Large Scale Privatization Via Auctions

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Large Scale Privatization Via Auctions from the Author: . On the basis of a game-theoretic framework of analysis, Jocelyn Braun shows that the mechanism of auctioning is an efficient and equitable alternative to many privatization methods that have so far been implemented with disappointing results.

The Uk Energy Experience

Author: G MacKerron
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 1783262699
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The Uk Energy Experience from the Author: G MacKerron. The UK energy system has experienced radical reform in past decade — privatisation, liberalisation, re-structuring and re-regulation for gas/electricity supply and coal, plus rapid technological change and flexible fiscal policy in offshore oil/gas. Many countries are seeking to travel similar paths, though more slowly (eg USA, EU, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Pacific Rim) and are following UK experience. The conference brings together academics, business economists and consultants to give the first major evaluation from an economics pespective of the extent to which the UK experience has been successful, and how far it might be reproduced elsewhere. Contents:The Restructuring of UK Energy Industries: What Have We Learned? (D M Newbery)The Likely Effects of Competition in the UK Domestic Gas Market (J Surrey)Opening the Domestic Gas Market — Can Customers be Winners? (N Evans)The UK Petroleum Fiscal System in Retrospect (A G Kemp & L Stephens)Pipeline Regulation and the North Sea Oil Infrastructure (P Stevens)North Sea Oil and Gas: The Exploitation of the Oil and Gas Resources of the North Sea: Retrospect and Prospect (P R Odell)The Decline of UK Coal: Economics or Politics? (M J Parker)British Electricity Privatisation: The Customer's Standpoint (G R Horton)Competition Versus Regulation in British Electricity Generation (P Gray et al.)Energy Efficiency: Some Policy Priorities (J Chesshire)Assessing Fiscal Policy for Greenhouse Gas Abatement in the UK and the European Union (T Barker)Transport and UK Energy Policy (K Button)Energy Policy: Back to the Bad Old Days? (C Robinson)On the Implementation of Economic Regulation in UK Energy Industries (M Waterson)Lessons from UK Electricity Reforms for Developing Countries (J E Besant-Jones)“The UK Energy Experience: A Model or a Warning?” A Summing Up (P A Davies)and other papers Readership: Undergraduates, graduates and energy/regulatory specialists. Keywords:Energy Studies;UK Energy;Environmental EconomicsReviews:“Together the submissions cover the full range of energy issues in the UK. They provide a snapshot both of what the major policy issues are, and of the concerns of academic research … readers will find in the book a useful insight into UK policy thinking, in particular the attention given to privatization and regulation.”Journal of Energy Literature II “Readers of the Imperial College publication will find it easy to select individual papers which are of interest … provide valuable material for anyone undertaking a serious study of recent developments in energy policy.”Energy Action

Privatization And Culture

Author: Peter B. Boorsma
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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Privatization And Culture from the Author: Peter B. Boorsma. CARlA BODO Board Member of the Cultural Information and Research Centres liaison in Europe (CIRCLE) and Director of the Observatory for the Performing Arts at the Department of the Performing Arts of the Italian Prime Minister's Office, Roma The relation between the public and the private sector in the field of culture, the central theme of this publication, was thoroughly debated during the 1997 CIRCLE Round Table in Amsterdam. It was not the first time CIRCLE addressed this issue. In 1988 CIRCLE'S Bureau was invited to participate in a seminar in Budapest on The State, the Market and Culture. I will never forget the emotional impact of Sacha Rubinstein's demonization of state sup port and his apotheosis of the role of the market in the cultural field in Russia. So, in ad vance of actual events, we suddenly had a premonition of what was going to happen, ofthe turmoil which was about to radically change the socio-political scene of Central and East ern Europe. Six years later, in 1994, we met again in Budapest for a Conference on The Distribu tion of Roles between Government and Arts Councils, Associations and Foundations.

Argentina S Transport Privatization And Re Regulation

Author: Antonio Estache
Publisher: World Bank Publications
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Argentina S Transport Privatization And Re Regulation from the Author: Antonio Estache. "Argentina's policy for reform of the transport sector has been a mix of competition in the market and, through concessions, for the market. Capacity has increased, demand has grown, and prices and services have improved. Public financing has not been eliminated but it has been drastically reduced"--Cover.

Early Modern Writing And The Privatization Of Experience

Author: Nick Davis
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1441134387
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Early Modern Writing And The Privatization Of Experience from the Author: Nick Davis. Reading a wide range of early modern authors and exploring their cultural-historical, philosophical and scientific contexts, Early Modern Writing and the Privatization of Experience examines the shift in focus from reliance on shared experience to placing of trust in individualized experience which occurs in the writing and culture of the period. Nick Davis contends that much of the era's literary production participates significantly in this broad cultural movement. Covering key writers of the period including Shakespeare, Donne, Chaucer, Spenser, Langland, Hobbes and Bunyan, Davis begins with an overview of the medieval-early modern privatizing cultural transition. He then goes on to offer an analysis of King Lear, Richard II, Henry IV Part 1, The Winter's Tale, and the first three books of The Fairie Queene, among other texts, considering their treatment of the relation between individual life and the life attributed to the cosmos, the idea of symbolic narrative positing a collective human subject, and the forming of pragmatic relations between individual and group.

Privatization Of Electricity Distribution

Author: K. Ramanathan
Publisher: The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
ISBN: 8179930076
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Privatization Of Electricity Distribution from the Author: K. Ramanathan. Orissa Was The First State In India And Also In South Asia To Bring About Comprehensive Reforms In Its State-Owned Electricity Industry, Including Privatization Of The Distribution Industry Business. The Reform Exercise Was Also Expected To Serve As Amodel For Other States To Follow. However, Results Have Belied Many Expectations And Raised Anumber Of Widely Debatable Issues. With A Strong Empirical Basis, This Book Gives A Comprehensive But A Concise Presentation Of The Distribution Privatization Experience In Orissa And Its Influence On Other Indian States, With Particular Reference To The Privatization Distribution In Delhi.

Housing Privatization In Eastern Europe

Author: David Clapham
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313272141
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Housing Privatization In Eastern Europe from the Author: David Clapham. This important new book reports on the privatization of Eastern European housing systems since the political changes of the early 1990s.

Bangladesh Traders Manual

Author: Inc Ibp
Publisher: Int'l Business Publications
ISBN: 1433064707
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Bangladesh Traders Manual from the Author: Inc Ibp. 2011 Updated Reprint. Updated Annually. Bangladesh Traders Manual: Export-Import, Trade, Investment

Public Administration And Policy In The Caribbean

Author: Indianna D. Minto-Coy
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1439892989
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Public Administration And Policy In The Caribbean from the Author: Indianna D. Minto-Coy. The Caribbean is at a crucial phase in its development. Global and local pressures have seen the region losing its competitiveness, while it remains at risk of losing out on development gains made in the last few decades. These pressures are demanding improvements in the way government operates, particularly in its policy-making and administrative capacity. This book offers the single most comprehensive reference on public administration in the Caribbean to date, providing information on legacies, tools, and strategies that are beneficial to understanding and improving public policy. Public Administration and Policy in the Caribbean presents contributed chapters from a host of well-placed practitioners and academics across the region and its diaspora. The collection maps the history and development of Caribbean public policy and management, discussing some of the most relevant contemporary themes and practices in a region that has received insufficient attention in research. It also considers a number of critical policy issues, some old, some new, and others yet emerging that are of significant import for successful governance and development across the region. The book covers the lesser-known experiences of the Dutch, French, and English Caribbean, as well as Cuba and Haiti, showing the rich legacies, themes, and contemporary issues affecting the region. It begins with a history of Caribbean public administration practices and institutions from the colonial period to the present. It then offers an exposition and critical analysis of some of the current debates and issues in public administration, delving into the internal workings of the state. The book concludes with a discussion of some of the ongoing and new public policy issues and concerns in the region. Public Administration and Policy in the Caribbean makes a solid contribution to understanding the variety of experiences, legacies, and contemporary issues in public policy and administration in small and developing states. Practitioners, researchers, consultants, and instructors should find this an invaluable resource.


Author: David J. Donaldson
Publisher: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 9780821334478
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Privatization from the Author: David J. Donaldson. Examines key aspects of labor market conditions as they are affected by the economic reforms that are integrating Latin American and Caribbean economies with world markets. Also available: Portuguese edition (ISBN 0-8213-3502-2) Stock No. 13502; Spanish edition (ISBN 0-8213-3501-4) Stock No. 13501.