The Wandering Jews

Author: Joseph Roth
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393247392
Size: 42.34 MB
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The Wandering Jews from the Author: Joseph Roth. The classic portrait of a vanished people. Every few decades a book is published that shapes Jewish consciousness. One thinks of Wiesel's Night or Levi's Survival in Auschwitz. But in 1927, years before these works were written, Joseph Roth (1894-1939) composed The Wandering Jews. In these stunning dispatches written when Roth was a correspondent in Berlin during the whirlwind period of Weimar Germany, he warned of the false comforts of Jewish assimilation, laid bare the schism between Eastern and Western Jews, and at times prophesied the horrors posed by Nazism. The Wandering Jews remains as vital today as when it was first published. "[A] book of impassioned reportage and is impossible not to feel a sympathetic wonder."—Michael Andre Bernstein, The New Republic "In these disturbing yet strikingly illuminating pages, the truth of Jewish destiny from long ago vibrates and sings..."—Elie Wiesel "No other writer...has come so close to achieving the wholeness that Lukacs cites as our impossible aim."—Nadine Gordimer "What a marvelous writer! Read him now. You can thank me later."—Michael Dirda, Washington Post Book World "[C]aptures and encapsulates Europe in those uncertain hours before the upheaval of a continent and the annihilation of a civilization."—Cynthia Ozick, author of Quarrel and Quandary "[A] writer well worth adding to the short list of giants such as Thomas Mann, Elie Wiesel, and Primo Levi."—Hadassah Magazine, Sanford Pinsker

What Is Poetry

Author: Nigel Fabb
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107001854
Size: 29.73 MB
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What Is Poetry from the Author: Nigel Fabb. Illustrated by 130 languages and literatures, this book explores poetry's unique psychological qualities.

Why Are Women More Religious Than Men

Author: Marta Trzebiatowska
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199608105
Size: 67.46 MB
Format: PDF
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Why Are Women More Religious Than Men from the Author: Marta Trzebiatowska. Women are more religious than men in almost every society and religious tradition (both old and new). They are also more likely to pray, to worship, to believe in the afterlife, and to consult mediums, fortune-tellers, and horoscopes. This book presents comprehensive evidence for this gender gap in religiosity, discusses the competing explanations put forward by scholars and offers its own answer to the question: 'why are women more religious than men'? The keyargument is that as women's lives become less restricted by patriarchy and traditional religious norms, the gender gap is likely to decrease, or disappear altogether.

What Is Poetry

Author: Lawrence Ferlinghetti
ISBN: 9780887393693
Size: 52.58 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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What Is Poetry from the Author: Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Poetry. Having an aversion to the idea of discussing the craft of poetry or the process of creating a poem, Lawrence Ferlinghetti usually mumbles something about It's a trade secret when pressed on the subject. But WHAT IS POETRY? is the closest he has come to formulating an ars poetica, an ongoing project which he is constantly revising and expanding. Lawrence Ferlinghetti was the first Poet Laureate of San Francisco.

Modes Of Religiosity

Author: Harvey Whitehouse
Publisher: Rowman Altamira
ISBN: 9780759106154
Size: 11.56 MB
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Modes Of Religiosity from the Author: Harvey Whitehouse. Religions whatever else they may be are configurations of cultural information reproduced across space and time. Beginning with this seemingly obvious fact of religious transmission, Harvey Whitehouse goes on to construct a testable theory of how religions are created, passed on, and changed. At the center of his theory are two divergent 'modes of religiosity: ' the imagistic and the doctrinal. Drawing from recent advances in cognitive science, Whitehouse's theory shows how religions tend to coalesce around one of these two poles depending on how religious behaviors are remembered. In the 'imagistic mode, ' rituals have a lasting impact on people's minds, haunting not only our memories but influencing the way we ruminate on religious topics. These psychological features are linked to the scale and structure of religious communities, fostering small, exclusive, and ideologically heterogeneous ritual groupings or factions. In the 'doctrinal mode', on the other hand, religious knowledge is primarily spread through intensive and repetitive teaching; religious communities are contrastingly large, inclusive, and centrally regulated. While these tendencies have long been recognized in the history of the study of religion, the modes of religiosity theory is unique in that it explains why these tendencies exist. More importantly, Whitehouse does not give the final word, but invites us to join a series of collaborative networks among anthropologists, historians, archaeologists, and psychologists, currently trying to falsify, confirm, or refine the theory. Are you tired of the flood of descriptions and interpretations of religions which offer no clear strategy for evaluation, comparison, and testing? Modes of Religiosity can provide you with a new way to think when you think about religion."

Barnacle Love

Author: Anthony De Sa
Publisher: Algonquin Books
ISBN: 1616200251
Size: 63.58 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Barnacle Love from the Author: Anthony De Sa. Anthony De Sa makes his fiction debut with this stunning collection of interlinked stories that explore the innocent dreams and bitter disappointments of the immigrant experience. Hailed as “tender and raw, morbid and surprisingly gentle” by the Vancouver Sun, Barnacle Love was a finalist for Canada’s highly prestigious Giller Prize. Moving from a small Portuguese fishing village in the Azores to the shores of Newfoundland, Barnacle Love then takes us into the dark alleys of Toronto’s Portuguese community in the 1970s. The first half of the book is told by Manuel Rebelo, who has fled his homeland—and the crushing weight of his mother’s expectations—to build a future for himself in a new land. Manuel struggles hard to adjust, but fulfilling the promise of his adopted home is not as simple as he had hoped. The second half of the book is told with candor by Manuel’s son Antonio, who—along with his sister and mother—lives in the shadows cast by Manuel’s failures. With fantastic, sometimes magical details and passionate empathy, Anthony De Sa invites readers into the lives of the Rebelo family. The results are, in the words of writer Nino Ricci, “haunting and elegiac.”

In Search Of God The Mother

Author: Lynn E. Roller
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520210247
Size: 33.93 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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In Search Of God The Mother from the Author: Lynn E. Roller. This is the first thorough account of the nature and the spread of the cult of Cybele, the Great Mother, and the first to present her worship soberly as a religion rather than sensationally as an orgiastic celebration of self-castrated priest-attendants.

Isabella Von Gypten

Author: Ludwig Achim von Arnim
Publisher: Tredition Classics
ISBN: 9783847298052
Size: 74.91 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Isabella Von Gypten from the Author: Ludwig Achim von Arnim. Dieses Werk ist Teil der Buchreihe TREDITION CLASSICS. Der Verlag tredition aus Hamburg veroffentlicht in der Buchreihe TREDITION CLASSICS Werke aus mehr als zwei Jahrtausenden. Diese waren zu einem Grossteil vergriffen oder nur noch antiquarisch erhaltlich. Mit der Buchreihe TREDITION CLASSICS verfolgt tredition das Ziel, tausende Klassiker der Weltliteratur verschiedener Sprachen wieder als gedruckte Bucher zu verlegen - und das weltweit! Die Buchreihe dient zur Bewahrung der Literatur und Forderung der Kultur. Sie tragt so dazu bei, dass viele tausend Werke nicht in Vergessenheit geraten

The Romantic Imperative

Author: Frederick C. Beiser
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674019806
Size: 66.53 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The Romantic Imperative from the Author: Frederick C. Beiser. This study restores and enhances the philosophical aspect of early German Romanticism, offering an understanding of the movement's origins, development, aims and accomplishments.