Social Policies In Seychelles

Author: Liam Campling
Publisher: Commonwealth Secretariat
ISBN: 1849290652
Size: 57.34 MB
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Social Policies In Seychelles from the Author: Liam Campling. This book provides comprehensive analysis of social policy development in Seychelles, focusing on the political and economic developments that have led to the current situation. The challenge now is to maintain current levels of social policy interventions in the face of severe indebtedness and the stagnation of economic growth.

International Monetary Fund Annual Report 2012 Working Together To Support Global Recovery

Author: International Monetary Fund
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
ISBN: 1475511310
Size: 49.76 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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International Monetary Fund Annual Report 2012 Working Together To Support Global Recovery from the Author: International Monetary Fund. The IMF's 2012 Annual Report chronicles the response of the Fund's Executive Board and staff to the global financial crisis and other events during financial year 2012, which covers the period from May 1, 2011, through April 30, 2012. The print version of the Report is available in eight languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish), along with a CD-ROM (available in English only) that includes the Report text and ancillary materials, including the Fund's Financial Statements for FY2012.

The Memoirs Of Mustapha Hussain

Author: Mustapha Hussain
Publisher: Utusan Publications
ISBN: 9789676116987
Size: 19.21 MB
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The Memoirs Of Mustapha Hussain from the Author: Mustapha Hussain. "Mustapha Hussain was an extraordinary man, even for one who lived in extraordinary times. This English language translation of his memoirs traces his coming of age in a village in Perak in the early 20th century. He reminds us of a lost world and his perceptions growing up in a Minangkabau Malay community increasingly exposed to Chinese and Indian immigrants. After successfully making it to an English school in the tin capital of Taiping, he moves on to the Agricultural College at Serdang where he is later selected to become a lecturer." "His English medium education does not prevent him from working with other young Malays to form and lead the Young Malays Union (KMM), evidently inspired by Kemal Ataturk's Young Turks. Somewhat reluctantly, he follows the Japanese to Singapore where he is responsible for saving the lives of hundreds of Malay soldiers in the British colonial armed forces. Instead of collaborating further with the Japanese Occupation, he chooses to return to a difficult existence eking out a living on a Perak farm." "After the war, he rejoins the anti-colonial nationalist movement, but manages to avoid the severe repression against the radical Malay youth of early 1948. Later, in 1951, he loses the nomination for the presidency of UMNO by only one vote to Tunku Abdul Rahman, who went on to lead the country to independence and serve as its first Prime Minister. This extraordinary memoir must be read by anyone interested in Malay life in colonial Malaya, the origins and development of radical Malay nationalism as well as Malay politics in the mid-20th century more generally."--BOOK JACKET.

Imf Involvement In International Trade Policy Issues

Author: Susan Schadler
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
ISBN: 9781589068674
Size: 42.38 MB
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Imf Involvement In International Trade Policy Issues from the Author: Susan Schadler. Trade policy occupies an unusual and at times problematic place in the work of the IMF. Though trade policies of IMF members have strong influences on macroeconomic stability, they are often seen as peripheral to the IMF's core competency. This evaluation, which examines the IMF's involvement in trade policy issues during 1996-2007, addresses five questions: What is the nature of the IMF's mandate to cover trade policy? Did the IMF work effectively with other international organizations on trade policy issues? Did the Executive Board provide clear guidance to staff on the IMF's role and approach to trade policy? How well did the IMF address trade policy issues through lending arrangements and surveillance? Was IMF advice effective? The evaluation finds that the IMF's role in trade policy has evolved in some desirable and some less desirable ways and recommends how to use the limited resources the IMF can devote to trade policy to fill these gaps.--Publisher's description.

Resolving The European Debt Crisis

Author: William R. Cline
Publisher: Peterson Institute
ISBN: 0881326496
Size: 78.56 MB
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Resolving The European Debt Crisis from the Author: William R. Cline. What began as a relatively localized crisis in Greece in early 2010 soon escalated to envelop Ireland and Portugal. By the second half of 2011, the contagion had spread to the far larger economies of Italy and Spain. In mid-September the Peterson Institute and Bruegel hosted a conference designed to contribute to the formulation of policies that could help resolve the euro area debt crisis. This volume presents the conference papers; several are updated through end-2011. European experts examine the political context in Greece (Loukas Tsoukalis), Ireland (Alan Ahearne), Portugal (Pedro Lourtie), Spain (Guillermo de la Dehesa), Italy (Riccardo Perissich), Germany (Daniela Schwarzer), and France (Zaki Laidi). Lessons from past debt restructurings are then examined by Jeromin Zettelmeyer (economic) and Lee Buchheit (legal). The two editors separately consider the main current policy issues: debt sustainability by country, private sector involvement and contagion, alternative restructuring approaches, how to assemble a large emergency financing capacity, whether the European Central Bank (ECB) should be a lender of last resort, whether joint-liability "eurobonds" would be feasible and desirable, and the implications of a possible break-up of the euro area. The luncheon address by George Soros and a description (by Steven R. Weisman with Silvia B. Merler) of the policy simulation game played on the second day of the conference complete the volume. Involving market participants and experts representing the roles of euro area governments, the ECB, IMF, G-7, and credit rating agencies, the game led to a proposal for leveraging the capacity of the European Financial Stability Facility through arrangements with the ECB.

Saving Europe

Author: Carlo Bastasin
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press
ISBN: 0815726147
Size: 74.34 MB
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Saving Europe from the Author: Carlo Bastasin. In this gripping narrative, Carlo Bastasin reconstructs the main political decisions of the euro crisis, unveiling the hidden interests and the secret diplomacy behind the scene. The European dream was both the rejection of war and the creation of a new spirit of peaceful cooperation. Yet confrontation has been the hallmark of the euro crisis, and national opportunistic gimmicks have driven the awkward attempts to solve the crisis itself. Today, Europe is in a crisis of democracy, which Bastasin has dubbed, "the first War of Interdependence of the global age." Praise for the first edition of Saving Europe Bastasin does an admirable job in analysing the euro-zone's economic challenges and is a sure-footed guide through the seemingly endless European Union summit meetings that were supposed to resolve them. He also has an eye for the human detail that makes his sad account of institutional muddle surprisingly compelling. — Financial Times Bastasin's book is worth reading for its detailed political narrative of the eurozone crisis to date, focusing on the interaction among decision-makers in Europe's capitals. — Foreign Affairs A reconstruction that may be considered definitive. Revelations on the European negotiations are written with talent and go hand in hand with no-esoteric economic analysis and with the right amount of realism to reach the political substance. —Corriere della Sera Anyone looking for general knowledge and deeper understanding of the crisis, I can recommend a formidable analysis by Carlo Bastasin: Saving Europe. The author is a very unusual combination of a qualified economist and driven journalism. —Svenska Dagbladet

Our Global Neighbourhood

Author: Commission on Global Governance
ISBN: 9780198279976
Size: 24.49 MB
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Our Global Neighbourhood from the Author: Commission on Global Governance.