Money Secrets Of The Amish

Author: Lorilee Craker
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 1595554017
Size: 63.67 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Money Secrets Of The Amish from the Author: Lorilee Craker. Take one thoroughly modern gal with a recessionary income problem, mix with the practices of a culture that has proved to be recession-proof, and what have you got? A financial planner in a straw hat. When writer Lorilee Craker learned that the Amish are not just surviving but thriving in the economic downturn, she decided to find out why. What she found was about a dozen tried and true financial habits the Amish have employed for generations that will make your cash last longer and help you build wealth. Craker provides tips to... use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without rethink your gift giving repurpose, recycle, and reuse eat like royalty for a peasant's pittance Endorsements: Packed with practical, simple, and smart money saving ideas and teeming with great insight into the sensible Amish ways, Money Secrets of the Amishwill entertain you with stories and retrain your brain to be the savvy money saver you always dreamed you could be. --Beth Wiseman, best-selling author of Plain Promise and Seek Me With All Your Heart Sometimes touching, sometimes humorous and always helpful, author Lorilee Craker pulls us into the family rooms of the Amish and shows us how they make ends meet. Story after story illustrates savvy money management: trading for goods and services, shopping for bargains, living with less, avoiding debt, curbing the desire to impress others. And Craker’s journalistic bent provides plenty of takeaway value for the non-Amish. A very worthwhile read whether your bank account is bursting or busting. --Suzanne Woods Fisher, author of Amish Peace: Simple Wisdom for a Complicated World and Lancaster County Secrets (Revell) This book is like an Amish basement shelf loaded with Mason jars full of Plain money wisdom. Self-confessed “Fancy” gal Lorilee Craker rolls up her sleeves and cracks them open one-by-one, figuring out how to fit Amish principles to a non-Amish life. She succeeds, and so can you—read Money Secrets of the Amish and add weight to your wallet. --Erik Wesner,; author ofSuccess Made Simple: An Inside Look at Why Amish Businesses Thrive Money Secrets of the Amish is a practical, doable guide, and it's such fun to read. Lorilee's voice is as engaging and lively as ever, and the wisdom she shares from the Amish community is both inspiring and instructive. I just finished the last page, and my mind is buzzing with all sorts of ways to waste less, want less, and spend less. --Shauna Niequist, author of Cold Tangerines and Bittersweet Lorilee inspires and impacts your everyday life with this marvelous little read. From buttons to bakery you suddenly realize this conversation is not about just pinching a few pennies but about transforming how we view our everyday lives. I applaud Lorilee for asking the hard questions and pressing in to find honest answers. Forget the mall, kick back and soak up the delicious wisdom of a life well lived. Thank you Lorilee for shaping my everyday! --Tracey Bianchi, author of Green Mama Money Secrets of the Amish isn’t so much about making money; it’s about family, discipline, and redefining what wealthy means. This is a great read that helps us all to see more clearly what’s really valuable in our lives. --Jeff McMahon, award-nominated musician and national director/runner with the Team McGraw endurance program

Financial Savvy For Women

Author: Judith Briles
Publisher: Mastermedia Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780942361650
Size: 44.85 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Financial Savvy For Women from the Author: Judith Briles. Specializing in women and women's issues, Dr. Judith Briles--author of nine books--shows women how to create a sound, life-long money game plan for financial security. She includes easy-to-read charts anecdotes and brief quizzes to explain step-by-step the whens, whys, whats and hows of female financial planning.

How To Turn A Racetrack Into Your Own Private Money Machine And Be Just One Of The 2 That Do

Author: Greg "Boomer" Wry
ISBN: 1411652703
Size: 54.92 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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How To Turn A Racetrack Into Your Own Private Money Machine And Be Just One Of The 2 That Do from the Author: Greg "Boomer" Wry. This book is designed to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about handicapping horse racing, from learning to properly spot wagers with solid betting strategies, to properly managing your bankroll so that you can succeed.

The Savvy Gal S Guide To Online Networking Or What Would Jane Austen Do

Author: Diane K. Danielson
Publisher: Booklocker.Com Incorporated
ISBN: 9781601452535
Size: 43.52 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Savvy Gal S Guide To Online Networking Or What Would Jane Austen Do from the Author: Diane K. Danielson. The Savvy Gal's Guide to Online Networking (or What Would Jane Austen Do?) provides tips, tactics and etiquette advice for businesswomen who want to build professional relationships through email, online networks, blogs, and message boards.


Author: Brittany Deal
ISBN: 9780989710909
Size: 62.65 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Wine from the Author: Brittany Deal. It's hard to imagine a world without wine; I mean what else would we use to help us decipher the meaning of life, cope with dating mishaps, or get through an episode of The Bachelor? But do you know what makes great wine better than good wine? Or why one Chardonnay can taste totally different from another Chardonnay? How about why restaurants put us through the whole wine-pouring ritual? Savvy Girl: A Guide to Wine leaves out the boring details and gets straight to what you really want to know about wine: how to taste, talk about, buy, and enjoy it. We know that you don't need to be an expert on wine, you just want to be savvy. So get this five-hour read, get savvy, and then get back to your fabulous life.

Table For One

Author: Camerin Courtney
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 1441236961
Size: 43.13 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Table For One from the Author: Camerin Courtney. A happy, successful, God-pleasing life comes in a variety of packages. "And contrary to what our churches, married friends, society, and nosy Aunt Marge may tell us, that includes singleness." In this up-front book packed with girl talk and plenty of pep, Camerin Courtney reveals how she transformed from a self-conscious single girl to an I-am-single-hear-me-roar woman. While she admits that she still has "singleness stinks" days, Courtney doesn't indulge in pity parties or offer readers a guide on finding Mr. Right. Table for One is, instead, an optimistic, up-beat look at the many emotions, expectations, joys, frustrations, and privileges of singleness. It shows how to dive into God's plan and purposes for this phase of life--whether it lasts for four years or forever. Fun and encouraging sidebars sprinkle the text, covering everything from must-see movies to a list of great things about singleness (i.e., "If we buy floral sheets, no one complains.") This savvy, girlfriend-to-girlfriend guide to singleness will delight and inspire single women. It offers great insight for friends, families, and church leaders who want to encourage them as well.

Business Math Using Excel

Author: Sharon Burton
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1285028368
Size: 32.29 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Business Math Using Excel from the Author: Sharon Burton. Prepare your students to meet the demands of today's business world with the proven, practical dual approach in Burton/Shelton's BUSINESS MATH USING EXCEL, 2nd Edition. This book equips readers to master the math concepts most useful in contemporary business by first teaching students the traditional methods of calculating. The authors then emphasize a second approach that teaches the same math concepts using the functions of Microsoft Excel. This edition of BUSINESS MATH USING EXCEL prepares students to use the latest version of Excel 2010. Your future business professionals learn to create formulas and master the functions of Excel while developing high level math skills and refining other skills that will prepare them to succeed in the workplace. This edition's new, full-color design presents concepts in manageable sections to help build confidence for students at all levels of math proficiency. New profiles and new personal finance features emphasize the practicality of the book's content as they demonstrate how professionals use math daily and highlight common consumer issues. A new CourseMaster outcomes-based learning solution with homework tools and automatic grading saves you time while helping students focus on the concepts most important for business math success. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Savvy Money Gal

Author: Anita Saulite
Publisher: Influence Pub
ISBN: 9781771410168
Size: 29.57 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Savvy Money Gal from the Author: Anita Saulite. Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Do you feel overwhelmed by the demands of work and family, and pressured to make ends meet? Are you letting self-doubt, fear, jealousy, or perfectionism keep you from getting more? Are you conscious of the choices you make with your money? Greater financial success is just around the corner.


Author: Sherry Wilsher
Publisher: Tag Publishing LLC
ISBN: 9781934606315
Size: 66.37 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Cake from the Author: Sherry Wilsher. Are you living someone else's version of your life? If so, then it's time to design your own recipe for the sweet life you desire From a morsel of inspiration gleaned from Napoleon Hill, Sherry Wilsher has embarked upon a path to building an empire of female empowerment. Written with honesty, humor, and served up with a big sweet helping of "giving," CAKE presents unvarnished and inspirational insights into what it's like to be a modern woman faced with daily challenges and choices that can often have you swerving from sugar high to bitter low. You will learn to love yourself first, listen to your instincts, change up the recipe when necessary, and take full advantage of the Law of Attraction. From warming up the oven to frosting your sweetest cake, this book will be your opening guide to a life of satisfying joy. "Just finished CAKE and devoured it. Sherry's wonderful presentation of creating your perfect life through the metaphor of baking a sweet, irresistible CAKE is delicious. Whether you are single or in a committed relationship - man or a woman - you will find morsels of wisdom to savor throughout. Great job Sherry and congratulations for finding the key ingredients for your perfect CAKE... with or without frosting " Terri Craig - Executive Managing Director eWomenNewtwork of Greater Houston "This brilliant work created by Sherry Wilsher has helped me explore the beauty and power of my inner self, raise my self-esteem and inspire my consciousness. These captivating gems offer a path to self-empowerment and is sure to be relished by individuals from every walk of life." Joie Raspberry Motivational Speaker & Author