Action Karate Quilts

Author: Kathleen Azeez
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1467851566
Size: 54.95 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 5371
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Action Karate Quilts from the Author: Kathleen Azeez. Have you been searching for karate patterns to make something special for someone who enjoys the sport? Kathy Azeez has selected six karate positions - three aggressive and three defensive ones and created patterns for each. Use one or combine them as a set of kick boxers in combat. She also explains how to insert a HEAD into the body BLOCK by choosing one of the various heads she has designed or by transferring a photograph of the face you desire onto the fabric. There are various examples of ways to use the patterns for precision piecing and even applique. The instructions are complete and accurate, allowing for a surprisingly quick completion of your project.

Vivacious Curvy Quilts

Author: Dianne S. Hire
Publisher: Amer Quilters Society
ISBN: 9781574326741
Size: 48.32 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 5005
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Vivacious Curvy Quilts from the Author: Dianne S. Hire. Show off your inner quilter with vivacious curvy piecing! Dianne Hire firmly believes in the power of play, and she demonstrates how to bring fun into any quilt with her easy-to-do curved piecing technique. Eleven wallhanging projects are self-developed as you learn the ins and outs of each technique. Multiple methods assure good results every time a curve is pieced, whether continuous, vessel-shaped, circular, crescent, or a combination. Approximately 100 photos of Dianne's work and pieces by her students show just how striking and innovative individual quilts can be when using vivacious curves. Before you know it, you've also learned significant design and color use strategies, which is typical of how Dianne teaches and of her previous books-Quilters Playtime: Games with Fabric (AQS 2004) and Oxymorons: Absurdly Logical Quilts (AQS 2001).

Fearless Design For Every Quilter

Author: Lorraine Torrence
Publisher: C&T Publishing Inc
ISBN: 1571209093
Size: 68.60 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 129
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Fearless Design For Every Quilter from the Author: Lorraine Torrence. Stock Up Your Creative Toolbox With Indispensable Quilt Design Techniques. Supercharge your creative spirit with 10 lessons in designing with fabrics-from basic design principles to finding new sources of inspiration. Take an artistic journey through the creative processes of 8 real-life quilters and learn with them as they work through a series of design challenges. Learn to experiment, evaluate results, and enhance your designs, working either by yourself or with a group. Use critique groups to improve your work with other quilters' insights. The lessons you'll learn in this inspiring workshop will help you bring new creativity to any style of quilting or fiber arts, whether your tastes are traditional or contemporary. It's a must for anyone who loves to design with fabric.

Whimsical Animals

Author: Miriam Gourley
Publisher: C & T Pub
ISBN: 9780914881612
Size: 55.89 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 6630
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Whimsical Animals from the Author: Miriam Gourley. Provides patterns and instructions for making a variety of animal dolls, as well as toy furniture

Quilts To Make For Kids

Publisher: Better Homes & Gardens Books
ISBN: 9780696019098
Size: 42.18 MB
Format: PDF
View: 1018
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Quilts To Make For Kids from the Author: . Offers instructions for creating crib quilts, a cloth play farm, quilts with fanciful and imaginative themes, and quilts for teenagers.

Reunion On The Rainbow Bridge

Author: Sherri Defesche
Publisher: Frog Books
ISBN: 1583942653
Size: 53.21 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 2747
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Reunion On The Rainbow Bridge from the Author: Sherri Defesche. The author details her meeting with a past-life regression therapist, who helps her discover that her parents had been soulmates over more than two hundred incarnations. Original.

American Patchwork

Author: Sonja Hakala
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9781429996839
Size: 25.78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 934
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American Patchwork from the Author: Sonja Hakala. For those who enjoyed the honesty and insight of How to Make an American Quilt, this is a moving collection of personal stories that highlight the laughter, sadness, friendships, frustrations, and triumphs shared by the more than 21 million people across the country who call themselves quilters. These touching tales from sixty-seven contributors nationwide form a patchwork of their own in the words of each individual's unique narrative. From the quilt that reunited a family divided by war and an ocean to the twenty-two foot banner that accompanied a dying woman on her last journey, American Patchwork is sure to capture the hearts of quilters and quilt lovers everywhere. Wonderfully varied, instructive, nostalgic, amusing, and often poignantly written, this gem of a book will be treasured for years to come.

Modern Farmhouse Style

Author: Country Home
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1681882957
Size: 16.14 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 1387
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Modern Farmhouse Style from the Author: Country Home. Move over, shabby chic: The new farmhouse look is all about clean lines and modern shapes, paired with rustic textures and clever upcycled decor ideas from the country life. With Modern Farmhouse Style, you can now achieve that farmhouse aesthetic in your own home—no matter where you reside. This collection of more than 250 gorgeous yet attainable farmhouse-inspired decor ideas, organizational tips, and DIY projects is everything you need to make your modern home perfectly rustic—or vice versa! With chapters on entryways, living spaces, kitchens, dining rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces, you’ll learn how to “countrify” any area of your home so it’s charming yet refined, homey yet chic. You’ll learn how to select the proper mix of contemporary and rustic furniture, pick raw materials, build out unique DIY projects, and add attractive and inspired personal touches. Whether you’re a city or a country dweller, Modern Farmhouse Style will bring the you the best of both worlds. Chapters Include: Entryways Choose One Sculptural Accent Use Hairpin Legs to Build Entryway Furniture Have Fun with Entryway Paint Reuse the Old Like New Living Rooms Start (and Display) Collections Embrace the Power of Paint Recast a Bird Cage into a Coffee Table Let Original Features Shine Kitchens Seek Out Sleek Storage Options Four Ways to Update an Island Mount a Sophisticated Wooden Wine Rack Reinterpret Historic Influences Dining Rooms Go for a Polished Palette Update Farmhouse Imagery Craft a Handsome Dining Room Table Get Rustic Schoolhouse Charm Family Rooms Explore Cabin Chic Assemble a Crate Coffee Table Farmhouse Workspaces Four Ways Update a Fireplace Bedrooms Update a Headboard Silhouette Use Vintage Toys in Sweet Vignettes Beautify a Dresser with Country Touches Seek Out Handmade “Flaws” Bathrooms Bring in Natural Fibers Embrace Courageous Decor Welcome Brick to the Bath Turn Tile Strategically Outdoor Spaces Salvage Outdoor Dining Sets Make Modern Use of a Classic Barn Illuminate the Garden Path Create Restful Nooks