The Shadow Of The Rope

Author: E. W. Hornung
Publisher: Sai ePublications
ISBN: 1304522342
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The Shadow Of The Rope from the Author: E. W. Hornung. "It is finished," said the woman, speaking very quietly to herself. "Not another day, nor a night, if I can be ready before morning!" She stood alone in her own room, with none to mark the white-hot pallor of the oval face, the scornful curve of quivering nostrils, the dry lustre of flashing eyes. But while she stood a heavy step went blustering down two flights of stairs, and double doors slammed upon the ground floor. It was a little London house, with five floors from basement to attic, and a couple of rooms upon each, like most little houses in London; but this one had latterly been the scene of an equally undistinguished drama of real life, upon which the curtain was even now descending. Although a third was whispered by the world, the persons of this drama were really only two. Rachel Minchin, before the disastrous step which gave her that surname, was a young Australian lady whose apparent attractions were only equalled by her absolute poverty; that is to say, she had been born at Heidelberg, near Melbourne, of English parents more gentle than practical, who soon left her to fight the world and the devil with no other armory than a good face, a fine nature, and the pride of any heiress. It is true that Rachel also had a voice; but there was never enough of it to augur an income. At twenty, therefore, she was already a governess in the wilds, where women are as scarce as water, but where the man for Rachel did not breathe. A few years later she earned a berth to England as companion to a lady; and her fate awaited her on board. Mr. Minchin had reached his prime in the underworld, of which he also was a native, without touching affluence, until his fortieth year. Nevertheless, he was a travelled man, and no mere nomad of the bush. As a mining expert he had seen much life in South Africa as well as in Western Australia, but at last he was to see more in Europe as a gentleman of means. A wife had no place in his European scheme; a husband was the last thing Rachel wanted; but a long sea voyage, an uncongenial employ, and the persistent chivalry of a handsome, entertaining, self-confident man of the world, formed a combination as fatal to her inexperience as that of so much poverty, pride, and beauty proved to Alexander Minchin. They were married without ceremony on the very day that they arrived in England, where they had not an actual friend between them, nor a relative to whom either was personally known. In the beginning this mattered nothing; they had to see Europe and enjoy themselves; that they could do unaided; and the bride did it only the more thoroughly, in a sort of desperation, as she realized that the benefits of her marriage were to be wholly material after all.

Shadow Of A Hang Rope

Author: Lauran Paine
Publisher: Five Star
ISBN: 9781432827700
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Shadow Of A Hang Rope from the Author: Lauran Paine. John Hawk steals a herd of horses and sells them for a sizable profit knowing that he could be in a lot of trouble if anyone finds out his secret, and he soon takes a job as a gun guard which could lead to great opportunities.

The Shadow Of Ararat

Author: Thomas Harlan
Publisher: Tor Books
ISBN: 1429974958
Size: 65.39 MB
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The Shadow Of Ararat from the Author: Thomas Harlan. In what would be A.D. 600 in our history, the Empire still stands, supported by the Legions and Thaumaturges of Rome. Now the Emperor of the West, the Augustus Galen Atreus, will come to the aid of the Emperor of the East, the Augustus Heraclius, to lift the siege of Constantinople and carry a great war to the very doorstep of the Shahanshah of Persia. It is a war that will be fought with armies both conventional and magical, with bright swords and the darkest necromancy. Against this richly detailed canvas of alternate history and military strategy, Thomas Harlan sets the intricate and moving stories of four people. Dwyrin MacDonald is a Hibernian student at a school for sorcerers in Upper Egypt, until he runs afoul of powerful political interests and is sent off half-trained to the Legions. His teacher, Ahmet,undertakes to follow Dwyrin and aid him, but Ahmet is drawn into service with the queen of Palmeyra. Thyatis is a young female warrior, extensively trained by her patron in the arts of covert warfare. And Maxian Atreus is Galens youngest brother, a physician and sorcerer. He has discovered that an enemy of Rome has placed a dreadful curse on the City, which must be broken before Rome can triumph. Woven with rich detail youd expect from a first-rate historical novel, while through it runs yarns of magic and shimmering glamours that carry you deeply into your most fantastic dreams At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Rope Swing

Author: Jonathan Corcoran
Publisher: Vandalia Press
ISBN: 9781943665112
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The Rope Swing from the Author: Jonathan Corcoran. A once-booming West Virginia rail town no longer has a working train. The residents left behind in this tiny hamlet look to the mountains that surround them on all sides: The outside world encroaches, and the buildings of the gilded past seem to crumble more every day. These are the stories of outsiders--the down and out. What happens to the young boy whose burgeoning sexuality pushes him to the edge of the forest to explore what might be love with another boy? What happens when one lost soul finally makes it to New York City, yet the reminders of his past life are omnipresent? What happens when an old woman struggles to find a purpose and reinvent herself after decades of living in the shadow of her platonic life partner? What happens to those who dare to live their lives outside of the strict confines of the town's traditional and regimented ways? The characters in The Rope Swing--gay and straight alike--yearn for that which seems so close but impossibly far, the world over the jagged peaks of the mountains.

The Rope Dancer

Author: Roberta Gellis
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 1402255055
Size: 75.49 MB
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The Rope Dancer from the Author: Roberta Gellis. "A master storyteller!" - RT Book Reviews Unequalled in her art, Carys danced in manor and village. Love was a stranger to this little rope dancer until Telor came along, the wandering minstrel whose love for her made his songs sweeter and more passionate. An exquisite novel of historical romance during the golden age of chivalry, from the bestselling author of A Tapestry of Dreams. Carys's livelihood depends on her agility, beauty, and balance. She enchants crowds with her exhilarating rope dance, but one wrong move leads to disaster-a twisted ankle and no way to survive. Alone and unprotected in war torn England, she has no one to trust but a handsome stranger-a man most unlikely to give up his wandering ways. Telor is a man skilled with his hands. A gifted musician who rejects city life to travel the country on his own terms-free of any master. Taking on an injured girl will only slow him down. But Carys's bold nature and haunted past intrigue him, and he soon discovers that beneath the beautiful exterior is a woman with a passion to rival his own. A richly detailed medieval historical romance, fans of Julie Garwood, Johanna Lindsay, and Mercedes Lackey will delight in the sweet, lively romance between Carys and Telor. With over eight million books in print, award winning author Roberta Gellis sets the standard for sweeping storytelling full of passion and pageantry. Publishers Weeklyhas termed her a master of the medieval historical. Her many awards include: The Silver and Gold Medal Porgy for historical novels from West Coast Review of Books and the Golden Certificate and Golden Pen from Affaire de Coeur, several Romantic Times book awards and also their Lifetime Achievement Award. What readers are saying about Rope Dancer: "unusual characters and lively action" "It's an adventure! It's a historical romance! Sometimes it's hot!" "one of the premier romance writers" "a rollicking, adventurous, sweet and even kind of hot book." What reviewers are saying about Rope Dancer: "An extremely entertaining and delightful tale with three of the most charming and unusual characters to come along in a great while."-Rebecca Brandewyne, bestselling author ofRose of Rapture What everyone is saying about Roberta Gellis: "Exciting, romantic, and utterly satisfying." -Mary Jo Putney "Enjoy the work's rich tapestry of detail, well-drawn characters, suspenseful story line, deft meshing of factual and fictional incidents and fresh approach." -Publishers Weekly "Roberta Gellis is a superb storyteller of extraordinary talent." -John Jakes, #1 bestselling author of The Gods of Newport

The Rope Anna Pigeon Mysteries Book 17

Author: Nevada Barr
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1472202244
Size: 50.56 MB
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The Rope Anna Pigeon Mysteries Book 17 from the Author: Nevada Barr. It all begins here... Nevada Barr's The Rope details Anna's early days as a park ranger, and the events that shaped her life. Perfect for fans of Sue Grafton and Paul Doiron. 'A harrowing survival story, well imagined and forcefully told, about a brutal act that inspires a weak woman to become a strong one' - Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review It's 1995. Fresh off the bus from New York City, a broken-hearted 35-year-old named Anna Pigeon takes her first job as a park employee: a decidedly unglamorous, seasonal stint at the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area. On her day off, she goes hiking alone in the park - never to return. Her co-workers assume she's moved on since her cabin is cleaned out. But when Anna wakes up - trapped at the bottom of a well, naked, with no supplies and no memory of how she got there - she must draw upon all of her strength, courage, and skill to survive. Because whoever set Anna's trap isn't through with her yet... What readers are saying about The Rope: 'I read [this book] in one sitting... The story has a terrific opening and the suspense continues to the end' 'Anna Pigeon has to be one of everyone's favourite heroines, mainly because over a long series of books she remains a constant mix of dry humour, and inner strength which while admirable and amazing, never quite gets to super human and unattainable' 'Interesting, unusual, and exciting'

A Shadow Of The Light

Author: Teto Peck
Publisher: Page Publishing Inc
ISBN: 1634175166
Size: 52.84 MB
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A Shadow Of The Light from the Author: Teto Peck. Sayona never considered the dangers outside the Silver Forest before. She never had reason to, being only a young Princess of the Mythels. But when Master Nephrite, the Spirit of the Soil, approaches her with the news of the spreading war caused by the evil Priestess, Ashara, and a task to find their only hope, Sayona must put aside her fears. There's just one problem: Bariad is a Black Cloth.

The Politics Of The Rope

Author: Neville Twitchell
Publisher: Arena books
ISBN: 1906791988
Size: 43.33 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Politics Of The Rope from the Author: Neville Twitchell. This illuminating broad-based political and cultural study presents the definitive account of the campaign to abolish capital punishment in the period 1955-69. It comprises a work of contemporary history exploring the theme from a number of angles, both pro and contra, which have not been covered so extensively before. From the sphere of governmental and parliamentary politics, to the relevant pressure groups, to the role of the mass media, to the significance of the different churches, and the influence of professional bodies, such as those representing the police and prison officers, the book skilfully identifies their interaction with one another. It examines the effect on the campaign of fluctuations in public opinion, and of controversial murder cases such as those of Timothy Evans, Derek Bentley, Ruth Ellis and James Hanratty, which in turn often informed the state of public opinion The work sets the campaign in the context of the social and cultural ferment of the era (the advent of the permissive society), and contrasts the fortunes of the movement with those of other "conscience issues," such as the legalisation of abortion, homosexual law reform, divorce liberalisation and the abolition of theatre censorship. It seeks to account for the success of the campaign within a relatively short time span in the face of intense public antipathy and a concerted effort by various elements of the establishment to thwart its fulfilment. It asks why the campaign succeeded when so many others facing lesser institutional obstacles failed, and it asks why it succeeded when it did and in the way it did, and considers whether the success of the campaign can be accounted for by the Zeitgeist. On one level it is a study of the politics of social reform, but at a deeper level it is a study of the way in which social trends feed through into political action at the parliamentary level, and illustrates the process of policy formation in the area of private members legislation and free votes where "party" has voluntarily taken a back seat.

The Ropemaker

Author: Peter Dickinson
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 0330527428
Size: 53.71 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Ropemaker from the Author: Peter Dickinson. The magic in the Valley is dying. In the forest, the cedar trees whisper the news. The age-old spell can no longer protect the land from its enemies. Four companions must find the sorcerer who conjured the ancient power. He has not been seen for centuries, hidden in the dark heart of an evil Empire. Their journey is desperately dangerous, and the travellers are shadowed by a mysterious figure. Is the shape-changing Ropemaker their ally? Or a deadly enemey? And does he command the deepest magic of all? That weaves and unweaves the great rope that is time itself....