Portland Queer

Author: Ariel Gore
Publisher: Microcosm Pub
ISBN: 9781934620656
Size: 24.58 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Portland Queer from the Author: Ariel Gore. At once a love letter to the Rose City and a dream of escape, the first-person narratives of Portland Queer reveal the contradictions and commonalities of life in one of the world's great queer meccas. A waiter falls in love with a straight guy from the café next door. A young dyke discovers gay karaoke at the Silverado. A pregnant man prepares for new life transitions. An ambitious teenager finds her tribe at St. Mary's Academy. A closet-case is confronted by his wife. And a video-game addict takes a chance on love. This collection features stories by Dexter Flowers, Kathleen Bryson, David Ciminello, Tony Longshanks, Lois Leveen, Megan Kruse, and Stevie Anntonym, among many others.

We Were Witches

Author: Ariel Gore
Publisher: Feminist Press at CUNY
ISBN: 1936932024
Size: 51.17 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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We Were Witches from the Author: Ariel Gore. Spurred on by nineties “family values” campaigns and determined to better herself through education, a teen mom talks her way into college. Disgusted by an overabundance of phallocratic narratives and Freytag’s pyramid, she turns to a subcultural canon of resistance and failure. Wryly riffing on feminist literary tropes, it documents the survival of a demonized single mother figuring things out.

Juliet Takes A Breath

Author: Gabby Rivera
Publisher: Riverdale Avenue Books LLC
ISBN: 1626012504
Size: 26.23 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Juliet Takes A Breath from the Author: Gabby Rivera. “Even if Holden Caulfield was born in the Bronx in the 1980s, he could never be this awesome.” Inga Muscio, author of Cunt Juliet Milagros Palante is leaving the Bronx and headed to Portland, Oregon. She just came out to her family and isn’t sure if her mom will ever speak to her again. But Juliet has a plan, sort of, one that’s going to help her figure out this whole “Puerto Rican lesbian” thing. She’s interning with the author of her favorite book: Harlowe Brisbane, the ultimate authority on feminism, women’s bodies, and other gay-sounding stuff. Will Juliet be able to figure out her life over the course of one magical summer? Is that even possible? Or is she running away from all the problems that seem too big to handle? With more questions than answers, Juliet takes on Portland, Harlowe, and most importantly, herself.

The End Of Eve

Author: Ariel Gore
Publisher: Hawthorne Books
ISBN: 0989360415
Size: 56.84 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The End Of Eve from the Author: Ariel Gore. At age 39, Ariel Gore has everything she’s always wanted: a successful writing career, a long-term partnership, a beautiful if tiny home, a daughter in college and a son in preschool. But life’s happy endings don’t always last. If it’s not one thing, after all, it’s your mother. Her name is Eve. Her epic temper tantrums have already gotten her banned from three cab companies in Portland. And she’s here to announce that she’s dying. “Pitifully, Ariel,” she sighs. “You’re all I have.” Ariel doesn’t want to take care of her crazy dying mother, but she knows she will. It’s the right thing to do, isn’t it? And, anyway, how long could it go on? “Don’t worry,” Eve says. “If I’m ever a burden, I’ll just blow my brains out.” Amidst the chaos of clowns and hospice workers, pie and too much whiskey, Ariel’s own ten-year relationship begins to unravel. Darkly humorous and intimately human, The End of Eve redefines the meaning of family and everything we’ve ever been taught to call “love.”

Rebel Moms

Author: Davina Rhine
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781462026524
Size: 33.95 MB
Format: PDF
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Rebel Moms from the Author: Davina Rhine. Modern motherhood has changed; it isn’t just frilly aprons, mini-vans, and soccer practice anymore. You are a modern mom—a rebel mom—ready to raise your kids while running a successful business, starting a band, or finding your voice, while doing the things you love and fighting for what's right. Even so, the path to epic mom rebellion is not always easy. Meet the women who have seen, conquered, and survived—making a difference, doing things their own way and on their own terms. They are activists, teachers, veterans, firefighters, pin-ups, fast food workers, tattoo artists, and more. A rebel mom has no set definition beyond her tendency to elude definition. These women, from varying places and backgrounds, have seen it all: divorce, abuse, depression, and disability. They have succeeded and raised children with tough grins on their faces. Are you a new or expecting mother? Are you a mother who's fed up with the super-mom/super-woman myth? Or are you a pro who’s been there and done that, but would still love to learn from other rebel moms? It’s never too late to learn a new trick, and motherhood is never the same for anyone. Cultures change, as do child-rearing practices, but certain aspects of being a mom are universal and timeless—love, support, and strength. The rebel moms have mastered the art of motherhood, and you can embrace the revolution.

How I Paid For College

Author: Marc Acito
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1408806681
Size: 53.71 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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How I Paid For College from the Author: Marc Acito. It's 1983, and in a sleepy community in New Jersey seventeen-year-old Edward Zanni is Peter Panning his way through a carefree summer of magic and mischief. However, the fun comes to a halt when his father refuses to pay for Edward to study acting at Julliard. Edward's truly in a bind. He's ineligible for scholarships because his father earns too much. And, in a sure sign that he's destined for a life in the arts, Edward's incapable of holding down a job. So he turns to his loyal (but immoral) friends to help him steal the tuition fees from his father, all the while practising for their high school performance of Grease. Disguising themselves as nuns and priests, they merrily scheme their way through embezzlement, money-laundering, identity theft, forgery and blackmail. But along the way, Edward also learns the value of friendship, hard work and how you're not really a man until you can beat up your father, metaphorically or otherwise.

Hidden History Of Portland Oregon

Author: JD Chandler
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 1625846673
Size: 49.75 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Hidden History Of Portland Oregon from the Author: JD Chandler. In this engaging narrative, author JD Chandler crafts a people's history of Portland, Oregon, sharing the lesser-known stories of individuals who stood against the tide and fought for liberty and representation: C.E.S. Wood, who documented the conflict between Native Americans and the United States Army; Beatrice Morrow Cannady, founding member of the Portland NAACP and first African American woman to practice law in Oregon; women's rights advocate Dr. Marie Equi, who performed abortions and was an open lesbian; and student athlete Jack Yoshihara, who, in the wake of Pearl Harbor, was barred from participating in the 1942 Rose Bowl. From scandal and oppression to injustice and the brink of revolution, join Chandler as he gives voice to the Rose City's quiet radicals and outspoken activists.

Call Me Home

Author: Megan Kruse
Publisher: Hawthorne Books
ISBN: 0990437035
Size: 58.34 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Call Me Home from the Author: Megan Kruse. Call Me Home has an epic scope in the tradition of Louise Erdrich’s The Plague of Doves or Marilynne Robinson’s Housekeeping and braids the stories of a family in three distinct voices: Amy, who leaves her Texas home at 19 to start a new life with a man she barely knows, and her two children, Jackson and Lydia, who are rocked by their parents’ abusive relationship. When Amy is forced to bargain for the safety of one child over the other, she must retrace the steps in the life she has chosen. Jackson, 18 and made visible by his sexuality, leaves home and eventually finds work on a construction crew in the Idaho mountains, where he begins a potentially ruinous affair with Don, the married foreman of his crew. Lydia, his 12-year-old sister, returns with her mother to Texas, struggling to understand what she perceives to be her mother’s selfishness. At its heart, this is a novel about family, our choices and how we come to live with them, what it means to be queer in the rural West, and the changing idea of home.

City Of Weird

Author: Gigi Little
Publisher: Forest Avenue Press
ISBN: 1942436246
Size: 61.94 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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City Of Weird from the Author: Gigi Little. City of Weird conjures what we fear: death, darkness, ghosts. Hungry sea monsters and alien slime molds. Blood drinkers and game show hosts. Set in Portland, Oregon, these thirty stories blend imagination, literary writing, and pop culture into a cohesive weirdness that honors the city’s personality, its bookstores and bridges and solo volcano, as well as the tradition of sci-fi pulp magazines. Including such authors as Rene Denfeld, Justin Hocking, Leni Zumas, and Kevin Sampsell, editor Gigi Little has curated a collection that is quirky, chilling, often profound—and always perfectly weird.

Le Cose Cambiano

Author: Dan Savage
Publisher: Isbn Edizioni
ISBN: 8876384863
Size: 40.96 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Le Cose Cambiano from the Author: Dan Savage. Nel 2010, dopo alcuni suicidi di ragazzi omosessuali vittime delle prese in giro dei loro coetanei, lo scrittore e attivista Dan Savage e suo marito Terry Miller hanno caricato su YouTube un messaggio diretto agli adolescenti che subivano bullismo e discriminazioni a scuola o in famiglia: «Quando avevamo la vostra età» raccontano «è stata dura anche per noi essere gay in mezzo a persone che non ci capivano, ma se oggi potessimo parlare ai quindicenni che eravamo gli diremmo di resistere, perché presto andrà tutto meglio, troveranno degli amici fantastici, troveranno l’amore e un giorno avranno una vita molto più felice di quanto immaginano». È stata la prima di migliaia di testimonianze che hanno dato vita a un sito e a una fenomenale campagna sul web, chiamata It Gets Better. Nel 2013 il progetto è sbarcato anche in Italia, con il nome Le Cose Cambiano. Dall’esperienza e dal successo dell’iniziativa ha preso forma questo libro, che raccoglie i racconti e le testimonianze più belli provenienti dal progetto italiano e da quello americano. Un archivio di buoni consigli, episodi tristi e divertenti e storie a lieto fine, che unisce le parole di personaggi famosi e persone comuni, scrittori, musicisti, attori, comici, studenti, insegnanti, avvocati, attivisti, omosessuali ed eterosessuali, transessuali e queer. Per ricordare a tutti i ragazzi LGBT che stanno affrontando un momento difficile o fanno fatica a immaginare come sarà il loro futuro, che non sono soli, e che le cose presto cambieranno, in positivo.