Sex In Revolution

Author: Mary Kay Vaughan
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 0822388448
Size: 19.77 MB
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Sex In Revolution from the Author: Mary Kay Vaughan. Sex in Revolution challenges the prevailing narratives of the Mexican Revolution and postrevolutionary state formation by placing women at center stage. Bringing to bear decades of feminist scholarship and cultural approaches to Mexican history, the essays in this book demonstrate how women seized opportunities created by modernization efforts and revolutionary upheaval to challenge conventions of sexuality, work, family life, religious practices, and civil rights. Concentrating on episodes and phenomena that occurred between 1915 and 1950, the contributors deftly render experiences ranging from those of a transgendered Zapatista soldier to upright damas católicas and Mexico City’s chicas modernas pilloried by the press and male students. Women refashioned their lives by seeking relief from bad marriages through divorce courts and preparing for new employment opportunities through vocational education. Activists ranging from Catholics to Communists mobilized for political and social rights. Although forced to compromise in the face of fierce opposition, these women made an indelible imprint on postrevolutionary society. These essays illuminate emerging practices of femininity and masculinity, stressing the formation of subjectivity through civil-society mobilizations, spectatorship and entertainment, and locales such as workplaces, schools, churches, and homes. The volume’s epilogue examines how second-wave feminism catalyzed this revolutionary legacy, sparking widespread, more radically egalitarian rural women’s organizing in the wake of late-twentieth-century democratization campaigns. The conclusion considers the Mexican experience alongside those of other postrevolutionary societies, offering a critical comparative perspective. Contributors. Ann S. Blum, Kristina A. Boylan, Gabriela Cano, María Teresa Fernández Aceves, Heather Fowler-Salamini, Susan Gauss, Temma Kaplan, Carlos Monsiváis, Jocelyn Olcott, Anne Rubenstein, Patience Schell, Stephanie Smith, Lynn Stephen, Julia Tuñón, Mary Kay Vaughan

Sex And Revolution

Author: Lois M. Smith
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780195094916
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Sex And Revolution from the Author: Lois M. Smith. Examines the way three decades of the Cuban revolution transformed the lives of women in Cuba through efforts to conceptualize, prioritize, and implement sexual equality.

Sex And The Devil S Wager

Author: Lee Huxley
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781467003254
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Sex And The Devil S Wager from the Author: Lee Huxley. Anti-erotic elements in feminism have joined forces with Islam and Christianity to condemn prostitution, the male gaze and the natural love men have for the feminine body as a symbol of universal beauty. The author, whose religion is based in Tantra regards these attitudes both wrong and offensive to pagans. Lee Huxley, claims to be a “knower” - an enlightened one who sees with the third eye and whose wisdom and lateral thinking demonstrate his special insights in this book. Lee knows the truth – the unthinkable – that Jesus Christ, the hellfire and damnation preacher, is not the Son of God but the Son of Evil. If Christ is the Son of Evil, then Lee argues from this basis, that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are blasphemies. This book asks how Western civilization could be founded on lies, delusions and blasphemies that even today are still taken seriously. This book is the result of a lifetime of research which has culminated in the formulation of the Devil’s Wager. The Devil’s Wager challenges you, the reader, to name any moral idea from the worst evildoers of history that is as evil as the central teaching of the Bible and the Koran, namely that God will resurrect the human race and torture most of them in hell for all eternity. Fifty per cent of the damned will be women. The male God of monotheism is a hellfire pyromaniac: Jesus Christ and Allah are arsonists who burn women alive! This is the feminist issue of our times. Lee uses the writings of theologian and lapsed Catholic Mary Daly, one of the greatest feminist thinkers, to explain their common conviction that feminism must now assume the role of the Antichrist and bring an end to monotheism!

Sex And The Gender Revolution Volume 1

Author: Randolph Trumbach
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226812908
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Sex And The Gender Revolution Volume 1 from the Author: Randolph Trumbach. A revolution in gender relations occurred in London around 1700, resulting in a sexual system that endured in many aspects until the sexual revolution of the 1960s. For the first time in European history, there emerged three genders: men, women, and a third gender of adult effeminate sodomites, or homosexuals. This third gender had radical consequences for the sexual lives of most men and women since it promoted an opposing ideal of exclusive heterosexuality. In Sex and the Gender Revolution, Randolph Trumbach reconstructs the worlds of eighteenth-century prostitution, illegitimacy, sexual violence, and adultery. In those worlds the majority of men became heterosexuals by avoiding sodomy and sodomite behavior. As men defined themselves more and more as heterosexuals, women generally experienced the new male heterosexuality as its victims. But women—as prostitutes, seduced servants, remarrying widows, and adulterous wives— also pursued passion. The seamy sexual underworld of extramarital behavior was central not only to the sexual lives of men and women, but to the very existence of marriage, the family, domesticity, and romantic love. London emerges as not only a geographical site but as an actor in its own right, mapping out domains where patriarchy, heterosexuality, domesticity, and female resistance take vivid form in our imaginations and senses. As comprehensive and authoritative as it is eloquent and provocative, this book will become an indispensable study for social and cultural historians and delightful reading for anyone interested in taking a close look at sex and gender in eighteenth-century London.

Sex Before The Sexual Revolution

Author: Simon Szreter
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139492896
Size: 33.52 MB
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Sex Before The Sexual Revolution from the Author: Simon Szreter. What did sex mean for ordinary people before the sexual revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, who were often pitied by later generations as repressed, unfulfilled and full of moral anxiety? This book provides the first rounded, first-hand account of sexuality in marriage in the early and mid-twentieth century. These award-winning authors look beyond conventions of silence among the respectable majority to challenge stereotypes of ignorance and inhibition. Based on vivid, compelling and frank testimonies from a socially and geographically diverse range of individuals, the book explores a spectrum of sexual experiences, from learning about sex and sexual practices in courtship, to attitudes to the body, marital ideals and birth control. It demonstrates that while the era's emphasis on silence and strict moral codes could for some be a source of inhibition and dissatisfaction, for many the culture of privacy and innocence was central to fulfilling and pleasurable intimate lives.