The Sacred Fount

Author: Henry James
Publisher: Kessinger Publishing
ISBN: 9781419181344
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The Sacred Fount from the Author: Henry James. I HAVE said that I did many things on this wonderful day, but perhaps the simplest way to describe the rest of them is as a sustained attempt to avert that disaster. I succeeded, by vigilance, in preventing my late companion from carrying Mrs. Server off; I had no wish to see her studied--by anyone but myself at least.

The Sacred Fount 1901 By Henry James Novel World S Classics

Author: Henry James
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781530886012
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The Sacred Fount 1901 By Henry James Novel World S Classics from the Author: Henry James. The Sacred Fount is a novel by Henry James, first published in 1901. This strange, often baffling book concerns an unnamed narrator who attempts to discover the truth about the love lives of his fellow-guests at a weekend party in the English countryside. He spurns the -detective and keyhole- methods as ignoble, and instead tries to decipher these relationships purely from the behavior and appearance of each guest. He expends huge resources of energy and ingenuity on his theories, much to the bemusement of some people at the party. The narrator speculates upon the relationships between house guests at a weekend party. John Lyon's introduction discusses how the story grew away from James, becoming a curiously intimate revelation of his interests and methods. Notes and textual revisions are also included.

Sacred Fount A Novel

Author: Henry 1843-1916 James
ISBN: 9781373801005
Size: 45.41 MB
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Sacred Fount A Novel from the Author: Henry 1843-1916 James.

Novels 1901 1902

Author: Henry James
Publisher: Library of America
ISBN: 9781931082884
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Novels 1901 1902 from the Author: Henry James. Presents two complete novels from Henry James.

Five Fictions In Search Of Truth

Author: Myra Jehlen
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9780691136127
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Five Fictions In Search Of Truth from the Author: Myra Jehlen. Fiction, far from being the opposite of truth, is wholly bent on finding it out, and writing novels is a way to know the real world as objectively as possible. In Five Fictions in Search of Truth, Myra Jehlen develops this idea through readings of works by Flaubert, James, and Nabokov. She invokes Proust's famous search for lost memory as the exemplary literary process, which strives, whatever its materials, for a true knowledge. In Salammb├┤, Flaubert digs up Carthage; in The Ambassadors, James plumbs the examined life and touches at its limits; while in Lolita, Nabokov traces a search for truth that becomes a trespass. In these readings, form and style emerge as fiction's means for taking hold of reality, which is to say that they are as epistemological as they are aesthetic, each one emerging by way of the other. The aesthetic aspects of a literary work are just so many instruments for exploring a subject, and the beauty and pleasure of a work confirm the validity of its account of the world. For Flaubert, famously, a beautiful sentence was proven true by its beauty. James and Nabokov wrote on the same assumption--that form and style were at once the origin and the confirmation of a work's truth. In Five Fictions in Search of Truth, Jehlen shows, moreover, that fiction's findings are not only about the world but immanent within it. Literature works concretely, through this form, that style, this image, that word, seeking a truth that is equally concrete. Writers write--and readers read--to discover an incarnate, secular knowledge, and in doing so they enact a basic concurrence between literature and science.