Shadows In The Vineyard

Author: Maximillian Potter
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1455516082
Size: 69.14 MB
Format: PDF
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Shadows In The Vineyard from the Author: Maximillian Potter. Amazon Best Book of the Month, July 2014 Journalist Maximillian Potter uncovers a fascinating plot to destroy the vines of La Romanée-Conti, Burgundy's finest and most expensive wine. In January 2010, Aubert de Villaine, the famed proprietor of the Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, the tiny, storied vineyard that produces the most expensive, exquisite wines in the world, received an anonymous note threatening the destruction of his priceless vines by poison-a crime that in the world of high-end wine is akin to murder-unless he paid a one million euro ransom. Villaine believed it to be a sick joke, but that proved a fatal miscalculation and the crime shocked this fabled region of France. The sinister story that Vanity Fair journalist Maximillian Potter uncovered would lead to a sting operation by some of France's top detectives, the primary suspect's suicide, and a dramatic investigation. This botanical crime threatened to destroy the fiercely traditional culture surrounding the world's greatest wine. SHADOWS IN THE VINEYARD takes us deep into a captivating world full of fascinating characters, small-town French politics, an unforgettable narrative, and a local culture defined by the twinned veins of excess and vitality and the deep reverent attention to the land that runs through it.

Vineyard Shadows

Author: Philip R. Craig
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743218191
Size: 48.80 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Vineyard Shadows from the Author: Philip R. Craig. It’s just another gorgeous June day on Martha’s Vineyard until J.W. Jackson and his young son, Joshua, arrive home from clamming to find an ambulance in the driveway and blood on the grass. Two intruders have invaded their house. Little Diana is safe, but wife Zee has a split lip and a bruised cheek, and the difficult memory of killing one man and fending off another. The dead man and his accomplice wanted to know the whereabouts of Tom Rimini. They should have asked J.W. Tom is the husband of J.W.’s ex-wife, Carla. J.W. hasn’t seen Carla in fifteen years, but that’s about to change: Rimini’s on the run and needs J.W.’s help.

Out From The Shadows

Author: Dr. Bill Effler
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1490860746
Size: 14.93 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Out From The Shadows from the Author: Dr. Bill Effler. The beach has always been a safe place for me where the concerns of life all but disappear. One late afternoon I was walking directly into the sun. I barely noticed its final descent toward the horizon. As I glanced back, I caught my shadow. It seemed so big; my heart was imprisoned by an imperfect replica, an emotional stalker--seen only as I turned away from the sun's radiance. It was then I realized when I walk facing the "Light" I will see no shadow. Only a life lived "out from the shadow" will experience the grandeur of God; the Accuser's maligning voice will be stilled. That day I came to grasp that the "shadow" of a person's past is not how God sees any of His children. "Dr. Effler writes with clarity, biblical expertise, personal counseling experience, and a passion for each minister to succeed in Christ. This book will change your life in a marvelous way." -Bill Leonard, PhD, BCCC, BCCTR, Center for Ministerial Care and Director, Church of God International Headquarters "Out From the Shadows creates a therapeutic approach to the creation account found in Genesis. This material resonates with the substance abuse community by identifying possible areas of brokenness often overlooked. Boldly discussing sin rather than symptomology, Out From the Shadows cogently dissects root issues throughout the counseling process. Although primarily intended for pastoral counselors, this information can be utilized in a wide array of counseling venues." -Austin Davis LPC-S Clinical Director at Stonegate Center

Studies In The Scriptures All 6 Volumes Tabernacle Shadows Linked To Kjv Bible

Author: Charles Taze Russell
Publisher: Chicago Bible Students
Size: 55.76 MB
Format: PDF
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Studies In The Scriptures All 6 Volumes Tabernacle Shadows Linked To Kjv Bible from the Author: Charles Taze Russell. It includes all six Volumes by Charles Taze Russell, Tabernacle Shadows and all text is linked to KJV Bible. THE DIVINE PLAN OF THE AGES THE TIME IS AT HAND THY KINGDOM COME THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON THE ANTONEMENT BETWEEN GOD & MAND THE NEW CREATION TABERNACLE SHADOWS OF THE BETTER SACRIFICES

Author: Анджей Сапковський
Publisher: Family Leisure Club
ISBN: 617123253X
Size: 69.82 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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from the Author: Анджей Сапковський. Зеленоока Цірі продовжує пошуки Ґеральта і Йеннефер, вона стрибає поміж світами в пошуках відповідних часу й місця. Усі світи різні — безпроблемні, де можна перепочити, і проблемні, де її то наздоганяють ельфи, то замахуються на життя аборигени. У рідному світі Цірі, далеко в майбутньому, є ті, які прагнуть допомогти їй виконати призначене. Німуе — Володарка Озера — залучає силу снячих, щоб з’ясувати суперечливі моменти легенди про відьмака й відьмачку та спрямувати Призначення у правильному напрямку. А тим часом іде війна між Нільфгардом й нордлінгами. І невідомо, що чекатиме на відьмака, його друзів і знайомих у кінці шляху…

Shifting Shadows Of Supernatural Power

Author: Julia C. Loren
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
ISBN: 0768423694
Size: 17.70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Shifting Shadows Of Supernatural Power from the Author: Julia C. Loren. A storm is brewing... Who is ready for the coming showdown?Shifting Shadows of Supernatural Power charts the storm brewing between the power of God and schemes of the enemy; and encourages believers to step out of the shadows and into the Light.A history of the prophetic movement in the United States combined with interviews of many well-known prophetic voices such as Jill Austin, Heidi and Roland Baker, Todd Bentley, Stacey Campbell, Randy Clark, Graham Cooke, James Goll, Bill Hamon, John Paul Jackson, Rick Joyner, and Patricia King serve as a compass to navigate the storm and change.

Author: Льюїс К.С.
Publisher: Family Leisure Club
ISBN: 9661468818
Size: 17.17 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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from the Author: Льюїс К.С.. Чарівний кінь Ігого і маленький хлопчик Шаста були рабами в Тархистані. Раптова зустріч змінила їхнє життя — вони вирішили втекти до Нарнії. Але під час мандрівки вони дізналися, що підступні тархистанці готують напад на Орландію. Друзі мають випередити ворогів і попередити шляхетного короля Лума...

Author: Клер К.
Publisher: Family Leisure Club
ISBN: 6171200255
Size: 31.83 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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from the Author: Клер К.. П’ятнадцятирічна Клері вважала себе звичайнісіньким підлітком, доки одного чудового дня не з’ясувала, що належить до давнього роду таємничих Мисливців за тінями. Багато століть її предки захищали світ від темних сил. І тепер хай стережуться демони, чаклуни, вовкулаки та вампіри! Настав її час взяти до рук зброю…

Vineyard Deceit

Author: Philip Craig
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501153552
Size: 57.50 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Vineyard Deceit from the Author: Philip Craig. A Middle Eastern potentate and his entourage are descending on Martha’s Vineyard—and chaos is in the salt air. Ex-Boston-cop Jeff “J.W.” Jackson would rather be fishing with his lady Zee, but the island’s overtaxed police force needs his help to control the madness their visitor’s arrival has stirred up—especially since the great man will not leave before ceremoniously reclaiming an emerald necklace stolen from his nation a century ago. But when both the jewels and Zee vanish, J.W. is quickly transformed from rent-a-cop to frantic investigator.