The Sea Wolf

Author: Jack London
Publisher: Jack London
ISBN: 8893156962
Size: 75.34 MB
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The Sea Wolf from the Author: Jack London. The Sea-Wolf is a 1904 psychological adventure novel by Jack London about a literary critic Humphrey van Weyden. The story starts with him aboard a San Francisco ferry, called Martinez, which collides with another ship in the fog and sinks. He is set adrift in the Bay, eventually being picked up by Wolf Larsen. Larsen is the captain of a seal-hunting schooner, the Ghost. Brutal and cynical, yet also highly intelligent and intellectual, he rules over his ship and terrorizes the crew with the aid of his exceptionally great physical strength.

The Sea Wolf

Author: Retold by John Kennet
Publisher: S. Chand Publishing
ISBN: 8121998069
Size: 30.78 MB
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The Sea Wolf from the Author: Retold by John Kennet. Great Stories in Easy English

Grammardog Guide To The Sea Wolf

Author: Mary Jane McKinney
Publisher: Grammardog LLC
ISBN: 1608571831
Size: 69.28 MB
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Grammardog Guide To The Sea Wolf from the Author: Mary Jane McKinney. Grammardog Teacher's Guide contains 16 quizzes for this early horror novel. All sentences are from the novel. Sensory imagery establishes the iconic components of a vampire tale ("rattling chains," "sharp white teeth," "a deathly sickly odor," "garlic smell," "red light," "hinges creaked," "sulphurous fume," "howl of wolves").

Sea Wolf

Author: Jack London
Publisher: EDCON Publishing Group
ISBN: 0848111761
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Sea Wolf from the Author: Jack London. Bring The Classics To Life Series. These novels have been adapted into 10 short chapters that will excite the reluctant reader as well as the enthusiastic one. Let the Classics introduce Kipling, Stevenson, and H.G. Wells. Readers will embrace the notion of Crusoe's lonely reflections, the psychological reactions of a Civil War soldier at Chancellorsville, and the tragedy of the Jacobite Cause in 18th Century Scotland. Knowledge of Classics is a cultural necessity and these will improve fluency, vocabulary and comprehension through a high Interest / low readability format. Each eBookis divided into 10 short high quality illustrated chapters - Was written using McGraw-Hill's Core Vocabulary - Has been measured by the Fry Readability Formula - Defines and uses in context new vocabulary, prior to each chapter.

Seawolf Five Five

Author: Richard Hargis
Publisher: Virtualbookworm Publishing
ISBN: 9781589396593
Size: 19.84 MB
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Seawolf Five Five from the Author: Richard Hargis. Since Indochina, both France and the U.S. have been split down the middle between themselves and each other. These wars die hard. Retrace the fight as an American pilot and a French one define the emotional battleground between the spirit and the sword. In 1966, Brad Thomas flies a helo for COMSIXTHFLEET and exploits the joie de vivre on the Cote Azur with girlfriend Maggie. At the same time, France has the bomb and withdraws from NATO. Sixth Fleet flagship is without a homeport and sails to Tunisia in search of a new one. There, Brad meets an expatriate, Robert Dupont, and they become les compagnon amis. Robert is Brad's anvil, however, as he relives combat flights over Indochina and Algiers, he virtually foretells Brad's dubious future. Brad finds himself in a gunship over Vietnam. He meets a Vietnamese woman and falls in love. As disillusion for the war sets in, she becomes his touchstone with reality. When it comes to war's end, there's more at stake than winning or losing - the very soul of the nation is at risk. In repeat scenarios of Vietnam, Brad will come to know that when a nation splits, the prospects of its demise is imminent. As Brad and Ti-Ti try to put their lives back together, a quirk of fate soon changes everything for them.

Sea Wolf Of The Confederacy

Author: David W. Shaw
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9780743267502
Size: 49.27 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Sea Wolf Of The Confederacy from the Author: David W. Shaw. In June 1863, just days before the epic clash at Gettysburg ended the last rebel land invasion of the North, a small party of the Confederate Navy mounted a devastating series of raids on the New England coast, culminating in a battle off Portland, Maine. Veteran author David W. Shaw brilliantly re-creates this almost forgotten chapter of the Civil War in rich narrative detail drawn from accounts of the participants. At the center of the conflict were two men: the hotheaded young adventurer Charles W. Read, who resigned his commission as a Union midshipman to become a lieutenant in the Confederate Navy; and Secretary of the United States Navy Gideon Welles, a well-connected politician who ably oversaw the explosive growth of the fleet -- including the revolutionary ironclads -- during the war despite his lack of maritime experience. Serving aboard CSS Florida off the coast of Brazil, Read hatched a daring plan to sail a captured brig directly into the Union's home waters and wreak havoc on their shipping lanes. Burning or capturing more than twenty merchant vessels in less than three weeks, and switching ships several times to elude capture, Read's rampage caused widespread panic in Northern cities, made headlines in the major daily newspapers, and brought enormous pressure on Welles to "stop the rebel pirate." At one point there were nearly forty Union ships sent to hunt down Read in a cat-and-mouse game that finally led to his dramatic capture off the coast of Maine. Sea Wolf of the Confederacy brings to light this fascinating yet little known episode of the war, combining Shaw's flair for powerful storytelling with extensive research culled from contemporary newspapers, journals, and official war records. Taking readers to the heart of the action on the decks of the burning ships, Shaw offers a compelling portrait of the complex Read and an insightful new perspective on the divisions splitting North and South during this dark time in American history.

Attack Of The Seawolf

Author: Michael DiMercurio
Publisher: Onyx Books
ISBN: 9780451180513
Size: 25.18 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Attack Of The Seawolf from the Author: Michael DiMercurio. When the U.S.S. Tampa falls into the hands of the Chinese during a covert mission and the submarine and its crew are held hostage, Captain Michael "Patch" Pacino and his state-of-the-art sub, the Seawolf, must rescue them. Reprint.

Sixth Fleet The Seawolf

Author: David E. Meadows
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101221006
Size: 16.56 MB
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Sixth Fleet The Seawolf from the Author: David E. Meadows. “Richly detailed fiction…storytelling in the grand classic tradition.”—The New York Times “Fascinating and impeccably written…should delight old fans and new readers.”—Chicago Tribune When Lord Lammermoor plunges to his death from Westminster Bridge before a dozen witnesses, his death is ruled a suicide. But his fatal leap coincides with the arrival of Dr. Goldsworthy—a student of the famous Dr. Anton Mesmer and his research into animal magnetism. Sir John’s suspicions grow when he learns that Goldsworthy’s patron in London is none other than the beautiful Lady Lammermoor. And the deeper Jeremy investigates the Lammermoor family, the more suspects he discovers who stand to gain from Lord Lammermoor’s death. “A wonderful series.”—The Washington Post Book World Bruce Alexander was the pseudonym for Bruce Cook. He died in 2003 having completed most of Rules of Engagement and left notes on how the rest of the story unfolded. John Shannon, author of the highly praised Jack Liffey series, most recently Terminal Island, completed the novel with Bruce’s wife, J. Aller Cook.

Xtbu 1 Tby 2 Sea Wolf

Author: Steve Ginter
Publisher: Ginter Books
ISBN: 9780942612332
Size: 70.81 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Xtbu 1 Tby 2 Sea Wolf from the Author: Steve Ginter. In 1939 with war on the horizon, the U.S. Navy's Bureau of Aeronautics sent the aviation industry a request for proposal for a new torpedo-bomber (VTB). The competition was won by Grumman with its XTBF-1 proposal. Known as the Avenger, two XTBF-1 prototypes were ordered in the spring of 1940. Vought also had a promising proposal and was awarded a contract for one XTBU-1 prototype.