The Price Of Love

Author: Robin Fitzgerald
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1607911973
Size: 35.33 MB
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The Price Of Love from the Author: Robin Fitzgerald. The Price of Love is a tried practical approach for enhancing marriages. Focusing on six key areas using biblical principles, the author guides you into developing the necessary skills to strengthen any marriage. It's a seven- week journey towards - Protection, Relationship health, exploring Intimacy, improving Communication, enhancing Empathy, and delving into the biblical meaning of love. Written from the perspective of counselor and wife, each easy to read chapter is packed with helpful resources, ideas, tools, and homework lessons to solidify the learning experience. In The Price of Love, you'll discover important tools that can make your marriage the gift that God intended. Using the acronym "PRICE of Love," you'll discover: Protection: Our marriages are our most important investment. We must protect them from eternal forces. Learn specific marriages threats, and how to avoid them. Relationship: A marriage that is not nurtured, will not survive. Learn tools for "working on the relationship," including the importance of "quality time," and a plan for nurturing your relationship. Intimacy: God created intimacy as a gift, but good sex does not "just happen." Learn the importance of intimacy, and how to overcome barriers. Communication: Good communication is vital. Learn about male and female communication differences, and tools to communicate effectively. Empathy: Empathy means to feel what the other person is feeling. Learn to "get inside your spouse's skin" to meet his/her needs. Love: The biblical meaning of love is different from what is taught in today's society. Learn the true meaning of love, and how to express Christ's love. Robin Fann Fitzgerald is a counselor who holds a B. A. in psychology and a M.A. in counseling from Liberty University. Robin is a counselor, Bible speaker, wife, and mother. She grew up as a "PK" (Preacher's kid) and is married to a preacher.

The Price Of Love

Author: Laramie Briscoe
Publisher: Laramie Briscoe
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The Price Of Love from the Author: Laramie Briscoe. Rockin' Country Reading Order Only The BeginningOne Day At A TimeThe Price of Love ****Book 3 of the Rockin' Country Series**** Wife Husband Superstar entertainers Two people completely in love Harmony and Reaper thought life would be easier once they sealed the deal. Stage personas put to the side, settling into marriage should have allowed them to be Hannah and Garrett to the world at large. Boy, were they ever wrong! Pressure from record companies, fans, and the people surrounding them put their brand-new union under the strain of the entertainment machine. Long nights apart, quick meetings in hotel rooms, and new faces on the music scene were not what either of them thought they would have to contend with. When love is strong, emotions go haywire, and frustration is at an all-time high, everyone's true colors are revealed. Hannah and Garrett have a decision to make--is fame worth the price of love?

The Price Of Love

Author: T. Lewis Humphrey
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595272606
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The Price Of Love from the Author: T. Lewis Humphrey. Jennifer had it all, looks, money, a powerful father, talent and the gang (her friends). What else could she ask for? One summer she threw it all away for the man she love: the maid's son. Her father found out she was entangled in this forbidden romance on a summer trip television show. He walks in and catches them making love, then takes everything that is important to her away, her friends and her soul mate. He says he wishes she were never born. Two years later after finding out the tragic things that were happening back home, she granted him his wish. She disappeared and gave everything to Monique. Through her, Jennifer would have the second chance at life and love. Will Monique make the same mistakes? Will her father learn his lesson? Will they all pay the ultimate price-The Price of Love? With this group of teenagers, the price they pay for living in the fast lane quickly turns bad. They have no limits to what they will do for fun, or love!

The Price Of Love

Author: Colin Murray Parkes
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317645251
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The Price Of Love from the Author: Colin Murray Parkes. In the course of a long career Colin Murray Parkes, one of the most important and influential psychiatrists working in the field of bereavement and loss, has produced a body of work which can be considered truly ground-breaking. His early studies involved working alongside John Bowlby in the development of attachment theory and led to his pioneering work on the Harvard Bereavement Project in the USA and at the new St Christopher's Hospice in Britain. Parkes focussed on two psychological processes, grief, which is the painful search for a lost person or object of attachment, and transition, which is the process of changing the assumptive world in ways that ensure that nothing worthwhile need be completely lost. Out of the struggle to resolve the conflict between holding on and letting go of the old assumptions there gradually emerges a new and more mature model of the world. These ideas throw light on a wide range of life change events and have proved useful to people faced with bereavement, physical disabilities, dying, disasters and even terrorist attacks. In recent years he has supported humanitarian efforts in countries including Rwanda, India and Japan. Parkes’ career has spanned several decades and touched countless lives. In The Price of Love, Parkes presents papers which span the full extent of his career, covering and linking together our understanding of the five major areas of his work: - Love and grief; - Crisis, trauma and transition; - Death and dying; - Disasters; - War and terrorism: breaking the cycle. The papers included here have been carefully selected and annotated to show how Parkes’ thinking has developed during a career as researcher, practitioner and educator. In each section of the book psychological and social causes are paired with consequences and interventions (both preventive and therapeutic) and explored from Western and cross-cultural perspectives, all with Parkes’ customary clarity and compassion. This unique collection of papers will prove invaluable to psychologists, psychiatrists, palliative care staff, counsellors and students, as well as those studying international conflict and working with the bereaved.

Oceans Of Love 2

Author: Gilbert R. Smith
Publisher: Page Publishing Inc
ISBN: 1635683343
Size: 42.76 MB
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Oceans Of Love 2 from the Author: Gilbert R. Smith. Gilbert Ruley Smith’s Oceans of Love 2 is an intriguing memoir of the author who fell in love and married one of a pair of identical twins. What happens when a man tries to separate two young women who were together in the womb and were each other’s best friend? Gilbert fell for Ruth, the dominant twin, who was outgoing and confident. However, she was still so connected to Ann, her twin, that she always put her sister’s feelings ahead of her own. The author details many experiences, beginning with the time he and Ruth first met and how he learned to cope with things in his relationship with Ruth, Ann, and the rest of their family and how it impacted his life. Gilbert writes, “There are many facets of my life and Ruth’s life that are an uncommon departure from the usual, and this is the incentive for writing this book.” “The story opens by describing Ruth’s life and parents and my life and parents in Baltimore before meeting her. In mid-adolescence, I become aware of a strong inner feeling that tells me that the right girl is waiting for me, and all I have to do is find her. I eventually find her and discover that she is a twin. I begin to date her and court her. Thus begins my education on the unusual world of twins and the difficulty of getting along with them. My relationship with Ruth rapidly develops into true love. “Our love is tested when I am drafted into the Korean War. After the war, it takes a few years for our lives to settle down. We get married in 1957 and live with her twin sister and mother, so our married life cannot be described as normal. Ruth'’s twin sister gets married and also lives with us. Then, Ruth and I have two children. Our household is crowded! The story describes the many changes and adjustments necessary over the years to survive our unusual life, with emphasis on the enduring true love between Ruth and me. It is our enduring true love that enabled us to not only survive, but to lead a life of happiness that was far above and beyond normal.”

Price Of Love

Author: Shelley Munro
Publisher: Pronoun
ISBN: 0473344386
Size: 47.45 MB
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Price Of Love from the Author: Shelley Munro. Tiger shapeshifter and soldier Kersen Amat is desperate to mate with the sexy Jarita Namar, a leopard shapeshifter and the woman of his dreams. He plans his courtship and pursuit with care. Step 1 is to secure parental permission. Step 2 is to collect rubies for the bride price. Step 3 is to woo the beautiful and independent leopard shifter. Not impossible tasks, but hardly easy either, considering the number of things that could go wrong. Jarita has watched Kersen from afar for months, but he hasn’t shown any return interest. It’s time to take action and shape her future in the way she desires. During a fortuitous meeting in the jungle sparks fly, along with love and laughter. Mutual pleasure explodes—sweet, erotic and compelling—until thieves intent on stealing rubies from the clan mines intrude. A disaster since without the rubies there’s no bride price and their courtship will be doomed. Obtaining Jarita, a jewel beyond price, as his mate might take more than rubies and seduction…

The Price Of Love

Author: Deanna Maclaren
Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1784623636
Size: 52.58 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Price Of Love from the Author: Deanna Maclaren. Helen loved this part of it. The anticipation, the delicious uncertainty about whether, once again, she could swing it. Seeking adventure, and encouraged by her French lover, Jean-Paul, Helen heads for Paris. But Jean-Paul is furious when she gets a cleaning job and starts an affair with sexy bad-boy Alexis. Through Alexis she is introduced to a Parisien swingers’ club and Alexis’ wild-child sister Malveen. When Jean-Paul suddenly passes away, Helen is comforted by his son Marc. And then things take a further turn for the worse... Malveen is locked in a dungeon cave by her new husband and, on escaping, murders Helen’s employer. Marc flips and Helen bolts back to her family in Southwold, Suffolk. But Marc follows her... The Price of Love is a scintillating read that will appeal to fans of romantic fiction.

The Price Of Love

Author: Jack Travers
Publisher: PageFree Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 9781930252592
Size: 27.16 MB
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The Price Of Love from the Author: Jack Travers.

Bonds Of Love

Author: Richtsje Abma
Publisher: Uitgeverij Van Gorcum
ISBN: 9789023235095
Size: 24.25 MB
Format: PDF
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Bonds Of Love from the Author: Richtsje Abma. Bonds of Love offers a fresh interpretation of a selection of prophetic texts that present the covenant relationship as a marital relationship. The accent in this study is on method. Historical and biographical categories such as 'the prophet' and 'his career' are left aside in order to concentrate on the composition and internal cohesion of the text. This volume will be of interest to specialists in the field of prophetic studies, biblical theologians and scholars in related fields.