Reinventing The Package Holiday Business

Author: Karsten Kärcher
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Reinventing The Package Holiday Business from the Author: Karsten Kärcher. Tour operators and travel agents are threatened with disintermediation in the travel and tourism industry, especially as a consequence of altered customer demand and new information and communication technologies which foster direct bookings. In this thesis, however, it is argued that major European tour operators are reinventing their business activities to adapt to these changes and to secure their strategic position in the package holiday business. These tour operators are in particular developing and implementing new information and communication technology strategies to support both their production and distribution of holiday packages and, moreover, to enable them to automatically assemble and market individually tailored holidays. Data to support this argument was gained from an extensive empirical survey in Britain and Germany. A total of 44 tour operators were interviewed in Britain and Germany, which controlled over 65% of their respective national market shares. The interviewed tour operators also included ten of the top twelve European tour operator groups. Leading tour operator associations and charter airlines were interviewed in addition. This research provides a detailed insight into the tour operator sector, particularly in Britain and Germany, thus contributing to research in the travel and tourism industry. Moreover, a theoretical framework is developed and proposed, largely based on industrial organisation and new institutional economics literature. The application of this framework in this thesis for the study of the package holiday business contributes to travel and tourism research, and provides a useful methodology for the study of a sector or industry.

Reinventing The Package Holiday Business

Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3322913775
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Reinventing The Package Holiday Business from the Author: . This book gives a detailed insight into the tour operator sector, particularly in Britain and Germany. Moreover, a theoretical framework ist developed, providing a useful methodology for the study of a sector or industry.

Reinventing The Entrepreneur

Author: MaryEllen Tribby
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118584589
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Reinventing The Entrepreneur from the Author: MaryEllen Tribby. Introducing a million-dollar business model that you can do from home, on the road, or in your spare time Mary Ellen Tribby, founder of Working Moms Only, has created and perfected a business model that is 500% more profitable than blogging, that you can do from home, from an office, or from anywhere in the world, that's easy to learn, and extremely profitable. With it, Mary Ellen has made millions through her various own businesses and her clients, and now you can too. It's called The Inbox Magazine (The iMag for short) and regardless of the size of your staff—from one to one hundred—or whether you spend ten or forty hours a week working at it, this revolutionary approach to running a business is your ticket to success and financial independence. Makes Mary Ellen Tribby's extraordinarily successful business strategies available to the public in a book for the first time If you're already in business, it arms you with proven techniques for boosting your bottom line by an order of magnitude—in no time If you're a novice entrepreneur, it delivers powerful tools for getting your business off the ground and running full throttle—right away The perfect tool for the time, the Inbox Magazine is what you need to create a huge impact with the minimum investment of time, energy, and money

Business Model You

Author: Timothy Clark
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118225996
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Business Model You from the Author: Timothy Clark. A one-page tool to reinvent yourself and your career The global bestseller Business Model Generation introduced a unique visual way to summarize and creatively brainstorm any business or product idea on a single sheet of paper. Business Model You uses the same powerful one-page tool to teach readers how to draw "personal business models," which reveal new ways their skills can be adapted to the changing needs of the marketplace to reveal new, more satisfying, career and life possibilities. Produced by the same team that created Business Model Generation, this book is based on the Business Model Canvas methodology, which has quickly emerged as the world's leading business model description and innovation technique. This book shows readers how to: Understand business model thinking and diagram their current personal business model Understand the value of their skills in the marketplace and define their purpose Articulate a vision for change Create a new personal business model harmonized with that vision, and most important, test and implement the new model When you implement the one-page tool from Business Model You, you create a game-changing business model for your life and career.


Author: Bruce Tip
Publisher: Piatkus
ISBN: 0349404585
Size: 34.93 MB
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Looptail from the Author: Bruce Tip. Looptail is Bruce Poon Tip's extraordinary first-person account of his entrepreneurial instincts to start and develop G Adventures, the highly successful international travel adventure company - and along the way he reveals his unusual management secrets that not only keep his employees fully engaged and energized but also keep his customers extremely happy. His unique appraoch has worked in marvellous ways. Poon Tip has created an entirely new and refreshing approach to management. For example, there is no CEO at G Adventures - instead, every employee is a CEO, empowered to make instantaneous decisions to help clients on the spot. But while there's no CEO, there is a company Mayor, who take the pulse of corporate morale. There's no HR department - but there is a Talent Agency and company Culture Club. It hasn't always been easy to try to balance his desire for a socially responsible company along with the desire to generate profits. But thanks to Poon Tip's vision, G Adventures has floruished and has done its best to maintain its looptail approach. In short, it's been an extraordinary ride, and in many ways G Adventures is at the vanguard of what modern-day companies are beginning to look like.

S Business

Author: James A. Alexander
Publisher: SelectBooks, Inc.
ISBN: 9781590790540
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S Business from the Author: James A. Alexander. In business, seeing the next paradigm shift in how to effectively navigate a company to achieve high performance and competitive advantage isn't just important-it's crucial. In their new book, S-Business: Reinventing the Services Organization, James A. Alexander and Mark Hordes offer a comprehensive and focused approach by which decision-makers in product, professional services and support services organizations can embrace services as a strategic weapon. This is the essence of S-Business.Giant organizations like IBM and General Electric, once thought of as pure product companies, are actively implementing s-business strategies. IBM Global Services generates more than $33 billion in annual revenue; for each dollar earned on software, $162 is paid out in services. Professional services firms such as Accenture and McKinsey are reinventing their marketing, delivery and alliances to meet the ever expanding issues and needs of customers and clients for comprehensive services. All segments of the economy will be touched by the new s-business paradigm shift. No organization of any size, in any market or geography, can afford not to implement an s-business strategy.

Reinventing The Wheel

Author: Chris Zane
ISBN: 1459617339
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Reinventing The Wheel from the Author: Chris Zane. Business.

Reinventing State Capitalism

Author: Aldo Musacchio
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674729684
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Reinventing State Capitalism from the Author: Aldo Musacchio. Focusing on a quantitative assessment of Brazil's economic performance 1976-2009, Aldo Musacchio and Sergio Lazzarini analyze the rise of new species of state capitalism in which governments interact with private investors either as majority or minority shareholders in publicly-traded corporations or as financial backers of purely private firms.

Reinventing Professional Services

Author: Ari Kaplan
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118097526
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Reinventing Professional Services from the Author: Ari Kaplan. How engaging technology and relationships can help you stand out, attract business and achieve a more dynamic professional life The technological landscape has reshaped the way white collar workers cultivate and promote their businesses. The Transformation of Professional Services is an engaging look at how licensed experts are adapting to today's dynamic economic environment. From Ari Kaplan—a recognized advisor on business and career development— Reinventing Professional Services: Building Your Business in the Digital Marketplaceoffers insights on taking advantage of enterprising techniques to stand out and position one's self as an insightful chameleon rather than as an isolated purveyor of facts and figures. Details the importance of offering resources instead of simply selling Reveals strategies for increasing one's searchability and distinguishing one's self in an economic downturn or recovery Offers advice readers can immediately use to strengthen client relationships Written in a straightforward and accessible style, this book provides engaging guidance for anyone in the professional services field—from business consultants, financial advisers, and lawyers to accountants, real estate brokers, and appraisers.

Reinventing Fire

Author: Amory Lovins
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
ISBN: 1603583726
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Reinventing Fire from the Author: Amory Lovins. Imagine fuel without fear. No climate change. No oil spills, no dead coalminers, no dirty air, no devastated lands, no lost wildlife. No energy poverty. No oil-fed wars, tyrannies, or terrorists. No leaking nuclear wastes or spreading nuclear weapons. Nothing to run out. Nothing to cut off. Nothing to worry about. Just energy abundance, benign and affordable, for all, forever. That richer, fairer, cooler, safer world is possible, practical, even profitable-because saving and replacing fossil fuels now works better and costs no more than buying and burning them. Reinventing Fire shows how business-motivated by profit, supported by civil society, sped by smart policy-can get the US completely off oil and coal by 2050, and later beyond natural gas as well. Authored by a world leader on energy and innovation, the book maps a robust path for integrating real, here-and-now, comprehensive energy solutions in four industries-transportation, buildings, electricity, and manufacturing-melding radically efficient energy use with reliable, secure, renewable energy supplies.Popular in tone and rooted in applied hope, Reinventing Fire shows how smart businesses are creating a potent, global, market-driven, and explosively growing movement to defossilize fuels. It points readers to trillions in savings over the next 40 years, and trillions more in new business opportunities.Whether you care most about national security, or jobs and competitive advantage, or climate and environment, this major contribution by world leaders in energy innovation offers startling innovations will support your values, inspire your support, and transform your sense of possibility.Pragmatic citizens today are more interested in outcomes than motives. Reinventing Fire answers this trans-ideological call. Whether you care most about national security, or jobs and competitive advantage, or climate and environment, its startling innovations will support your values, inspire your support, and transform your sense of possibility.