Salt Physic

Author: Jacqueline Larson
Publisher: Pedlar Pr
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Salt Physic from the Author: Jacqueline Larson. Albertas oil boom of the late 1960s and early 1970s shook things up. Money rushed into and out of people's pockets; the churchs changing authority was echoed in empty pews; both women and men stumbled off well-worn paths of expectation and desire. In Jacqueline Larson's keen collection, lives lived in rebellion, contradiction, anticipation and impatience interact as the poet traces in particular one young womans attempts to escape her traditions. With hard-won wisdom which comes from the cycles of departure and return, these are poems that quietly perform some of the disturbances of the female voice; they speak into and from an occupied space. Set mostly in the Canadian West, the poems revisit campgrounds and rhubarb patches, girls' health films and horseradish. They explore the space between the cultivated and the wild, between ignorance and utterance, between rigid gender roles and self-knowledge. They press against the limitations of the known. They move around and through the confinement of the scripted into a more open space. They travel like Persephone through the underworld in search of a more enticing eros.

Dictionary Of Caribbean English Usage

Author: Richard Allsopp
Publisher: University of West Indies Press
ISBN: 9789766401450
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Dictionary Of Caribbean English Usage from the Author: Richard Allsopp. The Dictionary of Caribbean English Usage is the first attempt for over four hundred years to provide an authentic record of current English from the Caribbean archipelago, Guyana and Belize. Drawing its data from a broad range of enquiry through teacher workshops in 22 territories in 18 states, from speech recordings and over 1,000 written sources of Caribbean literature, reference works, magazines, pamphlets and newspapers, the Dictionary surveys a range of over 20,000 words and phrases and includes hundreds of illustrative citations. With a specially designed system of labeling, the Dictionary offers maximum levels of clarity and accessibility. Providing four levels of identification from Creole to Formal, and with labels to denote social or grammatical register, it also gives particular focus to Indic and French Creole loan-words. Etymological and Usage Notes are included, as well as a short supplement listing Caribbean French and Spanish equivalents to Caribbean English items selected from the main work. Covering as it does a large number of independent and non-contiguous states, the Dictionary of Caribbean English Usage is not only an instrument of education wherever Caribbean people live in the world but also a unique contribution to international lexicology and the record of World English.


Author: Erna Brodber
Publisher: Waveland Press
ISBN: 1478626828
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Myal from the Author: Erna Brodber. Jamaican-born novelist and sociologist Erna Brodber describes Myal as “an exploration of the links between the way of life forged by the people of two points of the black diaspora—the Afro-Americans and the Afro-Jamaicans.” Operating on many literary levels—thematically, linguistically, stylistically—it is the story of women’s cultural and spiritual struggle in colonial Jamaica. The novel opens at the beginning of the 20th century with a community gathering to heal the mysterious illness of a young woman, Ella, who has returned to Jamaica after an unsuccessful marriage abroad. The Afro-Jamaican religion myal, which asserts that good has the power to conquer all, is invoked to heal Ella, who has been left "zombified” and devoid of any black soul. Ella, who is light skinned enough to pass for white, has suffered a breakdown after her white American husband produced a black-face minstrel show based on the stories of her village and childhood. This cultural appropriation is one of a series Ella encountered in her life, and parallels the ongoing theft of the labor and culture of colonized peoples for imperial gain and pleasure. The novel‘s rich, vivid language and vital characters earned it the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Canada and the Caribbean. The novel links nicely with Brodber’s coming-of-age story, Jane & Louisa Will Soon Come Home, also from Waveland Press, for its similar images, themes, and specific Jamaican cultural references to colonialism, religion, slavery, gender, and identity. Both novels are Brodber’s way of telling stories outside of published history to point out the whitewashing and distortion of black history through religion and colonialism.