The Serpent And The Rope

Author: Raja Rao
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 9351188019
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The Serpent And The Rope from the Author: Raja Rao. Rama, a young scholar, meets Madeleine at a university in France. Though they seem to be made for each other, both alike in temperament and character, at times they are divided, a huge gulf separating them. Rama’s trip back to India for his father’s illness forcibly reminds him of the underlying contrasts between India and Europe, and of a certain conflict between them in himself. When he returns to France, Rama and Madeleine must face the problems in their marriage. Can they preserve their identities, or must one sacrifice one’s inheritance to make the relationship a success?

Raja Rao And The Religious Traditions

Author: Nivedita Nanda
Publisher: Anmol Publications Pvt Limited
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Raja Rao And The Religious Traditions from the Author: Nivedita Nanda. Raja Rao Is Acknowledged As One Of The Greatest Indo-Anglian Writers Of Modern Times And The Serpent And The Rope Is Rightly Acclaimed As A Landmark In The Indian Fiction In English. He Has Been Hailed As A Cultural Ambassador Of India To The Western Literary World And Most Of His Work Is Grounded In The Indian Religious Tradition. The Serpent And The Rope, As The Very Title Signifies, Deals With The Nature Of The Ultimate Reality And Derives Its Philosophic And Metaphysical Core From The Advaita School Of The Vedantic Tradition. Though Numerous Studies Of Raja Rao;S Ouvre Have Been Made With Particular Emphasis On The Interpretation Of The Serpent And The Rope Yet There Is A Dearth Of Studies Which Devote Themselves To An Indepth Study Of The Religious Tradition On Which Raja Rao Takes His Stand.The Present Study Aims At Fulfilling That Need And It Is In Keeping With That Objective That A Full Introductory Chapter On The Vedantic Tradition Has Been Incorporated. It Will Be Found More Useful By The Scholars, Both Indian And Foreigner, Who Are Not Well Familiar With The Fundamental Postulates Of The Vedantic Philosophy. The Other Major Aspects Of The Novel Relating To Its Metaphysical Probings Into The Nature Of Reality, The East-West Encounter As Also Those Relating To The Nature And Role Of Marriage As Envisaged Within The Indian Ethos And Its Pertinent Religious Traditions, Vedantic In Particular, Have Been Studied In Greater Depth And Detail.Mrs. Nanda Has Written The First Book-Length Study Of The Novel, Which Is Quite An Achievement In Itself, And Provides The Various Students And Scholars At The Indian Universities And Abroad, Where This Novel Is Prescribed For Specialized Study, With A New Focus And A Fresh Insight Into The Indian Religious Tradition Which Contributes To The Main Theme Of Self-Realization As Projected In The Lives And Interrelationships Of The Main Characters Of The Novel. The Study Will Also Help Rectify The Prevailing Critical Parallax Which Treats Of Rama, Savitri And Madeleine As Spiritually Enlightened Characters, Whereas, In Actual Practice, They Are Only Struggling Towards The State Of Perfection And Equipoise Which Vedanta Designates As Self-Realisation.The Study Is In The Nature Of A Reassessment, Providing As It Does A New Approach To And An Insight Into Raja Rao S Magnum Opus As Viewed Within The Context Of The Indian Religious Tradition Which Constitutes The Very Warp And Woof Of Its Central Theme.

The Fiction Of Raja Rao

Author: Pier Paolo Piciucco
Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Dist
ISBN: 9788126900183
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The Fiction Of Raja Rao from the Author: Pier Paolo Piciucco. Raja Rao Is One Of The Triumvirate Of The Pioneering Indian Novelists In English. His Contribution To The Growth Of The English Novel In India Is Enormous. Each One Of His Novels Is A Trendsetter. Kanthapura, For Instance, Demonstrates How The English Language Can Be Used To Tell A Typically Indian Story Without Violating The Native Speech Rhythms And His The Serpent And The Rope Gave A New Direction To The Indian Novel In English By Philosophising It. His Range And Vision Transcend All Barriers. He Used The Fictional Medium To Portray His Patriotic And Philosophical Concerns In A Masterly Way.In This Volume, An Attempt Has Been Made To Assess Raja Rao S Novels And Short Stories In Terms Of His, Philosophy, Vision, Style, Themes And Techniques. It Is Hoped That Raja Rao Scholars Across The Globe Will Find The Book Irresistible.

Raja Rao

Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Distri
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Raja Rao from the Author: .

Christianity And The Doctrine Of Non Dualism

Author: Monk of the West
Publisher: Sophia Perennis
ISBN: 9781597310178
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Christianity And The Doctrine Of Non Dualism from the Author: Monk of the West. The author of this slender but profound book, a Cistercian monk, discovered as a young man the work of his fellow countryman Ren Gunon, whose writings introduced him to genuine metaphysical doctrine and to possibilities of spiritual realization. This discovery marked him indelibly, and he resolved to follow a monastic path in order to be free for the 'one thing needful'. The word Advaita, which designates Vedantic non-dualism, is Sanskrit for 'non-dual' or 'not two'; but the doctrine itself is by no means exclusively Hindu, being present in Buddhism, Islam, Taoism, and Judaism. In Christianity it has always been more implicit, though explicit with writers such as Dionysius the Areopagite, Eriugena, Eckhart, and even Dante. The great merit of this work by 'a Monk of the West' is that it shows that non-dualism is neither pantheism nor monism, and that there is no incompatibility between orthodox Christian doctrine and the strictest understanding of non-dualism in the Advaita Vedanta. The implication is that non-dualism can again find expression within a Christian ambiance. The cover design helps clarify this. In the background is the Omkara, the sacred monosyllable of Hinduism, considered the most funadamental of affirmations. In the foreground is the Christian symbol of the Chi-Rho, chrismon, or labarum, consisting of the first two letters-chi (X) and rho (P)-of the Greek Christos, XRISTOS. This figure is intrinsically three-dimensional but is usually projected onto a plane surface. The cruciform Greek letter chi (X) is placed horizontally within a circle; it measures the parameters of a given world. The rho intersects the chi at its center and is placed vertically to represent the axis mundi or world tree. The loop at the top of the rho represents the Supernal Sun at the summit of the world tree, from which all possibilities of creation proceed and to which they return. There can be no essential, but only an apparent, incompatibiity between the Universe and any of its constituent parts; all derive from a unique and common Principle. Similarly, there be be no essential conflict between the Chi-Rho representing a given world and the Omkara which represents all worlds, the entire Universe, notwithstanding the differing degrees of universality. Christianity and the Doctrine of Non-Dualism offers one approach to this doctrine and to the greatest possible spiritual / intellectual adventure that is implied.

Linguistic Differences In Speaking And Writing

Author: Rekha Aslam
Publisher: Northern Book Centre
ISBN: 9788185119861
Size: 18.81 MB
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Linguistic Differences In Speaking And Writing from the Author: Rekha Aslam. Elements of oral strategies are used while producing written texts in order to make them more interactional and participatory and elements of written strategies used in producing oral texts to give them the property of integration. In the verbal behaviour of the different groups, the pressure involving parameters associated with orality and literacy are realised in different proportions and strength.

Indian English Literature

Author: Basavaraj S. Naikar
Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Dist
ISBN: 9788126901203
Size: 36.82 MB
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Indian English Literature from the Author: Basavaraj S. Naikar. Collected In This Anthology Are Perceptive Articles On The Major Indian English Writers Including Novelists, Dramatists And Poets Who Have Enriched The Realm Of Letters. The Thematic Concerns Of These Writers Range From The Mythical To The Mundane; The Colonial To The Postcolonial; The Social To The Individual And The Psychological To The Satirical. The Anthology Is, Therefore, Polyphonic In Nature.The Writers Studied In This Anthology Represent All The Three Generations : G.V. Desani, Mulk Raj Anand, Raja Rao, Chaman Nahal, Arun Joshi, Basavaraj Naikar, Amitav Ghosh, Nayantara Sahgal, Anita Desai, Shashi Deshpande, Namita Gokhale, Arundhati Roy, Girish Karnad, Jayanta Mahapatra And T.R. Rajasekharaiah.The Contributors To This Volume Include Basavaraj Naikar, S.N. Vikram Raj Urs, Shankar Prasad Singha, Aroonima Sinha, P.D. Dubbe, M.R. Verma, Asha Choubey, N.B. Masal, Kuldeep Kumar, Gajendra Kumar, G.A. Ghanshyam, M.A. Nare, R.K. Gupta And Binod Mishra.