Scientific Integrity

Author: Francis L. Macrina
Publisher: ASM Press
ISBN: 9781555816612
Size: 70.93 MB
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Scientific Integrity from the Author: Francis L. Macrina. Scientific Integrity, 4th Edition, presents an important revision of a best-selling text in the expanding field of responsible conduct of research training. Retaining the format and user-friendly design of previous editions, this timely revision delivers updates to all existing chapters, including the addition or removal of cases studies for maximum currency. Conceived as a turnkey text, the book offers background, analysis, teaching tools, and associated online resources that will enable virtually any practicing scientist to create and teach a course in the responsible conduct of research.

Scientific Integrity

Publisher: Amer Society for Microbiology
ISBN: 9781555811525
Size: 78.57 MB
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Scientific Integrity from the Author: . The first edition of this best selling title has been adopted at numerous institutions as a text for teaching responsible research conduct. Significantly revised and refined based on the experience gained from its use in the classroom, Scientific Integrity, 2nd edition once again is the definitive single source for teaching this important topic. All of the original chapters have been revised and updated and two new chapters have been added. Case studies parallel chapter content and illustrate the issues and dilemmas encountered by scientists conducting research. Designed to foster class discussion, case resolution requires students to use critical thinking as they integrate personal and professional ethical standards and apply them to solve the cases. Although the focus is directed at the biomedical and natural sciences, this book serves the needs of all instructors who wish to teach the essential core areas of research conduct in most fields of science. Its comprehensive content, relevant exercises, and useful appendixes make it an ideal text for both novice and experienced instructors.

Scientific Integrity Epa S Efforts To Enhance The Credibility And Transparency Of Its Scientific Processes

Author: John B. Stephenson
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 1437917674
Size: 43.93 MB
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Scientific Integrity Epa S Efforts To Enhance The Credibility And Transparency Of Its Scientific Processes from the Author: John B. Stephenson. The EPA¿s ability to effectively implement its mission of protecting public health and the environment relies largely on the integrity and transparency of: (1) its assessments of the potential human health effects of exposure to chemicals; and (2) its fed. advisory committees, which provide independent, expert reviews of EPA¿s scientific work. EPA¿s Integrated Risk Info. System (IRIS) program is critical in developing the agency¿s scientific positions on the potential health effects of exposure to toxic chemicals. EPA¿s Science Advisory Board convenes panels to review EPA¿s scientific assessments. This testimony highlights scientific integrity issues re: (1) the IRIS assessment process; and (2) fed. advisory committee policies and procedures. Illustrations.

Scientific Integrity

Author: United States. Environmental Protection Agency
Size: 76.31 MB
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Scientific Integrity from the Author: United States. Environmental Protection Agency.

The Management Of Scientific Integrity Within Academic Medical Centers

Author: Peter Snyder
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 0124059295
Size: 40.65 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Management Of Scientific Integrity Within Academic Medical Centers from the Author: Peter Snyder. The Management of Scientific Integrity within Academic Medical Centers discusses the impact scientific misconduct has in eight complex case studies. Authors look at multifaceted mixtures of improper behavior, poor communication, cultural issues, adverse medical/health issues, interpersonal problems and misunderstandings to illustrate the challenge of identifying and managing what went wrong and how current policies have led to the establishment of quasi legal processes within academic institutions. The book reviews the current global regulations and concludes with a section authored by a US federal court judge who provides his perspective on the adequacy of current regulations and policies. Shows how complex most scientific integrity cases are, and how little is clear cut in the adjunction of each Discusses how timely and important scientific misconduct is, and its impact on science at large Reviews the current regulations and policies that guide how we manage scientific integrity Examines this complexity in 8 anonymous case studies Concludes with a section authored by an expertly qualified federal court judge

Cdc Guidance On Scientific Integrity

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Cdc Guidance On Scientific Integrity from the Author: . Purpose: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (CDC/ATSDR-henceforth referred to as CDC) has numerous policies on various aspects of scientific integrity that may not be known to its scientists. This document provides an overarching summary of the policies, activities, and guiding principles that exist within CDC in support of four key areas of scientific integrity: (1) foundations of scientific integrity in government, (2) public communications, (3) use of federal advisory committees, and (4) professional development of government scientists and engineers. This guide allows CDC scientists, and those who support its scientific endeavors, to easily locate the appropriate policies that support the agency's principles for scientific integrity. The purpose of this guide is to ultimately strengthen scientific integrity in the conduct of CDC science, assure the public of the credibility of the agency's scientific findings and results, and provide a transparent platform to demonstrate CDC's commitment to a culture of scientific integrity. By embodying the principles of scientific integrity, CDC will continue to uphold the core values of accountability, respect, and integrity. Scope: The guiding principles in this document represent an identification and synthesis of policies and activities that support scientific integrity in the four key areas. They are meant to complement and highlight the numerous CDC policies and activities that address and support scientific integrity and serve as an overarching framework under which existing policies and more detailed program guidance and activities will continue. Because of the integrated nature of the guiding principles outlined herein and the broadness of some policies, many of the same policies and activities may be cited across multiple sections of this guide.

Scientific Integrity And Research Ethics

Author: David Koepsell
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319512773
Size: 66.96 MB
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Scientific Integrity And Research Ethics from the Author: David Koepsell. This book is an easy to read, yet comprehensive introduction to practical issues in research ethics and scientific integrity. It addresses questions about what constitutes appropriate academic and scientific behaviors from the point of view of what Robert Merton called the “ethos of science.” In other words, without getting into tricky questions about the nature of the good or right (as philosophers often do), Koepsell’s concise book provides an approach to behaving according to the norms of science and academia without delving into the morass of philosophical ethics. The central thesis is that: since we know certain behaviors are necessary for science and its institutions to work properly (rather than pathologically), we can extend those principles to guide good behaviors as scientists and academics. The Spanish version of this book was commissioned by the Mexican National Science Foundation (CONACyT) and is being distributed to and used by Mexican scientists in a unique, national plan to improve scientific integrity throughout all of Mexico. Available now in English, the examples and strategies employed can be used throughout the English speaking research world for discussing issues in research ethics, training for scientists and researchers across disciplines, and those who are generally interested in ethics in academia.

Interests And Epistemic Integrity In Science

Author: Jan De Winter
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1498529348
Size: 60.76 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Interests And Epistemic Integrity In Science from the Author: Jan De Winter. This book aims to distinguish acceptable from unacceptable interest influences in science. Jan De Winter criticizes existing views on the integrity of science and the roles of financial, political, and other interests in science, and develops an alternative view to shed new light on cases from medical science, aerospace science, climate science, and biology.