A Polity Of Persuasion

Author: Jeffrey W. Driver
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1630871702
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A Polity Of Persuasion from the Author: Jeffrey W. Driver. At an international level, Anglicanism has almost no mandating or juridical power. Stresses and threats of division over issues such as human sexuality have resulted in moves to enhance the Communion's central structures and instruments. However, it is becoming clear that there is little likelihood of substantial change in this direction succeeding, at least in the medium term. The challenge for Anglicanism is to make a "polity of persuasion" work more effectively. This volume seeks to identify some trends and shifts of emphasis in Anglican ecclesiology to serve that end. Jeffrey Driver argues that there is more at stake in such an exercise than Anglican unity. In an ever-shrinking, pluralist, and conflicted world, where oneness is often forced by dominance, the People of God are called to model something different. The injunction of Jesus, "it is not so among you," challenged his followers to use power and live in community in a way that contrasted with what occurred "among the Gentiles" (Mark 10:41-45). This is why the sometimes tedious debates about authority and structure in the Anglican Communion could actually matter--because they might have something to say about being human in community, about sharing power and coexisting, about living interdependently on a tiny and increasingly stressed planet. The Anglican experiment in dispersed authority, for all its grief, could be a powerful gift.

Persuasion Power And Polity

Author: Gus DiZerega
Publisher: Hampton Press (NJ)
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Persuasion Power And Polity from the Author: Gus DiZerega. This interpretation of classical sources of democratic theory describes routes to self-government. It meshes interpretations of Aristotle's political and ethical writings and the republican ideals of Jefferson and Madison with insights derived from modern sciences of complexity.

Preface To The Laws Of Ecclesiastical Polity

Author: Richard Hooker
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107698820
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Preface To The Laws Of Ecclesiastical Polity from the Author: Richard Hooker. Originally published in 1922, this volume contains the preface for Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity by theologian Richard Hooker.

The Dublin Suit

Author: New Hampshire. Supreme Court
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The Dublin Suit from the Author: New Hampshire. Supreme Court.

Polity And Economy

Author: Joseph Cropsey
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401193835
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Polity And Economy from the Author: Joseph Cropsey. My original research on the present subject was done a number of years ago as I was preparing a doctoral dissertation at Colum bia University. I wish to thank Prosessor Joseph Dorfman for the help he so unstintingly offered at that time. Only my reluctance to implicate him in the shortcomings of this book prevents me from acknowledging the full measure of my obligation to Professor Leo Strauss of the University of Chicago. His influence upon this study is not to be reckoned in terms of his concurrence with its substance, as to which I cannot testify, or in terms of the credit that this study does to his influence, as to which I can but entertain modest hopes. I must finally express my gratitude to my parents, to whom this volume is dedicated, for the patient sacrifice which made my training possible. J. C. New York March,1956 INTRODUCTION One axiomatic premise of this study is that capitalism is an embodiment of Smithian principles. Hence the interpretation of Smith's teaching must also be an interpretation of capitalistic society. A second such premise is that it is at least as likely that Smith had a single view of existence that pervaded both his books as that he had two views of existence which contended in each of his books. Hence the possibility is not excluded that the tension of outlooks reflected in Smith's writings betokens not an inconsistency but an intention.

Citizens And The European Polity

Author: David Sanders
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199602336
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Citizens And The European Polity from the Author: David Sanders. Citizens and the European Polity reviews empirical data covering nearly forty years in the development of the Union and shows how comparable challenges in the past shaped public opinion towards integration, and via that, the process of integration itself.

Saving Persuasion

Author: Bryan Garsten
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674021686
Size: 48.81 MB
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Saving Persuasion from the Author: Bryan Garsten. In Saving Persuasion, Bryan Garsten uncovers the early modern origins of today's suspicious attitude toward rhetoric and seeks to loosen its grip on contemporary political theory. He argues that the artful practice of persuasion ought to be viewed as a crucial part of democratic politics. Against theorists who advocate a rationalized ideal of deliberation aimed at consensus, Garsten argues that a controversial politics of partiality and passion can produce a more engaged and more deliberative kind of democratic discourse.