The Letters Of Sidney And Beatrice Webb Volume 2 Partnership 1892 1912

Author: Webb
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521084918
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The Letters Of Sidney And Beatrice Webb Volume 2 Partnership 1892 1912 from the Author: Webb. Sidney and Beatrice Webb were among the outstanding political personalities in the period 1890-1945. They were leading figures in the Fabian Society, prominent historians, and founders of the London School of Economics and the New Statesman. They exchanged letters with many of the leading figures in the political, intellectual and literary worlds of the time, among them Herbert Asquith, Ramsay MacDonald, George Bernard Shaw and Bertrand Russell. Volume II of the letters covers the years between the Webb marriage and their return from Asia in 1912. They were the prime years of the partnership, in which the Webbs came to dominate the Fabian Society, founded the London School of Economics and launched their campaign for the reform of the Poor Law.


Author: Richard Seddon
Publisher: Temple Lodge Publishing
ISBN: 9780904693720
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Europa from the Author: Richard Seddon. Rudolf Steiner spoke of history not only as the outcome of mere cause and effect on the physical plane, but also as the result of influences from spiritual beings. Europa, A Spiritual Biography offers a unique view of history that considers Europe from the point of view of the rulerships of the various Archangels of Time -- from Michael's regency between the mid-sixth and the third century B.C., up to his present rulership between 1879 and the twenty-second century. Richard Seddon gives a clear overview of Steiner's extensive research, set against an outline of outer events extended to the present day.

The Life And Work Of Richard John Seddon Premier Of New Zealand 1893 1906

Author: James Drummond
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108062008
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The Life And Work Of Richard John Seddon Premier Of New Zealand 1893 1906 from the Author: James Drummond. A successful journalist, naturalist and author, James Drummond (1869-1940) began his biography of Richard John Seddon (1845-1906), New Zealand's prime minister, while his subject was still alive and in office. Originally intended as a collaborative effort, the work had to be completed without further assistance following Seddon's sudden death on a voyage from Australia to Auckland in June 1906. It was published in 1907, along lines 'that Mr Seddon approved of', and with an introduction by the prime minister at the time, Sir Joseph Ward. A popular figure, Seddon led his party to victory at five successive general elections. The book traces his life from his English childhood, through his emigration and entry into politics, to his last days, charting the achievements, personality and beliefs of New Zealand's longest-serving prime minister to date, and shedding light on the history of the Liberal Party.

Mistress Of Everything

Author: Sarah Carter
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 152611495X
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Mistress Of Everything from the Author: Sarah Carter. Mistress of everything examines how indigenous people across Britain's settler colonies engaged with Queen Victoria in their lives and predicaments, incorporated her into their political repertoires, and implicated her as they sought redress for the effects of imperial expansion during her long reign. It draws together empirically rich studies from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Southern Africa, to provide scope for comparative and transnational analysis. The book includes chapters on a Maori visit to Queen Victoria in 1863, meetings between African leaders and the Queen's son Prince Alfred in 1860, gift-giving in the Queen's name on colonial frontiers in Canada and Australia, and Maori women's references to Queen Victoria in support of their own chiefly status and rights. The collection offers an innovative approach to interpreting and including indigenous perspectives within broader histories of British imperialism and settler colonialism.

Modern Democracies Vol 2

Author: James Bryce
Publisher: Jazzybee Verlag
ISBN: 3849678520
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Modern Democracies Vol 2 from the Author: James Bryce. American political scientists do not need to be told that James Bryce's work is one of the most important ever written on the principles and practice of democratic government. More than a century has passed since his masterly description and appreciation of the American Commonwealth put him at the head of all students of American government and politics. He has served as a member of three British cabinets, he has been the British ambassador to the United States, and he has traveled to all quarters of the globe, always keenly interested in the institutions of the lands he visited. Now he embodies the ripest fruits of these years of travel and study in two stout volumes. After some introductory considerations applicable to democratic government in general, he proceeds to a detailed comparison of the working of democracy in various countries, chiefly France, Switzerland, Canada, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, and concludes with some general observations and reflections on the present and future of democratic government. This is volume two out of two.

The Future Of Humanity And The Earth

Author: Richard Seddon
Publisher: Temple Lodge Publishing
ISBN: 9781902636290
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The Future Of Humanity And The Earth from the Author: Richard Seddon. Richard Seddon draws together the essence of hundreds of lectures to create this broad overview of Rudolf Steiner's spiritual research into the course of human evolution. His fascinating survey takes us from the present to the far-future stages of our planet. He also discusses the respiritualization both of the earth and of the whole solar system, which were not mentioned by Steiner but throw considerable light on events in the Apocalypse and on the eventual transforming of evil to good.

Richard Seddon King Of God S Own

Author: Tom Brooking
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 1742539297
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Richard Seddon King Of God S Own from the Author: Tom Brooking. Casting a long shadow over New Zealand history, Richard John Seddon, Premier from 1893 to his untimely death in 1906, held a clear vision for the country he led. Pushing New Zealand in more egalitarian directions than ever before, he was both the builder and the maintenance man - if not the architect - of our country. Challenging popular opinion of New Zealand's longest-serving Prime Minister as a ruthless pragmatist, cunning misogynist and Imperialistic jingoist, this landmark biography of Seddon presents an altogether more sympathetic, erudite appraisal. Reconciling two generations of New Zealand scholarship, Richard Seddon: King of God's Own demonstrates that, while holding fast to common ideals, Seddon was successful by mastering the art of the possible. He knew instinctively what his electorate would tolerate and remained in step with public opinion. Despite contradictions in his attitudes towards other races, he fought to ensure privilege did not become entrenched in what he envisioned as a white man's utopia. In this perceptive new evaluation, political historian Tom Brooking explains Seddon's complex relationship with Maori and shows how he in fact held a progressively bi-cultural vision for the future of 'God's Own Country'. Seddon was no saint. Somewhat autocratic and given to petty nepotism, he nevertheless remains the most dominant political leader in our country's history. Internationally, his high profile within the Empire helped put New Zealand on the map. Domestically, he sought a middle ground between free-market extremism and full-blown socialism. And more privately, Seddon was a devoted family man, his actions shaped much more by his supportive wife and assertive daughters than has previously been realised. Richard Seddon: King of God's Own is a superlative achievement in New Zealand history writing. Absorbing, wide-ranging and beautifully articulated, it reframes and repositions one of the founding fathers of modern New Zealand.

World Saviors And Messiahs Of The Roman Empire 28 Bce 135 Ce

Author: Milo Kearney
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World Saviors And Messiahs Of The Roman Empire 28 Bce 135 Ce from the Author: Milo Kearney. This book seeks to achieve a better understanding of Jesus and of the birth of Christianity by placing them in the context of twenty-some living World Saviors and Messiahs who apeared in the first century-and-a-half of the Roman Empire (here defined as the Soterial Age or the Age of Saviors).

Women S Bodies And Medical Science

Author: L. Bryder
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230251102
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Women S Bodies And Medical Science from the Author: L. Bryder. An analysis of a scandal involving a doctor accused of allowing a number of women to develop cervical cancer from carcinoma in situ as part of an experiment he had been conducting since the 1960s into conservative treatment of the disease, to more broadly explore dramatic changes in medical history in the second half of the twentieth century.

Green Industrial Applications Of Ionic Liquids

Author: Robin D. Rogers
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781402011375
Size: 73.70 MB
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Green Industrial Applications Of Ionic Liquids from the Author: Robin D. Rogers. This book is entirely devoted to research in the area of ionic liquids, which are salts with melting points below 100°C. It explores the promise of ionic liquids and sets the research agenda for the field. With a distinct bias towards actual industrial R&D applications, the book is virtually a manifesto for the new age of Green Chemistry. The major industrial challenges to sustainability - the book's leitmotiv - are: reducing water use; increasing energy efficiency; reducing reliance of fossil fuel feedstocks; increasing use of renewables; including sustainability as a major economic criterion. Thereafter, the book goes on to consider precisely where ionic liquids can help in achieving this new vision, via new techniques, new processes, new reactions. The Safety/Health/Environment properties of the ionic liquids are also considered. Finally, it is clear that there needs to be a major increase in the number of workers studying ionic liquids if this promise of a new Green Chemistry is to be achieved.