Secrets Of Japan A Keeper S Guide To Cthulhu Roleplaing In Present Day Japan

Author: Michael Dziesinski
Publisher: Chaosium
ISBN: 9781568821566
Size: 19.16 MB
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Secrets Of Japan A Keeper S Guide To Cthulhu Roleplaing In Present Day Japan from the Author: Michael Dziesinski. Present-Day Exploration of The Land of The Rising Sun--As we start the twenty-first century few corners of the world remain unexplored and unilluminated by the lamp of reason in this scientific age. The fewer places there are to hide, the more bewildering and shocking the experience when we suddenly face cosmic terror. In this meticulously-researched sourcebook you will find a comprehensive portrayal of the culture, history, and people of Japan presented in a Lovecraftian setting. Secrets of Japan presents a new world of possibilities for keepers and investigators wishing to take their adventures East.

Secrets Of The World S Healthiest Children

Author: Naomi Moriyama
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0349407495
Size: 24.65 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Secrets Of The World S Healthiest Children from the Author: Naomi Moriyama. A recent global analysis by The Lancet revealed that Japanese children are the healthiest in the world. Bestselling author and Tokyo-born Naomi Moriyama set out to discover the secrets of Japan's success. Travelling with her young son, Naomi interviewed scientists, doctors and researchers in Japan, the US and the rest of the world as well as gathering the insights of Japanese mums. The result: a highly practical and revolutionary guide that will help you establish healthy eating and lifestyle habits that will last a lifetime. In Secrets of the World's Healthiest Children, Naomi and her husband William Doyle reveal life-changing behaviours and tips that will help any parent achieve the results they want.

Secrets Sex And Spectacle

Author: Mark D. West
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226894118
Size: 33.61 MB
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Secrets Sex And Spectacle from the Author: Mark D. West. A leader of a global superpower is betrayed by his mistress, who makes public the sordid details of their secret affair. His wife stands by as he denies the charges. Debates over definitions of moral leadership ensue. Sound familiar? If you guessed Clinton and Lewinsky, try again. This incident involved former Japanese prime minister Sosuke Uno and a geisha. In Secrets, Sex, and Spectacle, Mark D. West organizes the seemingly random worlds of Japanese and American scandal—from corporate fraud to baseball cheaters, political corruption to celebrity sexcapades—to explore well-ingrained similarities and contrasts in law and society. In Japan and the United States, legal and organizational rules tell us what kind of behavior is considered scandalous. When Japanese and American scandal stories differ, those rules—rules that define what’s public and what’s private, rules that protect injuries to dignity and honor, and rules about sex, to name a few—often help explain the differences. In the cases of Clinton and Uno, the rules help explain why the media didn’t cover Uno’s affair, why Uno’s wife apologized on her husband’s behalf, and why Uno—and not Clinton—resigned. Secrets, Sex, and Spectacle offers a novel approach to viewing the phenomenon of scandal—one that will be applauded by anyone who has obsessed over (or ridiculed) these public episodes.

Rethinking Japan

Author: Arthur Stockwin
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 1498537936
Size: 80.44 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Rethinking Japan from the Author: Arthur Stockwin. The authors argue that with the election of the Abe Government in December 2012, Japanese politics has entered a radically new phase they describe as the “2012 Political System.” The system began with the return to power of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), after three years in opposition, but in a much stronger electoral position than previous LDP-based administrations in earlier decades. Moreover, with the decline of previously endemic intra-party factionalism, the LDP has united around an essentially nationalist agenda never absent from the party’s ranks, but in the past was generally blocked, or modified, by factions of more liberal persuasion. Opposition weakness following the severe defeat of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) administration in 2012 has also enabled the Abe Government to establish a political stability largely lacking since the 1990s. The first four chapters deal with Japanese political development since 1945 and factors leading to the emergence of Abe Shinzƍ as Prime Minister in 2012. Chapter 5 examines the Abe Government’s flagship economic policy, dubbed “Abenomics.” The authors then analyse four highly controversial objectives promoted by the Abe Government: revision of the 1947 ‘Peace Constitution’; the introduction of a Secrecy Law; historical revision, national identity and issues of war apology; and revised constitutional interpretation permitting collective defence. In the final three chapters they turn to foreign policy, first examining relations with China, Russia and the two Koreas, second Japan and the wider world, including public diplomacy, economic relations and overseas development aid, and finally, the vexed question of how far Japanese policies are as reactive to foreign pressure. In the Conclusion, the authors ask how far right wing trends in Japan exhibit common causality with shifts to the right in the United States, Europe and elsewhere. They argue that although in Japan immigration has been a relatively minor factor, economic stagnation, demographic decline, a sense of regional insecurity in the face of challenges from China and North Korea, and widening gaps in life chances, bear comparison with trends elsewhere. Nevertheless, they maintain that “[a] more sane regional future may be possible in East Asia.”

Press Freedom In Contemporary Japan

Author: Jeff Kingston
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1317234367
Size: 26.10 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Press Freedom In Contemporary Japan from the Author: Jeff Kingston. In twenty-first century Japan there are numerous instances of media harassment, intimidation, censorship and self-censorship that undermine the freedom of the press and influence how the news is reported. Since Abe returned to power in 2012, the recrudescence of nationalism under his leadership has emboldened right-wing activists and organizations targeting liberal media outlets, journalists, peace museums and ethnic Korean residents in Japan. This ongoing culture war involves the media, school textbooks, constitutional revision, pacifism and security doctrine. This text is divided into five sections that cover: Politics of press freedom; The legal landscape; History and culture; Marginalization; PR, public diplomacy and manipulating opinion. Press Freedom in Contemporary Japan brings together contributions from an international and interdisciplinary line-up of academics and journalists intimately familiar with the current climate, in order to discuss and evaluate these issues and explore potential future outcomes. It is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand contemporary Japan and the politics of freedom of expression and transparency in the Abe era. It will appeal to students, academics, Japan specialists, journalists, legal scholars, historians, political scientists, sociologists, and those engaged in human rights, media studies and Asian Studies.

Secrets Of The Samurai

Author: Oscar Ratti
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462902545
Size: 36.19 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Secrets Of The Samurai from the Author: Oscar Ratti. Secrets of the Samurai is the definitive study of the martial arts of feudal Japan, explaining in detail the weapons, techniques, strategies, and principles of combat that made the Japanese warrior a formidable foe. Beginning with a panoramic survey of the tumultuous early struggles of warlords contending for political ascendancy, the work outlines the relentless progression of the military class toward absolute power. In addition to illustrating actual methods of combat, the authors discuss in detail the crucial training necessary to develop a warrior's inner power and to concentrate all his energies into a single force. Secrets of the Samurai is an essential text for anyone with an interest in Japanese combat techniques, weaponry, or military history. This edition also contains a new foreword by Adele Westbrook and numerous previously unpublished illustrations by Oscar Ratti. Chapters include: The Bushi The Heimin The Centers of Martial Instruction Armed Bujutsu Unarmed Bujutsu Control and Power Strategic Principles Morality of Bujutsu

Liberal Trade And Japan

Author: Marcel F. van Marion
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642469426
Size: 43.38 MB
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Liberal Trade And Japan from the Author: Marcel F. van Marion. LIBERAL TRADE AND JAPAN THE INCOMPATIBILITY ISSUE IN ELECTRONICS What would be the cause of those many trade conflicts between Japan and the West? Do just lack of competitiveness and protectionism or inaccessibility of the Japanese market trigger repetitive trade conflicts or some mix? It may also be that economic systems of Japan and the Western industrial nations are incompatible. Both, the question of competitiveness and of frictions between both systems are addressed in this book. Incongruity of the economy of Japan and Western liberal system would have serious consequences for the continuity of the world trade system. H a contradiction between the two systems is supposed to exist, such a hypothesis would require analysis of the basics of the existing trade system and of the Japanese economy and what its effects on world trade are. H it would be possible to explain salient features of Japanese competitiveness from these frictions perhaps some recommendations could be made for improvement of business and governmental trade policies and of the international trade system. The present world trade system is partly framed in rules dating from the end of the 1940s and reflecting economic experience as well as prevailing - both theoretical and ideological - economic thought in the period prior to their design. Part A investigates the liberal basis of the international economic system and general position of Japan in that system.

Copying The Master And Stealing His Secrets

Author: Brenda G. Jordan
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
ISBN: 9780824826086
Size: 26.20 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Copying The Master And Stealing His Secrets from the Author: Brenda G. Jordan. Examines the transmission of painting traditions in Japan.

The Success Of 7 Eleven Japan

Author: Akira Ishikawa
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814488461
Size: 44.32 MB
Format: PDF
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The Success Of 7 Eleven Japan from the Author: Akira Ishikawa. When analyzing 7-Eleven Japan's advanced and innovative management style, the authors of this book highlight the existence of the “integrated information system”. This is because of the key role it plays not only in forming this firm's corporate strategy but also in developing its functional strategies for logistic support, merchandising and store operations. The authors explore the integrated information system, a symbol of the competitiveness of 7-Eleven Japan. Contents:The “Information Industry” Converting the “Change” into a “Chance”The Birth of “Item-by-Item Management” and the Integrated Information SystemSecrets of 7-Eleven Japan's Excellent Ability in New Product DevelopmentThe Innovative Distribution System of 7-Eleven JapanAnalyzing the Robustness of 7-Eleven Japan According to Personality and OrganizationAny Blind Spots in 7-Eleven Japan's Strategy?The Fifth Integrated Information System Connecting Chain Stores Utilizing Satellite CommunicationsThe Convenience Store Industry Changing with the TimesProgress in the Unification of the Retail and Banking Sectors Readership: Students and professionals interested in management and business topics as well as lay people. Keywords: