Property Law In Namibia

Author: Prof Sam Amoo
Publisher: PULP
ISBN: 1920538224
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Property Law In Namibia from the Author: Prof Sam Amoo. Property Law in Namibia provides an autochthonous discussion of property law in Namibia. It does not only capture the constitutional, statutory and common law sources of property law in Namibia, but it also covers currently topical subjects such as property rights of women and land reform in Namibia. The publication is meant to be utilised by law academics, property law lecturers, legal practitioners and conveyancers, law students, students pursuing specialised land related programmes such as land use planning and officials in government ministries. Property Law in Namibia contains chapters on traditional concepts of property law such as the scope and nature of the law of property, classifications of things, real rights and personal rights, ownership and possession. Chapter 9 is devoted entirely to remedies, which is a departure from the norm, but where relevant, appropriate remedies are indicated in the specific parts of the text. In order to give prominence to Namibian property jurisprudence topics on the genesis of the land tenure systems of Namibia, land reform, and property rights of women in Namibia have either been dealt with in separate chapters or been included as parts of other chapters. This publication is meant to be utilised by law academics, property law lecturers, legal practitioners and conveyancers, law students, students pursuing specialised land related programmes such as land use planning and officials

The Herero War The First Genocide Of The 20th Century

Author: Martin Weiser
Publisher: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 3638054322
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The Herero War The First Genocide Of The 20th Century from the Author: Martin Weiser. Bachelor Thesis from the year 2006 in the subject History Europe - Germany - 1848, Empire, Imperialism, grade: 1, Charles University in Prague, 79 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: In my thesis I examine German colonial policies in South West Africa towards the natives from their first engagement in the area in 1883 up to the end of the Herero war in 1907. Primarily, I try to establish if they were genocidal. ... My thesis is divided into three major parts. The first two describe and characterize the German policies towards the natives of South West Africa and their mutual relationship, prior to the Herero war and during it respectively. The third is concerned with definitions of genocide and relevance for its aplication on the Herero war. In the first chapter I shortly portray South West Africa prior to European colonisation and then turn my attention to German - steady and gradual - conquest of the country. Special consideration is given to German perceptions of the natives, to their use of the natives for their own cause and to their treatment of the indigenous population. Finally the most important aspects of development of the colony under German rule are presented. The next chapter of the thesis deals with the events of the Herero war. Analysis of the main causes of the uprising is followed by the description of the course of war. This one is purposefully not very detailed, and only events relevant for our cause are mentioned. Much more attention is given to German changing policies during the war and to the differing arguments behind these policies, with special focus on Lothar von Trotha's reasoning. The Nama uprising is mentioned briefly as well. At the end results of the war and its influence mainly on the native population are characterized. I deal with the concept of genocide in the final part of this paper. I offer three different definitions and apply them one by one, on the events in Gernam South West Africa at the beginning of the 20th century. I analyze if any, some, or all definitions are valid and could be used to describe these events. The crucial question of this thesis is whether German policies in South West Africa regarding the native population, especially the Herero could be described as genocidal.


Author: Winfried Brugger
Publisher: Mohr Siebrek Ek
ISBN: 9783161525773
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Verfassungsvoraussetzungen from the Author: Winfried Brugger. Die Voraussetzungen von Verfassungsgebung, Verfassungsanwendung und Verfassungsvergleichung sind durch Europaisierungs- und Globalisierungstendenzen in den letzten Jahren erheblich in die fachliche und offentliche Diskussion geraten. An diesen Diskussionen hat sich Winfried Brugger (1950-2010) in herausragender Weise beteiligt. Zu seinem Gedachtnis sind etwa 40 Beitrage renommierter in- und auslandischer Forscher in funf thematischen Gruppen vereint, von den rechtsphilosophischen uber die methodischen, historischen und religiosen bis zu den prozeduralen, supra- und internationalen und schliesslich vergleichenden Voraussetzungen der Verfassung, sie vertiefen Fragen von Gerechtigkeit und Gemeinwohl und schlagen den thematischen Bogen von der Rechtssicherheit bis zur Bedeutung der Nahrung, beleuchten neben dem Menschenbild die dark side of law, und tasten sich von Rom bis zum brasilianischen Verfassungsgericht, von Herder und Moses Mendelsohn bis zu Scalia und Brugger vor.

A Fast Platform For Interactive E Learning Systems

Author: Ondrej Havel
ISBN: 9783832536367
Size: 19.96 MB
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A Fast Platform For Interactive E Learning Systems from the Author: Ondrej Havel. Modern e-learning systems represent a special type of web information systems. Information systems serve multiple users simultaneously. A large number of simultaneous users can slow the information system. Slow interaction with such system is an undesirable problem which can be solved using an appropriate method. One such commonly used method is the continuous upgrade of the underlying hardware. This work deals with the implementation of a web e-learning system with a different software architecture. In order to implement a web e-learning system with all needed features, a Rich Internet Application framework (RIA) was used. In combination with a special network application, the system is able to provide a better performance than conventional web information systems only with minimal hardware requirements.

Apartheid Imperialism And African Freedom

Author: William J. Pomeroy
Publisher: International Pub
Size: 64.23 MB
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Apartheid Imperialism And African Freedom from the Author: William J. Pomeroy. A study packed with facts on the historical background of Southern Africa. Still relevant to today's issues and struggles for full equality and freedom, against racism and imperialism. Notes. Index. Map.