Reporting Disasters

Author: Suzanne Franks
Publisher: Hurst
ISBN: 1849044953
Size: 66.92 MB
Format: PDF
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Reporting Disasters from the Author: Suzanne Franks. The media reporting of the Ethiopian Famine in 1984-5 was an iconic news event. It is widely believed to have had an unprecedented impact, challenging perceptions of Africa and mobilising public opinion and philanthropic action in a dramatic new way. The contemporary international configuration of aid, media pressure, and official policy is still directly affected and sometimes distorted by what was--as this narrative shows--also an inaccurate and misleading story. In popular memory, the reporting of Ethiopia and the resulting humanitarian intervention were a great success. Yet alternative interpretations give a radically different picture of misleading journalism and an aid effort which did more harm than good. Using privileged access to BBC and Government archives, Reporting Disasters examines and reveals the internal factors which drove BBC news and offers a rare case study of how the media can affect public opinion and policymaking. It constructs the process that accounts for the immensity of the news event, following the response at the heart of government to the pressure of public opinion. And it shows that while the reporting and the altruistic festival that it produced triggered remarkable and identifiable changes, the on-going impact was not what the conventional account claims it to have been.

Reporting Disaster On Deadline

Author: Lee Wilkins
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136513957
Size: 33.18 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Reporting Disaster On Deadline from the Author: Lee Wilkins. This book provides an introduction to covering crises, considering practice issues and providing guidance in preparing for and responding to calamities. It offers a concise overview for journalism academics and practitioners of covering disasters – not a "how to" handbook but a "how to prepare" reference to be used before a crisis occurs. This essential resource is among the first to focus specifically and comprehensively on journalistic coverage of disasters. It demonstrates the application of scholarship and theory to professional practice, and includes a crash book template with logistical and information-collection requirements. As a text for advanced reporting, broadcast journalism, and journalism ethics, or a reference for professionals, Reporting Disaster on Deadline provides key information for keeping on deadline in responding to crises.

World Disasters Report

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
ISBN: 9780792322689
Size: 79.65 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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World Disasters Report from the Author: . Disaster response has been described as the last resort of the amateur: an unkind assessment but not without a grain of truth. Disaster generates an emotional response, and new disaster organisations are born with each new disaster. Lessons of the past on disaster management have to be learned anew. The need to increase the professionalism of disaster response is evident. All the more so as, in disaster terms, the world is getting worse, not better. Disasters become more complex, frequently involving the interaction of a disaster event, politics and technology. The last few years have also seen a growth in research into the area of disaster response. Too often, however, disaster researchers and disaster organisations have gone their separate ways. There is a need for these two groups to get together to devise more practical and professional approaches to disaster response. The "World Disasters Report," produced by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies with the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters, is a contribution to this effort of professionalisation. It provides facts and statistics, analysis and an exploration of trends, to dispel a number of myths about disasters and to define and advocate good practice. This is the first volume of Annual Reports which will become a vital tool for all those involved in the area of disaster response.

Global Crisis Reporting

Author: Cottle
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)
ISBN: 0335236731
Size: 79.46 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Global Crisis Reporting from the Author: Cottle. What are 'global crises' and how do they differ from earlier crises? What do recent studies of global crises reporting tell us about the role of the news media in the global age? What are the current trends in the fields of journalism and civil society that are now re-shaping the public communication of crises? From climate change to the global war on terror, from forced migration to humanitarian disasters - these are just some of the global crises addressed in this accessible, ground-breaking book. For the first time, the author situates diverse threats to humanity in a global context and examines how, why and to what extent they are conveyed in today's news media. Global crises are conceived as the dark side of a globalizing world, but how they become reported and constituted in the news media can also help sustain emergent forms of global awareness, global citizenship and global civil society. The book: Draws on original research and scholarship in the field of media and communications Deliberately moves beyond nationally confined research studies Examines diverse global crises and their communicative politics Recognizes global crises and their constitution within global news reporting as defining characteristics of the global age Global Crisis Reporting is key reading for students in media, communications, globalization and journalism studies.

Reporting On Risks

Author: Jim Willis
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 9780275952983
Size: 39.16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Reporting On Risks from the Author: Jim Willis. Up-to-date analysis of the issues surrounding health and safety risks including discussion about how journalists can more accurately depict health and medical news.

The Onion Presents Love Sex And Other Natural Disasters

Author: The Staff of The Onion
Publisher: Quirk Books
ISBN: 1594745552
Size: 27.28 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Onion Presents Love Sex And Other Natural Disasters from the Author: The Staff of The Onion. Here are more than one hundred news stories of high-school sweethearts, college hook-ups, dating disasters, weddings, divorces, and restraining orders. From “18-Year-Old Miraculously Finds Soulmate in Hometown” to “Couple Forgets 70th Wedding Anniversary,” these reports capture the heartbreak and hilarity of the human experience.

Response To Disaster

Author: Henry W. Fischer
Publisher: University Press of America
ISBN: 9780761811831
Size: 31.56 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Response To Disaster from the Author: Henry W. Fischer. This edition of Response to Disaster provides an updated and more thorough version of the well-received 1994 first edition. The author adds new research and expands on areas only briefly developed in the first edition, which disseminated the original research findings from several disaster research studies completed by the author. He provides the reader with a basic understanding of how people and organizations usually respond to a disaster in contrast to how they are usually perceived to respond, as well as a description of how and why the mass media helps provide both accurate and inaccurate information involving disasters. In addition, the author discusses organizational response to disasters and assesses future needs in research to improve the reaction to them so that mitigation, planning, and disaster response activity are more effective. Here, he greatly expands the areas of theory of approaches to disaster.

Reporting On Risk

Author: Eleanor Singer
Publisher: Russell Sage Foundation
ISBN: 161044504X
Size: 64.68 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Reporting On Risk from the Author: Eleanor Singer. After acts of airline terrorism, air travel tends to drop dramatically—yet Americans routinely pursue the far riskier business of driving cards, where accidents resulting in death or injury are much more likely to occur. Reporting on Risk argues that this selective concern with danger is powerfully shaped by the media, whose coverage of potentially hazardous events is governed more by a need to excite the public than to inform it. Singer and Endreny survey a wide range of print and electronic media to provide an unprecedented look at how hundreds of different hazards are presented to the public—from toxic waste and food poisoning to cigarette smoking, from transportation accidents to famine, and from experimental surgery to communicable diseases. Their investigations raise thought-provoking questions about what the media tell us about modern risks, which hazards are covered and which ignored, and how the media determine when hazards should be considered risky. Are natural hazards reported differently than man-made hazards? Is greater emphasis placed on the potential benefits or the potential drawbacks of complex new technologies? Are journalists more concerned with reporting on unproven cures or informing the public about preventative measures? Do newspapers differ from magazines and television in their risk reporting practices? Reporting on Risk investigates how the media place blame for disasters, and looks at how the reporting of risks has changed in the past twenty-five years as such hazards as nuclear power, birth control methods, and industrial by-products have grown in national prominence. The authors demonstrate that the media often fail to report on risks until energized by the occurrence of some disastrous or dramatic event—the Union Carbide pesticide leak in Bhopal, the Challenger explosion, the outbreak of famine in Somalia, or the failed transplant of a baboon heart to "Baby Fae." Sustained attention to these hazards depends less on whether the underlying issues have been resolved than on whether they continue to unfold in newsworthy events. Reporting on Risk examines the accuracy and the amount of information we receive about our environment. It offers a critical perspective on how our perceptions of risk, as shaped by the media, may contribute to misguided individual and public choices for action and prevention in an increasingly complex world. The authors' probing assessment of how the media report a vast array of risks offers insights useful to journalists, policy analysts, risk specialists, legislators, and concerned citizens.

September 11

Author: Cynthia M. Fagnoni
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 9780756734671
Size: 23.54 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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September 11 from the Author: Cynthia M. Fagnoni. 2/3 of Amer. households donated money to charitable org. (CO) to aid in the response to the 9/11 disasters. This report is on the amount of donations that CO raised and dist., the accountability measures in place to prevent fraud, and lessons learned about how to best dist. charitable aid in similar situations. To help facilitate collab'n. among CO involved in disasters, it was recommended that FEMA convene a working group of involved parties to take steps to implement strategies for future disasters, building upon lessons learned in the aftermath of 9/11. It would address issues such as the development and adoption of a common application form and confidentiality agree. for use in disasters and strategies for enhancing public educ. regarding charitable giving. Tables.

Dealing With Disasters

Author: Teresa Garlake
Publisher: Oxfam
ISBN: 1870727762
Size: 46.50 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Dealing With Disasters from the Author: Teresa Garlake. Including case studies and focusing particularly on flooding in Bangladesh, this text gives background information on earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and famine. It provides answers to why disasters happen, how they can be prevented and what can be done to help.