Sex And The Family In Colonial India

Author: Durba Ghosh
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521857048
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Sex And The Family In Colonial India from the Author: Durba Ghosh. Study of conjugal relationships between Indian women and British men in colonial India.

Sex And The Family In Colonial India

Author: Durba Ghosh
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1316175847
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Sex And The Family In Colonial India from the Author: Durba Ghosh. In the early years of the British empire, cohabitation between Indian women and British men was commonplace and to some degree tolerated. However, as Durba Ghosh argues in a challenge to the existing historiography, anxieties about social status, appropriate sexuality, and the question of who could be counted as 'British' or 'Indian' were constant concerns of the colonial government even at this time. By following the stories of a number of mixed-race families, at all levels of the social scale, from high-ranking officials and noblewomen to rank-and-file soldiers and camp followers, and also the activities of indigenous female concubines, mistresses and wives, the author offers a fascinating account of how gender, class and race affected the cultural, social and even political mores of the period. The book makes an original and signal contribution to scholarship on colonialism, gender and sexuality.

Gentlemanly Terrorists

Author: Durba Ghosh
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1316949656
Size: 51.75 MB
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Gentlemanly Terrorists from the Author: Durba Ghosh. In Gentlemanly Terrorists, Durba Ghosh uncovers the critical place of revolutionary terrorism in the colonial and postcolonial history of modern India. She reveals how so-called 'Bhadralok dacoits' used assassinations, bomb attacks, and armed robberies to accelerate the departure of the British from India and how, in response, the colonial government effectively declared a state of emergency, suspending the rule of law and detaining hundreds of suspected terrorists. She charts how each measure of constitutional reform to expand Indian representation in 1919 and 1935 was accompanied by emergency legislation to suppress political activism by those considered a threat to the security of the state. Repressive legislation became increasingly seen as a necessary condition to British attempts to promote civic society and liberal governance in India. By placing political violence at the center of India's campaigns to win independence, this book reveals how terrorism shaped the modern nation-state in India.

The Government Of Social Life In Colonial India

Author: Rachel Sturman
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107010373
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The Government Of Social Life In Colonial India from the Author: Rachel Sturman. Analyses religious law in colonial India, exploring how it encouraged gender equality and a rethinking of the relationship between state and society.

Race Religion And Law In Colonial India

Author: Chandra Mallampalli
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139505076
Size: 10.40 MB
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Race Religion And Law In Colonial India from the Author: Chandra Mallampalli. How did British rule in India transform persons from lower social classes? Could Indians from such classes rise in the world by marrying Europeans and embracing their religion and customs? This book explores such questions by examining the intriguing story of an interracial family who lived in southern India in the mid-nineteenth century. The family, which consisted of two untouchable brothers, both of whom married Eurasian women, became wealthy as distillers in the local community. A family dispute resulted in a landmark court case, Abraham v. Abraham. Chandra Mallampalli uses this case to examine the lives of those involved, and shows that far from being products of a 'civilizing mission' who embraced the ways of Englishmen, the Abrahams were ultimately - when faced with the strictures of the colonial legal system - obliged to contend with hierarchy and racial difference.

Crossing The Color Line

Author: Carina E. Ray
Publisher: Ohio University Press
ISBN: 0821445391
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Crossing The Color Line from the Author: Carina E. Ray. Interracial sex mattered to the British colonial state in West Africa. In Crossing the Color Line, Carina E. Ray goes beyond this fact to reveal how Ghanaians shaped and defined these powerfully charged relations. The interplay between African and European perspectives and practices, argues Ray, transformed these relationships into key sites for consolidating colonial rule and for contesting its hierarchies of power. With rigorous methodology and innovative analyses, Ray brings Ghana and Britain into a single analytic frame to show how intimate relations between black men and white women in the metropole became deeply entangled with those between black women and white men in the colony in ways that were profoundly consequential. Based on rich archival evidence and original interviews, the book moves across different registers, shifting from the micropolitics of individual disciplinary cases brought against colonial officers who “kept” local women to transatlantic networks of family, empire, and anticolonial resistance. In this way, Ray cuts to the heart of how interracial sex became a source of colonial anxiety and nationalist agitation during the first half of the twentieth century.

Suspect Relations

Author: Kirsten Fischer
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 9780801438226
Size: 70.35 MB
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Suspect Relations from the Author: Kirsten Fischer. Over the course of the eighteenth century, race came to seem as corporeal as sex. Kirsten Fischer has mined unpublished court records and travel literature from colonial North Carolina to reveal how early notions of racial difference were shaped by illicit sexual relationships and the sanctions imposed on those who conducted them. Fischer shows how the personal—and yet often very public—sexual lives of Native American, African American, and European American women and men contributed to the new racial order in this developing slave society. Liaisons between European men and native women, among white and black servants, and between servants and masters, as well as sexual slander among whites and acts of sexualized violence against slaves, were debated, denied, and recorded in the courtrooms of colonial North Carolina. Indentured servants, slaves, Cherokee and Catawba women, and other members of less privileged groups sometimes resisted colonial norms, making sexual choices that irritated neighbors, juries, and magistrates and resulted in legal penalties and other acts of retribution. The sexual practices of ordinary people vividly bring to light the little-known but significant ways in which notions of racial difference were alternately contested and affirmed before the American Revolution.Fischer makes an innovative contribution to the history of race, class, and gender in early America by uncovering a detailed record of illicit sexual exchanges in colonial North Carolina and showing how acts of resistance to sexual rules complicated ideas about inherent racial difference.

Sexuality Obscenity And Community

Author: C. Gupta
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230108199
Size: 50.57 MB
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Sexuality Obscenity And Community from the Author: C. Gupta. Through analysis of an impressive array of 'low' and 'high' Hindu literatures, particularly pamphlets, tracts, newspapers, and archival data, Gupta explores the emerging discourse of gender and sexuality, which was essential to the development of notions of Hindu communitality and nationalism in the colonial period. The book offers an exceptionally nuanced account of Hindi gender politics.

India At War

Author: Yasmin Khan
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0199753490
Size: 50.68 MB
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India At War from the Author: Yasmin Khan. "First published in Great Britain in 2015 as The Raj at War by The Bodley Head"--Title page verso.