The Shaping Of Socio Economic Systems Rle Social Theory

Author: Thomas Baumgartner
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317651154
Size: 77.41 MB
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The Shaping Of Socio Economic Systems Rle Social Theory from the Author: Thomas Baumgartner. Actor-systems dynamics is an innovative, multidisciplinary methodology for investigating and analyzing social struggles over economic resources and the related interplay between economic and socio-political institutions and processes. The authors, sociologists and economists, offer a systemic perspective on contemporary socio-economic issues such as economic crisis, unemployment, inflation, economic democracy and development; in their analyses, they identify several of the key factors that drive people to interact, to initiate change and transformation as well as to resist such change. Major underlying themes in the book are: Conflict over the distribution of economic resources and economic policies and institutions; the structural bases of economic inequality and conflict; the shaping and reshaping of socio-economic institutions, and the contradictions, conflicts and instabilities evoked by such developments; the failure of orthodox economic theories, including Keynesianism, in the face of recurrent economic crises and instabilities; the development and application of an open, dynamic actor-oriented systems theory – grounded in the social sciences – addressing complex socio-economic phenomena in ways diverging substantially from conventional economics. All in all, the papers collected here deal, on the one hand, with social power, conflict, and struggle concerning economic resources and institutions and, on the other hand, the structural and other factors which drive powering initiatives, conflict, and social innovation and transformation. The book is addressed to a broad spectrum of social and managerial scientists concerned with socio-economic issues, institutions, and development.

The Shaping Of Social Organization

Author: Tom R. Burns
Publisher: Sage Publications Ltd
Size: 26.92 MB
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The Shaping Of Social Organization from the Author: Tom R. Burns. One of the Finalists for the 1987 European Prize for the Best Book in Sociology and Social Science The Shaping of Social Organizations introduces a new theory--social rule system theory--and applies it to the analysis of major institutions of modern social life. The book presents social rule system theory as a framework with which to investigate these institutions. It clarifies the principles behind their formation, maintenance, and transformation. The book draws on a wide range of case studies: from artificial insemination to energy forecasting and administration. It provides insights into wage negotiation systems, the emergence of informal rule systems, and the multiple sources of social and structural incoherence in modern societies. It advances a distinctive approach to the study of actor-structure dynamics, placing itself in a scholarly tradition developed by major thinkers such as Weber, Giddens, and Harrq. "A book of extraordinary scope. It provides a unified theory of human activities, including not only politics and economics, but also 'science, art or everyday life'. . . . The applications are complex and rich and fit neatly into theory." --American Journal of Sociology "A book of extraordinary scope." --Amitai Etzoni, George Washington University "Changes our concepts and ways of thinking about social action." --Organizational Studies "An original contribution to the theory of social organization." --International Review of Sociology "Valuable reading for theorists, empirical researchers, and all interested in the working of contemporary societies . . . rich empirical foundations, and diverse applications." --Piotr Sztompka "Every topic . . . in this book turns into sociological gold." --Hans Zetterberg "Burns and Flam have written an important innovative work. The volume was among the finalists for the Amalfi European prize in Sociology and Social Science." --The American Sociological Association Organizations and Occupations Newsletter

The Power Of Geography Rle Social Cultural Geography

Author: Jennifer Wolch
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317819926
Size: 73.84 MB
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The Power Of Geography Rle Social Cultural Geography from the Author: Jennifer Wolch. This book illuminates the profound influence of geography on everyday life. Concentrating on the realm of social reproduction – gender, family, education, culture and tradition, race, ethnicity the contributors provide both an articulation of a theory of territory and reproduction and concrete empirical analyses of the evolution of social practices in particular places. At the core of the book’s contribution is the concept of society as a ‘time-space’ fabric, upon which are engraved the processes of political, economic and socio-cultural life. A second distinctive feature of the book is its substantive focus on the relation between territory and social practice. Thirdly, it represents a significant step in the redefinition of the research agenda in human geography.

The Elgar Companion To Social Economics

Author: John Bryan Davis
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1848442777
Size: 17.72 MB
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The Elgar Companion To Social Economics from the Author: John Bryan Davis. I highly recommend this volume for all scholars interested in challenging conventional wisdom about how a capitalist economy works, and willing to call into question assumptions that narrow our interpretation, preventing more socially beneficial practices from being implemented. International Sociology Davis and Dolfsma have edited a volume of 36 essays that provides a first-rate introduction to the recent cutting-edge scholarship in social economics. . . the volume provides an impressive and broad array of articles covering traditional social economic topics. . . Each essay is an excellent point of entry into social economic thought. This volume will be of great interest to economists writing in the heterodox tradition and/or to mainstream economists seeking a richer analysis of socioeconomic relationships. Highly recommended. Q.M. Duroy, Choice As this comprehensive Companion demonstrates, social economics is a dynamic and growing field that emphasizes the key role that values play in the economy and in economic life. Social economics treats the economy and economics as being embedded in the larger web of social and ethical relationships. It also regards economics and ethics as essentially connected, and adds values such as justice, fairness, dignity, well-being, freedom and equality to the standard emphasis on efficiency. The Elgar Companion to Social Economics brings together the leading contributors in the field to elucidate a wide range of recent developments across different subject areas and topics. In so doing the contributors also map the likely trends and directions of future research. This Companion will undoubtedly become a leading reference source and guide to social economics for many years to come. Providing concise discussion and an indication of what to expect in future decades, this interdisciplinary Companion will be of great interest to students and academics of social economics and socio-economics, as well as institutional, evolutionary and heterodox economics. It will also appeal to management scholars and those concerned with business ethics.

Levels Of Socio Economic Development Theory

Author: David Jaffee
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780275956585
Size: 32.32 MB
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Levels Of Socio Economic Development Theory from the Author: David Jaffee. This second edition of a classic text provides an introductory and interdisciplinary review of the theories of social and economic development.

The Sustainability Of Rural Systems

Author: Ian Bowler
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401734712
Size: 53.67 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Sustainability Of Rural Systems from the Author: Ian Bowler. This book examines the interaction of the dimensions of economy, society, and environment in the context of rural systems. It embraces a wide range of topics, including globalization and reregulation in sustainable food production, conservation and sustainability, the development of sustainable rural communities, and sustainable rural-urban interaction. It is relevant to advanced-level students, teachers, researchers, policymakers and agency workers.

Socio Legal Approaches To International Economic Law

Author: Amanda Perry-Kessaris
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0415510163
Size: 19.12 MB
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Socio Legal Approaches To International Economic Law from the Author: Amanda Perry-Kessaris. This collection explores the analytical, empirical and normative components that distinguish socio-legal approaches to international economic law both from each other, and from other approaches. It pays particular attention to the substantive focus (what) of socio-legal approaches, noting that they go beyond the text to consider context and, often, subtext. In the process of identifying the 'what' and the 'how' (analytical and empirical tools) of their own socio-legal approaches, contributors to this collection reveal why they or anyone else ought to bother--the many reasons 'why' it is important, for theory and for practice, to take a social legal approach to international economic law.

Global Political Economy

Author: John Ravenhill
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199666016
Size: 69.86 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Global Political Economy from the Author: John Ravenhill. Dealing with the central themes and issues of the subject, this text outlines the different theoretical approaches of the global political economy, as well as engaging key contemporary debates such as worldwide trade and production.