De Docta Ignorantia

Author: Cardinal Nicholas (of Cusa)
ISBN: 9783787303632
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De Docta Ignorantia from the Author: Cardinal Nicholas (of Cusa).

The Religion Of The Patriarchs

Author: Augustine Pagolu
Publisher: T&T Clark
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The Religion Of The Patriarchs from the Author: Augustine Pagolu. Patriarchal religion was distinct from both ancient Near Eastern and Israelite religions, and compatible only with the patriarchal lifestyle portrayed in Genesis. Since Wellhausen, the study of patriarchal religion has been chiefly confined either to the divine names or to the social and legal practices attested in Genesis and has neglected the patriarchal cultic practices-altars, pillars, tithes, vows and purifications-frequently attested there. In this study, Pagolu investigates such aspects in the light of second-millennium ancient Near Eastern and Israelite parallels, concluding that the patriarchal practices bore no comparison to those of the ancient Near East or of Israel, in that the patriarchs themselves offered sacrifices, conducted prayer, raised pillars and offered worship, all without the aid of an established cult. Thus patriarchal religion was distinct both from ancient Near Eastern religions and from the religion of Israel itself. It is peculiar to the world of Genesis.