Rituals And Traditional Events In The Modern World

Author: Jennifer Laing
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134593201
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Rituals And Traditional Events In The Modern World from the Author: Jennifer Laing. Many events have evolved over centuries, drawing on local customs and conditions. However, as the world becomes increasingly globalised, traditional events and the identities they support are increasingly being challenged and rituals may be lost. Reacting against this trend towards homogeneity, communities strive to preserve and even recreate their traditional events, which may require rituals to be resurrected or reinvented for a new audience. The aim of this book is to explore the role of traditional events and rituals in the modern world. The 16 chapters cover a range of case studies of the performance of ritual through events, including their historical antecedents and development over time, as well as their role in society, link with identities both seemingly fixed and fluid and their continued relevance. The cases examined are not museum pieces, but rather vibrant festivals and events that continue to persist. Drawing on the power of history and cultural tradition, they are manifestations of heritage, existing in three temporalities: celebrating the past, occurring in the present and aiming to continue into and influence the future. Iconic events including Chinese New Year, Hogmanay and the New Orleans Mardi Gras are examined and examples are drawn from a diverse range of countries such as South Korea, China, Laos, the United States, Scotland, Italy, India and Haiti. This volume provides a deep understanding upon the role of tradition and ritual within events, from a global perspective and will be valuable reading for students, researchers and academics interested in events, heritage and culture.

Folklore In Modern India

Author: Jawaharlal Handoo
Size: 63.88 MB
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Folklore In Modern India from the Author: Jawaharlal Handoo. Papers presented at the 11th Congress of the International Society for Folk-Narrative Research, held at Mysore in January 1995.

Puppet Theater In Contemporary Indonesia

Author: Jan Mrázek
Publisher: University of Michigan Center for
ISBN: 9780891480846
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Puppet Theater In Contemporary Indonesia from the Author: Jan Mrázek. Written by both scholars and performers, the nearly two-dozen essays that comprise this volume examine performance events in contemporary contexts to show how performances are involved in the changing sociocultural climate, economy, and politics of Indonesia. Issues include the life and work of performers; changing performance aesthetics; changes in ritual functions; interaction with mass media; local identity; gender; and the epistemologies and politics of writing on performance in the colonial and postcolonial periods. The book is an excellent introduction to a fascinating subject, and will prove valuable not only to those working on performance studies, cultural theory, anthropology, and Asian studies, but also to anyone who simply wants to know something about a very highly developed form of art that is crucially important to understanding Indonesian society. Jan Mrzek is a postdoctoral researcher at Leiden University.

Practices Of Diplomacy In The Early Modern World C 1410 1800

Author: Tracey A. Sowerby
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1351736914
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Practices Of Diplomacy In The Early Modern World C 1410 1800 from the Author: Tracey A. Sowerby. Practices of Diplomacy in the Early Modern World offers a new contribution to the ongoing reassessment of early modern international relations and diplomatic history. Divided into three parts, it provides an examination of diplomatic culture from the Renaissance into the eighteenth century and presents the development of diplomatic practices as more complex, multifarious and globally interconnected than the traditional state-focussed, national paradigm allows. The volume addresses three central and intertwined themes within early modern diplomacy: who and what could claim diplomatic agency and in what circumstances; the social and cultural contexts in which diplomacy was practised; and the role of material culture in diplomatic exchange. Together the chapters provide a broad geographical and chronological presentation of the development of diplomatic practices and, through a strong focus on the processes and significance of cultural exchanges between polities, demonstrate how it was possible for diplomats to negotiate the cultural codes of the courts to which they were sent. This exciting collection brings together new and established scholars of diplomacy from different academic traditions. It will be essential reading for all students of diplomatic history.

Magic In The Modern World

Author: Edward Bever
Publisher: Penn State Press
ISBN: 0271079878
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Magic In The Modern World from the Author: Edward Bever. This collection of essays considers the place of magic in the modern world, first by exploring the ways in which modernity has been defined in explicit opposition to magic and superstition, and then by illuminating how modern proponents of magic have worked to legitimize their practices through an overt embrace of evolving forms such as esotericism and supernaturalism. Taking a two-track approach, this book explores the complex dynamics of the construction of the modern self and its relation to the modern preoccupation with magic. Essays examine how modern “rational” consciousness is generated and maintained and how proponents of both magical and scientific traditions rationalize evidence to fit accepted orthodoxy. This book also describes how people unsatisfied with the norms of modern subjectivity embrace various forms of magic—and the methods these modern practitioners use to legitimate magic in the modern world. A compelling assessment of magic from the early modern period to today, Magic in the Modern World shows how, despite the dominant culture’s emphatic denial of their validity, older forms of magic persist and develop while new forms of magic continue to emerge. In addition to the editors, contributors include Egil Asprem, Erik Davis, Megan Goodwin, Dan Harms, Adam Jortner, and Benedek Láng.

Powwowing Among The Pennsylvania Dutch

Author: David W. Kriebel
Publisher: Penn State Press
ISBN: 9780271032139
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Powwowing Among The Pennsylvania Dutch from the Author: David W. Kriebel. Known in Pennsylvania Dutch as brauche or braucherei, the folk-healing practice of powwowing was thought to draw upon the power of God to heal all manner of physical and spiritual ills. Yet some people believed, and still believe today, that this power to heal came not from God, but from the devil. Controversy over powwowing came to a climax in 1929 with the York Hex Murder Trial, in which one powwower from York County, Pennsylvania, killed another powwower (who, he believed, had placed a hex on him). In Powwowing Among the Pennsylvania Dutch, David Kriebel examines the practice of powwowing in a scholarly light and shows that, contrary to popular belief, the practice of powwowing is still active today. Because powwowing lacks extensive scholarly documentation, David Kriebel&’s research is both a groundbreaking inquiry and a necessity for the scholar of Pennsylvania German history and culture. The fact that powwowing is still practiced may come as a surprise to some readers, but included in this book are the interviews Kriebel had with living powwowers during his seven years of fieldwork in southeastern and central Pennsylvania. Along with these interviews, Kriebel includes biographical sketches of seven living powwowers; descriptions of powwowing as it was practiced in years past, compared with the practice today; a discussion of the belief of powwowing as healing; and a discussion of the future, if any, of powwowing, and what it will take for powwowing to continue to survive.

Ritual In Early Modern Europe

Author: Edward Muir
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521841535
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Ritual In Early Modern Europe from the Author: Edward Muir. The comprehensive 2005 study of rituals in early modern Europe argues that between about 1400 and 1700 a revolution in ritual theory took place that utterly transformed concepts about time, the body, and the presence of spiritual forces in the world. Edward Muir draws on extensive historical research to emphasize the persistence of traditional Christian ritual practices even as educated elites attempted to privilege reason over passion, textual interpretation over ritual action, and moral rectitude over gaining access to supernatural powers. Edward Muir discusses wide ranging themes such as rites of passage, carnivalesque festivity, the rise of manners, Protestant and Catholic Reformations, the alleged anti-Christian rituals of Jews and witches. This edition examines the impact on the European understanding of ritual from the discoveries of new civilizations in the Americas and missionary efforts in China and adds more material about rituals peculiar to women.

Shrines And Pilgrimage In The Modern World

Author: Peter Jan Margry
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
ISBN: 9089640118
Size: 20.69 MB
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Shrines And Pilgrimage In The Modern World from the Author: Peter Jan Margry. The modern pilgrimage—to sites ranging from Graceland to the veterans’ annual ride to to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to Jim Morrison’s Paris grave—is intertwined with man’s existential uncertainties in the face of a rapidly changing world. In a climate that reproduces the religious quest in seemingly secular places, it’s no longer clear exactly what the term pilgrimage infers—and Shrines and Pilgrimage in the Modern World critiques our notions of the secular and the sacred, while commenting on the modern media’s multiplication of images that renders the modern pilgrimage a quest without an object. Using new ethnographical and theoretical approaches, this volume offers a surprising new vision on the non-secularity of the “secular” pilgrimage. "This book will be sure to stoke our intellectual fire and heat up the discussion over the highly charged topic of secular pilgrimage.”—Simon Bronner, Penn State University