rule. Inside a circle of trusted was a killer. Jerry Harris was a self-made California millionaire who, at age forty-four, had it all: booming businesses, yachts, a mansion, a beautiful wife, and a voice to rival Elvis. No one who knew this well-liked, generous man could make sense of his sudden disappearance one autumn night. On a final phone call to his brother from his Mercedes, Jerry breathed a muffled oath -- then the line went dead. For Jerry's wife, Susan, it was just the beginning of an unwavering, eight-year search for the truth behind her husband's vanishing. Through exclusive access to an FBI agent inside the investigation, Ann Rule unmasks a man driven by malevolence and hidden jealousy to destroy Jerry Harris' magnificent business empire. She expertly profiles a criminal mind that stopped at nothing in a scheme of greed and violence. With the riveting power of a Greek tragedy, Rule reveals the dark underside of an all-American success story, and a wife's ultimate triumph of justice in the name of love. Including other unforgettable accounts of true crime, this is Ann Rule at her chilling best.

In The Name Of Love

Author: Katie Price
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1446494098
Size: 27.85 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In The Name Of Love from the Author: Katie Price. Glamour, romance, secrets and lies. Katie Price's eighth novel is irresistably romantic and passionate. On a sun drenched beach in Barbados, feisty sports presenter Charlie meets the irresistibly gorgeous Felipe Castillo. Instantly attracted to each other, they have a passionate affair, until he walks out with no explanation. It is only then that she discovers that Felipe is related to the Spanish royal family, is a brilliant rider and the lynchpin of the Spanish Eventing team. Back in London, Charlie puts her heartbreak behind her by going out on the town. Until Felipe returns and turns her life upside down again. Soon they are the golden couple of sport, followed by the press wherever they go. But not everyone is happy to see the two together: his disapproving mother for one, and the anonymous person that is waging a hate campaign against Charlie at work. And as the pressure on the couple mounts, a dark shadow from Charlie’s past comes back to haunt her. Will Charlie be able to overcome her past in the name of love?

In The Name Of Love

Author: Louise Lee
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1472224574
Size: 76.83 MB
Format: PDF
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In The Name Of Love from the Author: Louise Lee. Jump on board IN THE NAME OF LOVE, Louise Lee's irresistible follow-up to A GIRL CALLED LOVE. Warning: may contain laugh-snorts and the occasional sob on the side. Fans of Marian Keyes, Joanna Bolouri and Mhairi McFarlane, this one's for you. 'A fresh, funny new voice that made me laugh out loud' - Woman & Home Retired, technically, Florence Love is a long way from her London Private Investigator glory days. But her latest target is achingly personal. A ration of Montepulciano in her water pouch, Flo finds herself racing around Italy on a borrowed Vespa in the name of love. Bambi Love, specifically. Her mum - missing for twenty-five years. The one case that's still unsolved. To find Bambi, maintaining focus will be critical. Florence must not be distracted. Not even by a beautiful, goosebump-inducing Italian stranger with mafiosi friends and a habit of suddenly disappearing himself, who knows far more than he's letting on...

Hong Kong

Author: James O'Reilly
Publisher: Travelers' Tales
ISBN: 9781885211033
Size: 64.40 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Hong Kong from the Author: James O'Reilly. Hong Kong is the crossroads of many worlds, many pasts, and many futures, and in it we might read our own fortunes as individuals and nations. Hong Kong is not only the most unique of world marketplaces, it is a city- state (or "colony," since it is still that too) on the apex of history, as the twilight of the British Empire unfolds into the uncertain future of Chinese communism, but the very certain future of control by the mighty commercial engine that is China. Stories include: A Perfect Pig, Loving the Alien, A Leg up on Fate, The Food Doctor, City of the Main Chance, Bright Yellow and I, and A Case of Immaculate Conception. Just a few of the notable authors you'll find in this book: Paul Theroux, Jan Morris, Bruce Chatwin, Simon Winchester, Suzy Gershman, David Yeadon, and Julia Wilkinson.

In The Name Of Love

Author: Heather Fraser
Publisher: Womens Press
Size: 54.53 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In The Name Of Love from the Author: Heather Fraser. Although love is the hallmark of humanity, it is not widely discussed in social work and other related professions with respect to its potential connection to abuse. In this groundbreaking book the author argues that, while love and abuse should not co-exist, they often do. Using a feminist narrative approach, stories about love, abuse, and social work are told with the purpose of understanding domestic violence and other forms of abuse. Based on interviews with 84 women of varying ages in Canada and Australia, the author shows how the pain and shame of intimate abuse can leave its mark on the bodies, minds, and souls of victims/survivors long after abusive episodes have ended. Additionally, Fraser also discusses the importance of hope, "enlightened witnesses," income support, and educational opportunities for women who refuse to renounce love relationships altogether, but are instead trying to foster relationships that are respectful as well as erotic.